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  1. Put a camera mic on one channel of the camera and send a mix to the other channel. Record isos on the mixer. Or do something different it's up to you and the production to figure out what meets their needs.
  2. G3 IEMs are really pretty nice, not much to begrudge. Much better sound quality than Lectro IFB mode, headphone limiter. Nice LCD screen for setup and troubleshooting. I own 4 of them and they're great.
  3. Isn't it like 30mW max? Also I know it has a wire belt lip on the other side, right? Is that removeable?
  4. I hate the high noise floor of the R1A. If you're working as a boom or utility and need to have it in your ear all day it is tiring. I always find the peaks or sudden sharp loud sounds to be extra piercing through the R1a. Limiter circuit would be great. To to be honest I don't notice a huge sound quality difference between wide channel Comteks and the R1a.
  5. My interest in this topic stems from casual observation that I seem to get much better-behaved receiver performance when I'm not using hops transmitters in the bag or when using fewer transmitters like just an IFB. Thinking that it could be easier to remote a single transmitter whip on a shoulder or behind the back than implementing an entire receiver distro with two external antennas.
  6. Thanks for clarifying Larry. Yes, I meant the mini-circuits type splitter. Definitely not a simple T-BNC adapter. Side question for Larry, if you were to try this setup with a 4-way splitter would the loss be the same if you only used 2 of the 4 splits? Does that make sense? Or is the loss the same regardless of how many splits you're using? Would using 50 ohm terminators help anything?
  7. Well for just two maybe get a passive splitter and just see how it works. Like the mini circuits one.
  8. I think it's a valid question and would love to hear more discussion on this topic. There's already a good selection of purpose-made combiners for IEM transmitters available on the market. RF Venue makes one for example ( and so does Sennheiser, Shure, etc. All of the models I've looked into are rack mount and only cover the UHF band 470-900 ish. I wish a small combiner existed for bag rigs so you could combine all the hops and IFB transmitters onto one piece of cable and run it to an antenna on your shoulder strap. I think it would result in cleaner scans on your receivers and better reception overall. On carts it seems like everyone is getting perfectly decent range both inbound and out using a standard antenna tree with all antennas mounted just a few feet from each other. RF Venue has a good article on their site about the benefits of IEM combiners.
  9. I think you would just have camera dept provide the sync cable and adapt to the BNCs. PS.. still would rather buy this product with BNCs on the box. But I'll try to stop beating the dead horse.
  10. The new locks look great assuming that the sections don't spin when locked, a problem I had with my last Vdb.
  11. -500mAH, 8.6 V peak, 7.7 V nominal, 6 V discharged -$5 per piece -6-bay charger. I think I'm going to buy a set of 6 and test them out for Comtek duty. I know there are some folks here that use Tenergy products with good results.
  12. Someone go interview Ron Meyer at the PSC booth! I always like seeing what he's got brewing.
  13. Jose Frias posted a picture on Facebook of a clamp. I think he said Sound Guys makes it.
  14. Looks great to me. It's not referenced in this thread yet but they also are showing a ZMT-phantom that has a Lemo 3pin socket and external antenna but also includes 48V phantom. I'd say it's a toss-up on which one would be best for wireless boom between the ZMT-Phantom and the ZMT-HM. I think it depends a lot on how your mic mounts are rigged. If you're working with a bunch of Cinela mounts then maybe go for the XLR version since you'd just plug it in at the base of the mount and let it hang I'd guess.. It's so light I wouldn't worry about it too much. I agree that we could use a little clarity from Zaxcom on battery runtimes with 48V powering a shotgun and what RF power level are you sending to get said runtime. Are these even capable of more than 50mW? Sure makes some of the other boom-tip-mounted wireless rigs look pretty hefty.. looking at you Ambient UMP rig..
  15. It's a removeable rechargeable battery so you'd want 3-4 battery packs and chargers to get through a day I'd guess.
  16. I don't want a mic in my timecode gear. Why bother wasting so much time and effort for low-budget DSLR workflows. 99% of jobs I do shooting on DSLR they don't have a clue about timecode and they certainly don't want to pay extra for a slate or lockits. I either don't touch them at all or feed them a decent mix with a G3 (which works perfectly btw). Back to the nanolockit... Klaus, is there some way to ensure that your lockit setup doesn't get inadvertently hijacked by other lockits that might be in use by another nearby crew? like Zaxcom uses a group code for Zaxnet. Some kind of unique lockout password
  17. Cool! I really like Sketchup though it's been long enough now I think I've forgotten how to use it. For non-DIYers BEC group makes the same thing out of aluminum and is drilled with mounting holes to attach it to a bracket. More like $70-90 though but will last forever.
  18. I totally agree with both of these sentiments. There's value in using standard connections. Lost/broken/forgotten cables? Every AC on the planet will usually have a spare shorty BNC. With this thing it's all on you. Id also rather have AAs. Even if I had to change them every day. Good for TCS for making something small with genlock though. No one else has that.
  19. 400 mode emulation pretty please.
  20. Can it record to a bus-powered USB hard drive? I suspect not but would be nice. Single card slot is not my favorite spec.
  21. Totally agree. Especially with 24 bit recording a little extra headroom is fine.
  22. Are you guys mistaking VU metering for peak metering? The 6-series can display either or both. Personally, I use peak only. I trim the isos so they peak around -20dbfs or a bit above and have no issues. Using the same gear as you. Just turn down the trim!
  23. So curiosity got me and I bought two TARA3 connectors. I can confirm that the cable can exit at noon, 1 o'clock, 6 o'clock or 9 o'clock but not in between those ranges because it's keyed. Sort of goes together like a neutrik right angle. Doesn't look like it bites down too hard so cable size will be important. Something thicker than lav cable or a few layers of shrink might be required. I can take measurements later maybe if anyone is interested. Haven't decided what I think of them yet. Kind of chunky and not going to work well on a recorder input/output where space is limited. The clamshell pieces are all made of plastic and are thicker than they would have needed to be if they used metal, all metal would have been better I'd say. I do like them them better than the Lectro RATPAC option though and the price is better than those...
  24. I'd like to see your cable crimper piece.