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  1. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Good news!
  2. New Aaton sweetness

    Looks awesome! Very buck rogers/Star Trek esque. Want to to see that screen in action.
  3. Compact antenna splitter AS-122

    Say you're only using blocks 470/19-23 (as will be the case in the US in a few years) why amplify everything above 600 or so which you would never use and would likely want to avoid. Just asking a question.
  4. Compact antenna splitter AS-122

    Looks great! Great form factor for bag rig useage. Is it possible to order this with a different bandpass configuration? 470-700 MHz for example?
  5. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Who reads manuals?? Sound mixers!
  6. SMA 50 ohm termination

    You should call Ron at PSC.
  7. New from Rycote: Looks interesting

    If you're using a Schoeps collete mic do yourself a favor and buy a cut60. Perfect low cut and in front of the amplifier.
  8. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Is the 4080 essentially a 4060 with an interference tube or is it a totally different design?
  9. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    Pretty sure most Zaxcom users are just hoping for a finished deva 24 first.
  10. Ursa Strap

    So can we buy these in the US yet?
  11. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    I'm sure a lot of greases would work but.. for how long, would it hold up to weather and dust, does it change the action of the mechanism. Etc. I'd rather just go with what Ambient uses. Though so far the super lube product is working alright but since it's a bit thicker the quicklok doesn't fully snap closed you have to manually nudge it a hair to keep the mic completely still.
  12. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    I've used both Ambient and the latest SGS product. Both are really good. Ambient was first to the party and they are the most ubiquitous. I decided to go with Ambient after realizing that everyone else in town has Ambient quickloks and the compatibility with other folks is helpful. If it were just up to me I'd probably go with SGS. Time will tell but I suspect the SGS design will hold up just as well if not better than the Ambient quickloks and with less maintenance. I recently bought a package of 4-5 quickloks from someone on here used and almost all of them are starting to freeze up. Anyone who has wrestled with a quicklok to swap a mic as the AD is calling to start the roll knows how frustrating they can be when they start getting wonky. You can fully disassemble a quicklok to clean and re-grease it but it's a tedious and tricky job and good luck finding the right grease that ambient recommends it's a german brand and not really available in the US in small quantities. I ended up using a similar synthetic grease called Super Lube that works well but changes the feel of the spring-action a bit. Kind of dampens the snap-lock action.
  13. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    Mike West, I'm curious are you still using trams primarily?
  14. Senn G3 as Wireless Hop HELP!

    I have to respectfully disagree here. In my experience 0dBu tone barely registers on the G3 transmitter meter but dialog with the usual +10dBu peaks completely fills the G3 transmitter meter. I've concluded that there's nothing wrong with running the sensitivity down at -50 or even less as long as you're fully modulating the transmitter during your mix. My cables are wired correctly for line level. Signal to ring, tip and sleeve to ground. Receiver output sounds perfectly fine and there's no clipping or compandor pumping or anything weird. I don't believe what Rick is saying to be true that the transmitter doesn't adjust the input stage when set below 0dB and Sennheiser's technical support has also confirmed this. You're clipping it when the AF peak light goes off and as long as you're not engaging that light any sensitivity setting that sounds good and gets the meter fully modulated is fine. Lectro transmitters work the same way. People think something's wrong if they're sending the SM a line level signal and only need the gain at '3' but in actuality this is not a problem as Larry and company have confirmed in the past. Any trim setting is valid as long as it modulates the transmitter fully. I'd be more worried about the opposite side of the coin where you're using all of the transmitter's available gain, in that case it would surely be better to increase the gain earlier on via a less noisy preamp. I understand gain staging but I'd say not all devices have a detent in the exact middle of the adjustment range where you should always be operating. At least not wireless mics. My setup method for transmitters is usually to send full scale tone (+20dBu or 0 dBFS) and set the pack so it hits the clip light then back it off a notch or two. On the G3 this means I end up around -50 to -60. At this point when I send normal tone I find that it barely blips the meter. And then the human voice is not tone and it modulates a little differently so I often make another tweak after observing actual program levels. My conclusion is that the G3 meters are sort of zoomed in on the 0dBU to +20dBU area if you're comparing it to the meter on our mixers. Not trying to start a war but this is what works for me.
  15. Rode NTG4+ mic

    Get it fixed! Rode warranties their products.