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    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I don’t like it. Connectors are weird, they just are. I don’t like having to charge it. The light blinks differently than every other timecode box. I’d almost rather go with Tentacles if I was getting something non-standard. At least I can solder 3.5mm easily and cheaply. I’m all for great new gear but when it comes to timecode boxes I feel like a lot of this wireless TC stuff is creating solutions to problems that didn’t really exist and maybe actually creating a few problems in the process. Lsst thought, Betso should get more consideration. As far as I can tell their new boxes do a lot of the same wireless tricks as Ambient ACN and USO but is built sturdy, uses BNC or Lemo and AA batteries. I’d say their mechanical construction is a close second to Ambient. Great display as well.
  2. Derek H

    camera link

    Yup, just disable pilot tone in the menu. Sounds pretty good. If the UM400 is in IFB mode it will work well. The latest Lectro transmitters have a specific emulation for G3
  3. Derek H

    camera link

    Yup, works great. Doesn’t work the other way around though because there’s no way to defeat the pilot tone system on an R1a.
  4. Derek H

    camera link

    “Focus dingus” ...lol yes all kinds of dingus on cameras lately. None of it RF friendly.
  5. Derek H

    camera link

    Especially when most productions don’t want to pay extra for it either.
  6. Good. Maybe also time to move beyond the rediculous business model of selling us all a new phone (computer) every two years or less. No reason you shouldn't be able to get four or five years of use out of these things unless you physically trash it somehow . For 90% of users they’re just email/Facebook checkers and YouTube streamers. Pretty sure the phone I had five years ago did those things just fine.
  7. Derek H

    camera link

    Haven't used it, sorry. The G3 works well enough for me and are pretty ubiquitous. You can pick them up used easily. They also make a nice IEM version with a headphone amp for using like an IFB.
  8. Derek H

    Time Code Slate Handles for Deneke Slates TS-2 or TS-3

    With the handle installed will it still fit in the Versa-Flex pouch made for the TS2/3?
  9. Derek H

    camera link

    Lectro SRb or SRc is the obvious choice. Two 400-series receivers in a small-ish receiver. Lots of mounting and battery options for on camera use. I used to own a Zaxcom stereo camera link system when I just used an ENG mixer and no recorder and loved it once I sorted out a few buggy/cludgy areas (I had the original black box units and was also an early QRX100 user and dealt with a few teething issues with that receiver). One issue I NEVER had with it was RF performance or audio quality. Always perfect sound to camera that seemed pretty much immune to RF interference from the camera. Also the new receivers have real line level outputs. Lately, it seems that about half the time with an SRb on camera the op will complain that he's hearing some swishes or other RF crap (all originating from his Teradek video transmitter of course but that thing isn't going anywhere). So I end up trouble shooting half the day. I suspect the Zaxcom digital system wouldn't suffer as much from this like Lectro does. However, I also like to turn the SRb around and use it in the bag when I need more wireless channels for on-camera talent and don't need hops. Can't do that with the purpose-built Zaxcom solution unless you buy more body-pack appropriate transmitters. If you just need hops (camera link) for on-camera duty and don't need them to do anything else then I'd seriously look at Zaxcom's latest stuff. RX200 and cameralink most likely. You also get a backup recorder built in to the transmitter and timecode transmission to the receiver on camera all in one box. Personally, I can't really justify owning a very expensive camera link system that can't also be used for on-talent mics. I try to avoid high-end wireless gear on camera at all costs these days. Why bother now that you can record 10-tracks in the size of a 442. I'd rather use a mono Sennheiser G3 setup which, if you ask me, is more suited to being a camera hop in many ways. They can go on very small cameras, power all day on 2 AA, transmitter has a minimal RF footprint in the bag to keep other receivers working better, sound quality is fine for a mono reference mix (if you actually mix not just sum it all blindly), easy to setup and mount on camera so I have more time for actual important stuff, and if they need better quality I have 24-bit poly WAVs right over here. And if the camera op trashes it you're not out $2500. Still some clients need a full 2-channel hop and cry if you suggest they sync dual-system. Usually the ones that still shoot on tape of some sort or reality shows that are clinging to a workflow they setup in 1998. Good luck! Then just buy a G3 transmitter and 2-3 SK100 receivers. The camera guys love it and then you can feed multi-cam with a solid mono track and be the hero there while providing everything they need from the iso track recording. You can even connect them to DSLR cameras no problem. Look up the Sennheiser SK2000 XP transmitter. Same form factor as a regular G3 transmitter but can boost the power up to 100mW (10, 30, 50, 100mW variable setting on the US version) if you need a little more range confidence. Also has slightly extended low-freq response. It really depends on what your clients want at the end of the day. Another plus to going with a G3 mono-mix setup is that it frees up the other XLR connector for a real camera mic which on docs can be a life-saver.
  10. Derek H

    DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    I’d be more worried about having to use too much of the SK2000s gain with the lower sensitivity lav. If if you want to record ambience with DPA lavs I would think the 4060 would be a better choice since it has the most sensitivity and least self noise but I have not used them in this way myself.
  11. Derek H

    DPA Core 4061's

    Same here, DPA if you’re listening please roll out a Core 4071. Roundbadge, if you’re looking for a lower noise floor try a 4060. It has almost no detectable self-noise. Can handle quite a bit of volume too. Not sure why so many people go for the 4061 my 4060s seem to handle almost everything I throw at it. And a Core 4060 would do even better.
  12. Side note, after doing a lot of TA cables I've found I prefer the original Switchcraft TA3/TA5. I don't really like the REAN parts anymore, used to get stuck in plugs on my Maxx and the materials quality is just not as good. They melt easier, pins fall out easier etc. Maybe I bought a bad run but now I just pay more for the Switchcraft originals. Even some of the Switchcraft knockoffs are of lesser quality. For example Remote Audio used to sell some that had a soft rubber boot that you could choose to take off for large diameter cable. That's great but when you leave it on it almost always ends up tearing off on small diameter cable.
  13. Derek H

    Dear Licensee: Greetings from T Mobile....

    So when are all the TV transmitters going to clear out of 600? Do they have the same 3 year transition?
  14. Derek H

    DPA 4017 c vs b preamp

    Martin, I think you might be right the two preamps do not have identical specs.
  15. Derek H

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Beats me.
  16. Derek H

    Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    For small shoots that don’t need a slate then messing around with an iPad just for extra credit isn’t worth anyone’s time if you ask me. If the shoot actually needs a slate then you’re going to need a real TC slate. Try giving an iPad to a 2nd AC to mark up I think they’d push it off the cart on purpose! In my oppinion if you own a timecode recorder you also need to own a TC slate and probably a lockit or two. Though the slate is most important. My TS-3 sits on the shelf 90% of the year but I’m glad to have it when it’s needed.
  17. Derek H

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Weird question but hang in there with me... Did you by chance have any G3 RECEIVERS switched off hanging off the side of your bag when you noticed these RF hits? I've found that having a powered-off G3 IEM receiver sitting next to hops transmitters wreaks havoc with my Lectro receivers. Will create spikes all across the block. When you remove the G3 receivers from the bag and get them a few feet away or even just turn them on all the troubles go away. Totally bizarre.
  18. Derek H

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    What else is running in your bag?
  19. Nice video Dave! Paul, does the 10T have an Ambient timecode generator or your own design? Will it hold when powered off just like other units?
  20. Derek H

    2.4 GHz amp in bag

    EK300 are excellent “Comteks”. Shhh trying to keep the eBay prices down
  21. Derek H

    Timecode question

    Sounds like a good plan. Rejam everything at lunch to be sure. My other piece of advice is to keep in mind that 5-pin Lemo jacks are bi-directional but the cables are not necessarily so. For example with the wrong cable you might accidentally jam your 744 from the tentacle instead of the other way around. You’ll need to keep track of which Lemo to 3.5mm cable is which and they’ll need to be wired differently.
  22. Derek H

    New Follow Cart - JW

    Hi Jeff, I know this is an old thread just curious how your readytube follow Cart has held up over the years? Also, how did you attach the plate casters? Bolts directly through the frame tubes? Did you secure each caster with all four bolts or just three? Thanks! Derek
  23. Derek H

    PAID 5.2 Just Released

    Same here. Actually I’m still on capitan I think. Same intermittent crashes. Mostly when I’m entering line items on an invoice.
  24. Derek H

    Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    They said no already because they are US made so the patent applies everywhere for Lectro. Also no 250mW due to design differences in wideband vs. narrowband. Something about physics.
  25. Derek H

    Boom Stand

    Cool, what’s the iPad for?