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    I am a freelance Sound Designer. I've been heavily involved with sound in one form or another for the past decade... played classical guitar, produced short audio narratives for public radio, mixed and designed sound for theatre and drama, recorded & edited location, sound effects, and dialogue for film & animation, and recording & mixing music.

    I've long considered myself a creative soul with a technical shell... that's because I see my artistic role as an artist who listens and interprets another's creative masterpiece and help convey that artist's vision through sound, via my own creativity.

    I am always in search of new and exciting projects to further gain my experience, build up my portfolio, and assist other artists in their work.

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  1. That does look cool. My biggest gripe with the Switchcraft connector is the tendency for the plastic boot to crack over time. The lack of spark edges or corners on your design is also a plus.
  2. Just picked one up from my local shop in Chicago. Saw the three pack, and joked with the owner that if a green one is ever made it should be rebranded the tennis ball.
  3. An NYC mixer taught me to use a 1x1 square of moleskin to attach a small safety pin. Lasts much longer than just piercing the foam itself.
  4. It was my understanding that 39 months after end of auction is the timeframe before it becomes illegal to operate in, but that the telcos can start firing up and using their purchased spectrum well within then.
  5. What's the difference between this and say a Schoeps B5D and W5D?
  6. Are you triggering the TRXs into record from the CameraLink or just manually setting them and let them run continuously?
  7. I have one in very good condition I wouldn't mind selling.
  8. Still waiting on model for Zaxcom Nomad and QRX receivers.
  9. I too will be stealing some of these ideas. This is what I came up with in order to keep the harness on without the bag.
  10. I'm always in amazement of your work, Rado. Curious about the carbon fiber shell. I'm sure that piece alone will make a dramatic difference.
  11. Just got the medium Stingray for my Nomad as well. Do you use the support strap that wraps underneath the unit and velcros to the divider? Mine seems to be 3-4" too short.
  12. They might have to swap out the current analog potentiometer with a digital encoder first. And while we're at it, let's add a TCXO generator that can keep reliable sync for extended periods outside range of Zaxnet.
  13. I love my BatteryClips as well. Have 2x AA and 1x 9V. I find them super-convenient with SMQVs, as I can push a batt out directly into the TX w/o any fuss.
  14. Completely agree with Jose above. Here's my FB post in full... Loving my Stingray harness. Definitely does take a little getting used to, but well worth it to keep my back happy. A couple observations from my first week with it… Most of the weight is carried by the middle straps (top, closest to body). Very little weight on the top shoulder straps. They're basically there to add stability and keep the bag tilted level; one could easily work w/o the top clipped in. To me, this makes the entire rig feel like an oversized waist belt. Big plus.Felt great with my old Petrol bag with a Nomad and some SRbs. When I used it with an Orca filled with a 788t, 4 Wisys, 2 NPs, IFB Tx, etc. the metal frame began to dig into my abs; probably because there was no padding or large pocket that pushed the frame away from the body. I remedied the problem by sandwiching the bag's padded shoulder strap in between. Don't think it'll be a problem for other bags.I've become accustomed to wearing a harness the entire day, and clipping onto the bag when needed. When not attached to a bag, the weight of the rigid spine wants to pull the harness downward. Only thing that stops it is the center chest strap catching at the neck. To remedy this, I clip the bottom straps together forming a makeshift belt to hold everything in place when not clipped in. A waist strap that stays attached to your body with/without a bag attached would be a nice addition in future revisions. Since the inside of the spine has MOLLE-type straps running the entire vertical length, I'll probably get some accessory clips and attach simple web belt down the line.The middle and bottom carabiners are attached to the straps via semi-rigid foam pads. These made clipping in and out a little awkward at first, as the carabiner can swivel back and forth if not held right. Took a little getting used to, but easy enough to manage. Maybe it's because I haven't used the harness with a matching Stingray bag, but the foam pads themselves were nowhere near my body and served no purpose. I suspect with the Stingray bag's contoured back, the attachment points will be closer to the body, allowing the padding to work properly. Perhaps a sliding pad that can be moved around would make for a more universal harness in future revisions.Here's my procedure for clipping into and out of a bag. This seems to be the quickest and easiest for me so far, but YMMV… Before clipping in, I attach the top and middle straps together, essentially reverting back to a 4-point harness. I leave the middle straps adjusted so that I don't have to tighten them much further once the bag is attached. With the bag in the air, I clip the middle straps first, then the bottom. I clip the top straps to the front of the bag and adjust only after I've tightened down the bottom. To remove the bag, I just reverse the procedure.
  15. 2ch Slot Receiver @ 14:37 mark...