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  1. Derek H

    Bling your kit

    Yeah they’re missing the boat on the low profile trend.
  2. Derek H

    Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    Do you have a brochure with tech specs and dimensions for this yet? Don’t see the exact model on your website. Personally, I think 8” pneumatic front swivel casters with brakes would be the way to go. How many RU total can it accommodate? Can you put an offset baby pin down low and have a riser clear the quick release pins? thanks!
  3. Derek H

    Sounds of paragliding

    Look up Thibault Darscotte and ask him.
  4. Derek H

    Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    Looks pretty interesting. Any option for larger front casters? Also, does the front fork detach or fold in?
  5. Derek H

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    Where would you say the tipping point is for when you need to add an amp to makeup the splitter loss? 4 receivers? I have a few of the mini-circuits 4-way splitters but I'm always hesitant to use them without amps.
  6. Derek H

    Deva 24

    Yeah I’ve wondered why the timecode accuracy has been in last place for so long now.
  7. Now that they have a money maker in the musical instrument market I'm hoping they can get back to making new production sound gear. Though maybe they're happy to let Aaton and Zaxcom take over there.
  8. Derek H

    An observation at 493MHz.

    Title of this thread would make a great title for an experimental film.
  9. Derek H

    633 firmware improvements

    The only time I’ve been asked to NOT record a mix track or tracks was on reality TV nonsense. Same kind of shows that request you keep everyone on the same tracks for 8 weeks straight and record dead tracks. Barf.
  10. Derek H

    DIY Mods to the Olympia Folding Cart

    This is a cool cheap cart. Any way it could safely haul a C-stand? The small wheels are kind of a big problem. Even 5" wheels are really too small for outdoor use.
  11. Derek H

    IFB on the cheap.

    OK, yes I can see this would work but I also see many issues. The biggest being that it looks about as cheap as it is and will reflect poorly on you or your client. No problem if you know all the people that are going to use this setup and everyone's low-key but I wouldn't want to make new clients use this who are paying everyone's bills. And believe me, I've deployed some pretty cobbled together IFB/village setups over the years. If you can find a used Comtek 72MHz system that's in good shape that might be able to serve you well on certain shoots for a few years especially if you're in a pretty RF clear area. For example, I have a BST-75 which is really too big for a bag rig (remember big 72MHz antenna) so I'll use a G3 transmitter or sometimes Lectro in my bag to hop a signal over to the BST-75 which I setup by video village or if range is long I'll set it up between myself and village. Works well for relatively stationary shoots.
  12. Derek H

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    "Let's get an ambiance here. I want to hear the sun coming through the trees"
  13. Derek H

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Al, that might be the best one.
  14. Derek H

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    “Can you send audio to this...” (insert latest gadget/phone/piece of junk from Best Buy)
  15. Derek H

    Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Wire it up and try it. With a very short cable I don’t think it would matter much.
  16. Derek H

    camera link

    No you can’t. The knob is also the on/off switch. But you you can just buy a regular G3 ek100 for on camera. Dirt cheap on eBay.
  17. Derek H

    Ambient ACN-LS users?

    Yeah my comment was about previous posts about lack of backlighting.
  18. Derek H

    Ambient ACN-LS users?

    AC doesn’t have a flashlight?
  19. Derek H

    DD cart

    Nice lineup! So it seems the DD is intended as a platform for a sound bag with a external control surface attached? Kind of a mid-way option between the bag cart and the folding cart? Any attachment points for a video monitor on the DD? Also, is this cart meant to stay built and not easily disassembled or folded? Thanks!
  20. Derek H

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Camera pans over to Rio Rancho, que crickets.
  21. Derek H

    camera link

    Sounded pretty good to me. You’d have to give it a critical listen yourself I think.
  22. Derek H

    camera link

    Yes, little secret that a G3/G2 can receive a Lectro IFB signal no problem. You might need to disable pilot tone in the receiver.
  23. Derek H

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    Thanks for the info Larry. Curious, how accurate is the battery telemetry from an SSM?
  24. Derek H

    Defending your Work

    Especially if both are on camera it can be especially ambiguous if an overlap is acceptable or not.