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  1. Email from post is a mythical thing. They will just throw darts at your picture and carry on.
  2. Ha! I think the the way it would work is you put it over the capsule while the actor is getting makeup done and then pull the red cap off after makeup. To prevent makeup clogging the capsule up. Makeup.
  3. What are those red things?
  4. no tone gen right?
  5. I'd be surprised if they didn't fabricate the case themselves.
  6. That's terrible! That feature was a good idea but they eventually scrapped it. I used a Maxx for the last 3+ years and it was mostly trouble free and sounded great. The software stabilized pretty quickly. You get get used to it and even fast at changing things but I found the user interface to be fighting me most the time. Though once it was all setup and you were rolling in the middle of a mix I loved it. Super clean sounding, the auto trim feature was surprisingly intuitive, and I liked how you could seamlessly switch headphone presets complete with cross fades so you never hear a click or pop in your cans. I guess that's the best way I can describe it. Wait, what was this thread about?
  7. How did your hand get burned?
  8. Yeah I originally asked him for a status bar or something during processing but he thought it worked so quickly it wasn't necessary.
  9. Sennheiser G3, perfect for the task.
  10. Reviving this older topic... can anyone comment on how the 256 compares to the 149?
  11. Getting good range is always a fight whichever brand you use.
  12. Interesting topic. I'll probably be in the same boat, selling some 630mhz+ gear within the next few years.. I thought about it briefly, and I think my approach will be to inform the buyer of the situation if they're not already aware. After that, if they still want to buy it great. Not really my business what they do with. I certainly dont don't feel compelled to dismantle the gear or sell only overseas just to help out the auction winners.
  13. Gotcha, sounds to me like the Sony engineers brewed a little too much coffee that day.
  14. Thanks Jeff, I posted it first here actually, before Facebook! (If I had it my way all online sound discussion would happen here so I could finally delete my facebook account...) In the workflow section.