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  1. Derek H

    IDX JL-Plus np charger

    It’s an error code. I don’t remember the meaning but I suspect there’s a fault with the charger. The manual online will spell it out.
  2. Derek H

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    Hopefully Sound Devices doesn’t make the same mistake again. Seems to me the evolution of the 6-series wasn’t exactly planned in advance but rather a sometimes hurried, quick stomp-the-Nomad, what-else-can-we-add to keep them happy and not have to make a new 7-series kind of affair. That said, I love my 633. Perfect ENG/doc mixer and recorder. Might be the best of the series.
  3. Derek H

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    Not really, just join the club of annoyed CL-12 critics. Sound Devices thinks it’s fine.
  4. Derek H

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    My response to the Skywalker comment would be “Oh, cool! So Skywalker is doing the post on this huh?”
  5. I’m sure they’ll never tell. Lest we just buy a sheet of it on McMaster Carr for $9. My guess is some sort of silicone.
  6. How clean of a recording is necessary an impulse response to be effective? That would be my follow up to the editor that mentioned the idea. Does it or have to be dead quiet for a few seconds to get the entire tail? How loud does it need to be? If there’s anything overlapping is it useless or is there some margin for error?
  7. I think sometimes for the AD and maybe director too having everyone wired becomes a sort of cop-out like.. Well now it’s ok if we shoot wide and tight... they’re all wired. Crew is talking during the take well whatever they’re all wired. Why is Sound asking for things? Aren’t they all wired already? Why should we wait or slow down to correct X issue aren’t they wired?
  8. Derek H

    Survey: Wireless receivers integration in the Cantar family.

    If it can emulate n64 and I can play Goldeneye on it I’m all in.
  9. Derek H

    Resistors for TA5F Lectro wiring

    Wondering if 1/8 watt metal film resistors are sufficient for Lectro lav wiring or if 1/4 Watt are needed for some reason. J Im guessing 1/8 W is fine otherwise they’d spell it out in the wiring guide. Also, while I’m here.. has anyone experimented with resistor values for DPA wires? If so any opinions? Lectro recommends between 3-4kOhm. The 3056 microdot adapter uses 3.9k. I’m guessing it’s a horse-a-piece. Whatever that means.
  10. A mix. But what is in the mix depends on quite a few variables.
  11. Derek H

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    An RF distro like the PSC RF SMA and a dipole will be beneficial for any kind of receiver, doesn’t matter what model. Mainly because you’re then able to use improved antennas and get them in a better position. This has been said a few times here in this thread. Yes, you you can use a single transmitter in IFB mode to transmit to both R1a receivers and any other Lectro 400 series receiver (411/401/SR/LR) set to IFB mode. Or to a Sennheiser G3 with the pilot tone disabled for that matter. Lots of mixers just use an R1a on camera for scratch track with a 3.5mm to XLR adapter cable and tape the headphone volume knob down. Oh and yes 400 mode sounds better than IFB mode.
  12. Not worth it. You’re hanging a pointy metal object above people’s faces. Buy the expensive one made for the job.
  13. Derek H

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Any news on a fader panel for this recorder?
  14. Derek H

    Sennheiser G3 Faulty display?

    Was it subject to temperature extremes? Left mine in a hot car once (maybe twice) and the screens got pretty messed up looking. They all went back to normal on their own.
  15. Derek H

    Question about passive splitter for bag use

    I think it’s described in the introductory pages of the SR user manual.