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    i record sound , make things and repair .
  1. did you used V-USB on it ?
  2. This is what i use on set . It is small , heats up very quick . http://www.gmelectronic.com/gas-soldering-iron-proskit-8pk-101-2-p730-367
  3. Cooper 208 Cake from CAS Awards

    DrOetker instead of Penny&Giles .
  4. Nomad coin cell battery

    ... by the way 2032 is a little smaller than 2320 . Since the contacts on the battery holder touch correct places of the 3v battery , it should work .
  5. Nomad coin cell battery

    yes 2032 work without any problem . I think it's not easy to find CR2320 everywhere , but it doesn't matter something similar will work .
  6. Nomad coin cell battery

    yesterday i have changed that battery with a cr2032 .
  7. Lectro block 23 outside USA

    it is possible at İstanbul .
  8. mixing from the trunk of a car

  9. Boom operators - Cool photos

    Here is my boom op Yusuf Da?l? while shooting a scene from the TV serial Sakarya F?rat .
  10. 12 physical mic/line inputs on the NEXT DEVA

    External display out
  11. 442 & 744T, 788T, or Fusion?

    Excellent support ? Sorry but I'm not trying to put the blame on somebody unjustly and don't think owe apology to anyone ! I just told what i experienced . I lost jobs , send the device , get it back again in the same condition . So , studiomprd , really sorry but I don't classify that kind of support as " Excellent " . If we talk about the professionalism of this industry , so we are not less professionals than anybody ! But it seems " we " aren't classed as professionals ! Friend , I don't know if you ever experienced things like that before but it's hard to say to the producers that they should dub . I get the unit back with the same failure and lost another job , nobody apologized , even nobody asked like " Hey , how is going ? " . Sorry studiomprd but I don't owe apology to no body . SD performs any kind of strategy , or not , that's their problem . I don't have a grudge against them , I also would like to say that I'm very very happy with 744 and 702 , that's another thing . What I talk about is , the unit really wasn't ready to ship and it wasn't my fault , but I paid the price ! By the way , it doesn't matter what kind of industry is that , trade is trade and the manufacturers should perform what they should perform . My friend , I promise that I order you beer as you wish , but I don't join you here . Gürkan Özkaya
  12. 442 & 744T, 788T, or Fusion?

    I think it's like a familiar selling strategy of manufactures . They sell faulty products intentionally , and clean up from service dues . Different brands from different parts of the world use that strategy sometimes , mostly on electronic industry . That's why i think the people should wait a little more until 788t been fixed complately , users still notify different troubles on forums .
  13. 442 & 744T, 788T, or Fusion?

    Hello ranger14 . We stated using the 788t before SD call back the units . The first issue i saw was timecode failure , the timecode was always changing when i turn-off and on . Never stayed stable . And i lost 2 jobs on this unit , the first was a whole commercial shot . After all those issues , SD announced they want the units back , then we send the unit . After we get 788t back i lost second job , a part of a movie . The device came back with the same trouble . Now , we still have the 788t but i don't use it anymore , i go with 744 and 702 . That's why i say , try the Deva's .
  14. 442 & 744T, 788T, or Fusion?

    Hello , my advice is , wait for a while to the 788t been fixed complately ! There is many issues the 788t users experiencing , me too . I actually didn't worked with Deva's yet but , as i know they work terrific without rest . So , the Fusion should be good idea to buy , there is also Cantar or HHB's new device ( if you trust Regards , Gürkan ÖZKAYA
  15. I hope that someone there records the seminar to video .