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  1. Sennheiser Ek 3041 headphone mod

    Maybe call up Sennheiser in CT and ask them to send you the service manual.
  2. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    I think that Dsub connector was on there originally to interface with PSCs Alexis field mixer which had a matching connector for a single cable connection. I'm not sure that mixer ever made it to market actually. https://goo.gl/images/ScB2Do
  3. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Maybe as a concession prize to the US users who can't get the recording units they could be made to go up to 100mW? Wisy did it with their US model.
  4. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Also the transmitter can be controlled remotely via bluetooth and an iPhone or Android. http://audioltd.com/a10/a10-remote/
  5. Using G3's in the USA

    I'm sure you can find 3 clean freqs. G3s are more or less 'wideband' like 60MHz switching no?
  6. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Awesome that there's just one receiver model. Too bad they couldn't get the transmitter to do 470-608 that would cover everything currently left in the US. Curious what kind of battery runtime you'd get running a full 48 Volt phantom mic. Mini TX?
  7. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    I saw that Rode's new plug-on uses L-mount batteries and thought it was a great idea.
  8. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    I was suspicious about battery runtime... Can't you run a CMIT on 12 volt phantom?
  9. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Wondering when Remote Audio will have a new BDS with accurate Hi-Q battery metering. Can't imagine they're happy seeing all the audio root boxes cropping up
  10. Production Mix Structure

    "Make it sound how it looks" Crew, that's the best advice you can give I think! I also agree, don't worry about the isos 99% of the time and just monitor the mono mix. Follow those two guides and things will begin to make sense.
  11. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Hope they make single and double battery versions.
  12. Countryman Lav's

    Old thread but what the hell. Anyone care to chime in on the EMWs? Sound quality vs b6 or vs a Tram for example. Countryman's description seems to indicate this is their most durable lav. Thanks!
  13. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Good news!
  14. New Aaton sweetness

    Looks awesome! Very buck rogers/Star Trek esque. Want to to see that screen in action.
  15. Compact antenna splitter AS-122

    Say you're only using blocks 470/19-23 (as will be the case in the US in a few years) why amplify everything above 600 or so which you would never use and would likely want to avoid. Just asking a question.