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  1. If you're not using tri-level sync (genlock) then isn't a +/- 1 frame offset par for the course? I also agree that a 1 frame offset is not something to bother with. I suspect post could easily deal with it. Calling you probably took longer than just fixing it would have. Also, try convincing the cam ops to allow you to put a full-size Lockit or SBT on their camera now that they've seen the Tentacles.
  2. And unlike the SL6 it's has RF loop outputs so you can feed additional receivers if you need more than 6 channels.
  3. It's possible the 'correct' way to wire the XLR is to leave pin 3 floating. Depends on the balancing scheme of the Amira input. Transformer vs active balanced. I don't know which one it is.
  4. Did you read this thread? That's what they were discussing.
  5. The R1a output is not balanced so no it's not possible to have a balanced connection. You can still feed unbalanced signal into the Arri's line inputs. Your choice if you want to send the signal to one or both inputs of the Amira. I say go to just one, it's easier to construct and putting the same sound on two channels doesn't really buy you anything. Let the editor click the center pan button I say. Check with Lectrosonics for the correct wiring config but I would suspect it's something like Tip-pin 2, ring-sleeve(ground), Sleeve-Pins1+3
  6. Is it possible to complete the application on a mac?
  7. Rachel, sounds like you didn't solder the conductors to the XLR-4 pins? You clipped the pins flush and just pushed them in? I'm confused by why you wouldn't just solder to the pins. Is it because the conductor was too fat to fit in the cup? John, how does having heavier gauge DC power cables result in less ground loop issues? I thought ground loops were more about electrical path and having more than one 'ground'. Thanks, Derek
  8. -9 on the transmitter sensitivity seems very high for a line level connection. Mine is usually around -45 with a line level cable. The meter is deceptive. -20 tone barely registers at about 1/5 of the meter. But normal dialog seems to fully modulate the transmitter.
  9. Is a 50 ohm terminator the same as a dummy load?
  10. Jon, good point about used gear and needing service. I've definitely bought a few used items that ended up needing service. Would have been less expensive to buy new. Of course, the same can happen with new gear. My CS3e which I bought new had to go in for service when it developed a rattle. Luckily it wasn't expensive.
  11. Yeah that's what I was thinking.
  12. Might want to test the setup for interference to your receivers in the bag.
  13. I can vouch for Betso. Very solid choice, durable, good user support. Less than $500 and has a great OLED display. They also have some new models out now but I own two of the SBOX-1N and they've been very good. If you want the 'best' get Ambient. For me, I wanted something smaller and didn't see a real need to have genlock all the time.
  14. Would adding a windjammer on top make an effective outdoor windscreen?
  15. Looks like a smaller Leo.