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  1. Mike West, I'm curious are you still using trams primarily?
  2. I have to respectfully disagree here. In my experience 0dBu tone barely registers on the G3 transmitter meter but dialog with the usual +10dBu peaks completely fills the G3 transmitter meter. I've concluded that there's nothing wrong with running the sensitivity down at -50 or even less as long as you're fully modulating the transmitter during your mix. My cables are wired correctly for line level. Signal to ring, tip and sleeve to ground. Receiver output sounds perfectly fine and there's no clipping or compandor pumping or anything weird. I don't believe what Rick is saying to be true that the transmitter doesn't adjust the input stage when set below 0dB and Sennheiser's technical support has also confirmed this. You're clipping it when the AF peak light goes off and as long as you're not engaging that light any sensitivity setting that sounds good and gets the meter fully modulated is fine. Lectro transmitters work the same way. People think something's wrong if they're sending the SM a line level signal and only need the gain at '3' but in actuality this is not a problem as Larry and company have confirmed in the past. Any trim setting is valid as long as it modulates the transmitter fully. I'd be more worried about the opposite side of the coin where you're using all of the transmitter's available gain, in that case it would surely be better to increase the gain earlier on via a less noisy preamp. I understand gain staging but I'd say not all devices have a detent in the exact middle of the adjustment range where you should always be operating. At least not wireless mics. My setup method for transmitters is usually to send full scale tone (+20dBu or 0 dBFS) and set the pack so it hits the clip light then back it off a notch or two. On the G3 this means I end up around -50 to -60. At this point when I send normal tone I find that it barely blips the meter. And then the human voice is not tone and it modulates a little differently so I often make another tweak after observing actual program levels. My conclusion is that the G3 meters are sort of zoomed in on the 0dBU to +20dBU area if you're comparing it to the meter on our mixers. Not trying to start a war but this is what works for me.
  3. Get it fixed! Rode warranties their products.
  4. Yes as these very smart guys have mentioned you need to know exactly how that transmitter cable is wired. Im not sure what would cause phasing. You're not using a y-cable with two female XLR into a single 3.5mm into the transmitter are you? Is this a single channel wireless hop setup you're attempting or do you have two sets of G3s? I use G3s pretty often for sending a scratch track to dslr cameras. My setup is line level cable and full line level output setting on the 633 menu. Transmitter sensitivity is set to around -50ish. Sounds fine to me. Tone barely registers on the G3 meter it's a strange ballistic thing on the G3.
  5. Ok Shure, you've got my attention now just make a portable dual receiver the size of a 411 or smaller and we'll see.
  6. I can't seem to find a user manual for the ADX1M. Is that because it's not officially available yet?
  7. Wonder what the RF power is like.. and price. The adaptive antenna sounds great.
  8. Might also get you shot!
  9. Pretty cool actually. The bottom piece makes a lot of sense and I'm surprised none of the other manufacturers have used that design yet.
  10. Cool stuff! No real details yet, but a few more pics can be found on Aaton Digital's Facebook page.
  11. I really agree with Robert. Seems bizarre to not have enough inputs to fill the faders. Especially since most wireless still don't have aes out standard.
  12. Why is there no 4070?
  13. I think he's not interested in selling the parts to diy'ers but will rewire your lavs if you send them to him. Or make you custom cables. Plastic boot breaking? JonG, are you using genuine switchcraft parts? I've found that the other knock-offs fall apart eventually. Rubber strain relief tears, etc. Every cable or lav I have where I put a genuine switchcraft on has held up really well.
  14. I'd buy some as parts too. There's a lot of DIY people here.
  15. Put a camera mic on one channel of the camera and send a mix to the other channel. Record isos on the mixer. Or do something different it's up to you and the production to figure out what meets their needs.
  16. Ha ha!
  17. G3 IEMs are really pretty nice, not much to begrudge. Much better sound quality than Lectro IFB mode, headphone limiter. Nice LCD screen for setup and troubleshooting. I own 4 of them and they're great.
  18. Isn't it like 30mW max? Also I know it has a wire belt lip on the other side, right? Is that removeable?
  19. I hate the high noise floor of the R1A. If you're working as a boom or utility and need to have it in your ear all day it is tiring. I always find the peaks or sudden sharp loud sounds to be extra piercing through the R1a. Limiter circuit would be great. To to be honest I don't notice a huge sound quality difference between wide channel Comteks and the R1a.
  20. My interest in this topic stems from casual observation that I seem to get much better-behaved receiver performance when I'm not using hops transmitters in the bag or when using fewer transmitters like just an IFB. Thinking that it could be easier to remote a single transmitter whip on a shoulder or behind the back than implementing an entire receiver distro with two external antennas.
  21. Thanks for clarifying Larry. Yes, I meant the mini-circuits type splitter. Definitely not a simple T-BNC adapter. Side question for Larry, if you were to try this setup with a 4-way splitter would the loss be the same if you only used 2 of the 4 splits? Does that make sense? Or is the loss the same regardless of how many splits you're using? Would using 50 ohm terminators help anything?
  22. Well for just two maybe get a passive splitter and just see how it works. Like the mini circuits one.
  23. I think it's a valid question and would love to hear more discussion on this topic. There's already a good selection of purpose-made combiners for IEM transmitters available on the market. RF Venue makes one for example ( and so does Sennheiser, Shure, etc. All of the models I've looked into are rack mount and only cover the UHF band 470-900 ish. I wish a small combiner existed for bag rigs so you could combine all the hops and IFB transmitters onto one piece of cable and run it to an antenna on your shoulder strap. I think it would result in cleaner scans on your receivers and better reception overall. On carts it seems like everyone is getting perfectly decent range both inbound and out using a standard antenna tree with all antennas mounted just a few feet from each other. RF Venue has a good article on their site about the benefits of IEM combiners.
  24. I think you would just have camera dept provide the sync cable and adapt to the BNCs. PS.. still would rather buy this product with BNCs on the box. But I'll try to stop beating the dead horse.
  25. The new locks look great assuming that the sections don't spin when locked, a problem I had with my last Vdb.