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  1. Personally, I think 3.1 is what makes sense for most people and their home viewing space. Marketing disagrees. Honestly, I think full surround sound even in a movie theater is kind of gimmicky depending on how it's used. Hate hearing discrete sound effects behind me somewhere. Always takes me out of the movie. But used to extend ambience, music or reverb I think is fine.
  2. Great video. Love the road runner!
  3. No. There might be some earplugs in one of my bags somewhere.
  4. This is one of my favorite nomad/Maxx tricks.
  5. I still don't really understand the audio menu options for level or level plus side...
  6. Thanks Jack, I know that round unshielded dc cable exists but the conductors are too fat for hirose solder cups.
  7. I've found this issue is way too common with many camera rigs these days. Generally it only effects a receiver mounted directly on camera.
  8. Anyone else use mic cable for DC? Canare non-starquad fits a Hirose perfectly. I don't like piling up heat shrink on skinny lamp cord type wire. Not sure why. i just trim away the braid and leave it unconnected.
  9. Mozegear should definitely make a battery powered mini-papi.
  10. I think sound devices response would be maybe buy the 664?
  11. What is it you guys are really trying to achieve? Additional mic pres or just larger faders for mixing? If just looking for larger faders I would be bothered by losing my prefade isos.
  12. At least they put trim knobs on it.........
  13. I agree with you on some of that.. There are certain producers who will figure out how cheap this is and try to cut down on kit fees but I think that mostly this will happen to people who are already working on low/no budget stuff. I think it will push the bad rates into an even worse rate.. Until zoom starts making really good quality wireless mics that rival Lectro or Zax for like $300 I think we'll be alright. Also, the kit an experienced mixer brings to a job cannot be compared to what a producer can put in a shopping cart on B&H in 10 minutes time. A smart producer will realize that and not try to play that game. I hope. I thought those pictures were kind of funny too but then I realized she is a SFX recordist and sound designer not a production sound mixer. So I'd say she gets a pass with all that cable mess! Not really sure how the fader panel helps in that situation but maybe she's mixing mics on the fly to create SFX or ambience 'live'. Interesting idea. I would love to get paid to record SFX so more power to her! Also agree about using Cedar DNS in production. I'm not a fan of that concept and can't imagine too many post folks would us dipping into their sandbox but maybe I'll come around eventually. If bad locations for sound continues to be the industry standard then perhaps it would be useful, even if it's just to make me less grumpy on set.
  14. Looks like a great kit for someone starting out or a great backup recorder for just about anyone. Its timecode spec is on-par with ambient and beats the pants off a Nomad. Also has auto rec via timecode feature that would make it a good backup machine. Also, if your main recorder goes down you could re patch to the F8 and finish the day with most of the same functionality, tracks, etc. I would be interested to read a real comparison review that looked closely at the audio quality of the preamps and a/d.
  15. I agree. They're also so small they might get lost a lot easier. Also a lot cheaper. I don't really like the dual headphone jacks and lack of volume knob on top. Has anyone compared audio fidelity of Listen Tech to Comtek? When Listen Tech receiver is paired with a LT transmitter you can use their "SQ" mode that has better S/N specs than Comtek. -DH