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  1. DD cart

    Nice lineup! So it seems the DD is intended as a platform for a sound bag with a external control surface attached? Kind of a mid-way option between the bag cart and the folding cart? Any attachment points for a video monitor on the DD? Also, is this cart meant to stay built and not easily disassembled or folded? Thanks!
  2. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Camera pans over to Rio Rancho, que crickets.
  3. camera link

    Sounded pretty good to me. You’d have to give it a critical listen yourself I think.
  4. camera link

    Yes, little secret that a G3/G2 can receive a Lectro IFB signal no problem. You might need to disable pilot tone in the receiver.
  5. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    Thanks for the info Larry. Curious, how accurate is the battery telemetry from an SSM?
  6. Defending your Work

    Especially if both are on camera it can be especially ambiguous if an overlap is acceptable or not.
  7. Defending your Work

    KGraham, on a final note, just want to say sorry for your frustrations. This kind of thing can happen to any of us when morons are on the receiving end of our recordings. Got a very angry call from a producer once saying post couldn't find my sound. Of course, the editor had just placed it in a different folder or something since they did a break at lunch.
  8. Viviana Straps

    Gotta say they look like a blatant rip-off of URSA. Neopax might have the original grumble here but I think neopax and URSA are different enough to stay out of trouble. But Viviana straps look like a direct clone.
  9. Defending your Work

    Sounds like someone within the production co is trying to stay out of trouble with their boss by blaming you for the interviewer making noise over the dialog. You can warn them about overlap but sometimes you miss things or can’t interrupt when it’s not critical, etc. Everyone on a set should be responsible for their own noise while rolling and it’s the interviewers job to understand overlap and where the threshold is on any given shoot. Their client isn’t going to care if it’s your fault or a producer’s it’s just the production co’s fault as far as they’re concerned.
  10. Defending your Work

    Makes me wonder how many editors have unknowingly cost a sound mixer their job because of comments like these. What is the bleed they’re talking about? Were the interviewer and interviewee talking over each other? Sounds like an overlap problem to me. Maybe the producer is throwing you under the bus.
  11. Zaxcom TRXCL3

    KGraham, any issues with RF interference using the 743 in the bag? It lacks the bandpass filter that the CL has. Though you could add the FDP antenna they used to make. Which brings up another question maybe Glenn could answer, does the CL3 have a filter built in to avoid interference on your bag receivers? If so how wide? Does it track? Etc.
  12. JonG makes excellent points. Your $375 figure seems a tad high but that’s just me. I’d probably charge $350 for that kit and that would be with 411a receivers not UCR100s. Also, I don’t worry about all the support gear. Bags, cables, harness c-stands, etc. I don’t consider these to be billable items and if I did it would take me hours to create each invoice. For me billable items are: wireless, recorders, TC devices, mics, IFBs. And that’s pretty much it. In your kit example I would figure 75 per wireless, 150 for the 664, and another 50 for boom and general kit. But I wouldn’t bill for the cart I roll the gear in on, any stands or cables. I give discounts for longer term work if asked and but it’s always an individual negotiation, every job is a little different.
  13. Zaxcom TRXCL3

    Wish this was around back when I bought the first black case stereoline. That thing. Definitely don’t miss that power cable with the giant cap hanging off the side.
  14. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    Hi Hiro, Thats good to know. When I tried them that was not obvious to me. Certainly it seemed that Wisycom intends for you to stick with their group programming most of the time.
  15. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    How about mechanical qualities? Which transmitter pack seems best for hiding on a person? Maybe consider an SM or SMQV rather than the LT, that thing is kind of a chunk.