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  1. Boom Stand

    Cool, what’s the iPad for?
  2. Wireless "bursts" of volume?

    I had a similar noise burst hit in Chicago a couple months ago. Wireless had been working just fine, not one hit, solid RF, for hours and then bam PFFFFFPT right in the middle of a take. Didn’t happen again. Cant remember the block but it was likely 24 or 25.
  3. BDS Battery + AC

    Sounds interesting. Keep us updated. Can you elaborate on how you would use this system with multiple batteries? Would you buy two of these charging holsters and connect them somehow?
  4. Guard Bands

    You can. But there’s rules. Transmitter is supposed to be 25mW or less for one which is the major fly in the ointment. I feel like like they must have chosen 25mW not for any engineering reason but just because almost every commercially available wireless mic on the planet puts out more than 25mW. Even G3s put out 30mW! Seems like they don’t want us on those guard bands... wonder if the WSD interests lobbied for that 25mW rule...
  5. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    Battery junction has a sale on lithium AAs.
  6. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    The only time I ever do a split mix now is if a show specifically requests a stereo hop on camera. Think doc, reality, sit down interview with an ENG cam, etc. I know that if they ask for two channels on camera they mean a two-track mix, split logically. Either boom and lavs or if you’re not booming then split the characters up (for example a reality scene). I think it boils down to whether or not they’re stuck in the old workflow from before we had multitrack recording in the bag. Anytime I’m working on something new where they haven’t established a workflow I always recommend monomix/isos with a mono scratch track on camera if anything. I’d rather sell them on an extra lockit rental than an SR receiver. Cameras are terrible with interference now it’s not worth the headache. Not to mention having to reinvent the wheel to find a place to put an SR on the rigs which are all different. I also think that if you’re monitoring a split mix you’re only doing basic QC on those tracks. You’re not hearing how they really sound. At least in my head they seem to blend in to something that is different from either track if you listen to them on their own. Just my opinion. If I am sending a split mix to camera for something like a sit down I’ll ususlly PFL the lav occasionally but just listen to the L mix track (boom). Life’s too short just listen to the better track.
  7. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Hi Larry, does the AES plate itself do the conversion from A/D? Or does it somehow grab the digital signal directly from the receiver and just SRC it to 48kHz? Maybe another way to ask this: does using the AES plate actually avoid an A/D conversion or is it just moving the conversion from recorder (or camera) to the receiver plate? Thanks! Derek
  8. SQN 5S / 4S Bags

    Stingray medium would work well I’d think. Designed for the Nomad
  9. This could be me & my foldup cart...

    Not too much torque on that connection for the shelf when sideways like that?
  10. DPA core, an update for the d:screet line.

    According to DPA they currently do not plan on making a 4071 with the Core upgrade. If you’d like to see that change I suggest emailing them and requesting it.
  11. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Yes, interesting...
  12. Most active PA speakers now have loop through line outputs. Often very low though if they’re not using much of the PA. The advantage is the speaker is often more accessible if the board is buried somehow or in a rats nest closet somewhere. I also had a gig recently where all the AV gear was hidden in an equipment room in a rack. There was no mixer board at all just computer controlled bullshit, literally zero aux outputs of any kind. However, the Shure rack receivers had both XLR and 1/4” outputs. The 1/4” was unused so I was able to take a feed direct from each receiver that way. Sounded great. Nothing works all all the time and there are multiple ways to do this.
  13. BDS Battery + AC

    Update regarding the PSC triple play. I heard back from Ron and he confirmed that if you have the AC adapter and an NP1 plugged in it will drain the NP1 just until it’s below the AC adapter voltage (15V) then draw just from the AC.
  14. BDS Battery + AC

    I don’t know of any bag sized DC distro that is able to automatically switch from one power source to another. The Triple Play seems like it would but actually I think all three of it’s TA4 inputs are just in parallel. So even if you had an AC adapter plugged into one of the inputs your NPs would still drain... I think. Checking with Ron now. Several brands make dummy NP AC adapters but that doesn’t provide you with the functionality of a UPS. Actually, I don’t see why an off the shelf UPS from ADP or Tripplite wouldn’t work if you put that in between mains and your NP AC adapter. Might want to disconnect the alarm bell that they usually have though. Otherwise you’re looking at a PSC cart power, power star, or Remote Audio Meon and $$$. Could be worth it though. Or float a charger over an SLA lawn mower battery. That’s the cheaper, DIY option. Not bag friendly.
  15. PAID 5.2 Just Released

    Yeah I’m on 5.4.2 I think but my iMac is so old it won’t take Sierra and I suspect that’s where my trouble is.