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    I am the FOH engineer for the Army Field Band and spend most of my time touring with concert sound. I enjoy the occasional one off's I get to do with audio for video.

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  1. Can you PM his contact for me? Thanks!
  2. I decided after reading a ton of threads that I was going to buy a Mathews Maxi stand as I was tired of hauling C-stands around. It will work great for a boom and is plenty sturdy that I don't feel any need to worry. . I also bought the Mathews Hollywood Grip Head However, this seems to be too big. The bolt to hold it onto the stand doesn't engage in the indentation of the stand tip, but at the very top of it. While it will work, I just wonder if there a smaller size grip head that fits this thing better?
  3. Enjoyed reading this.....thanks for posting it.
  4. Just curious if you ever figured out how to fix your 816? I have one that needs to be looked at but Senn said they won't service them anymore.
  5. I've been looking for something just like this. Anyone have a source?
  6. Wish I had seen that deal
  7. I have had good luck using the 4017 inside. This is a versatile mic. I agree with Julian above.
  8. Bottom line is we got lucky. But I was pretty happy about it! Thank goodness I didn't need to clear all of my channels......I am usually a 40 channel wireless show.
  9. Who says you can't clear 20 wireless channels in Time Square?
  10. So....let's talk about something of substance .....are they wired with Lectro or Zaxcom?
  11. I have a workbox at FOH where one of the drawers has a kurig permanently mounted and wired to a power con connector on the back of the box. I roll the box to FOH, plug it in, pull out the drawer, and wala....instant coffee. For the hotel room I carry a hand grinder and an Aeropress..... No addictions here.........
  12. I could use a new post studio.
  13. Who made the necklaces for Naked and Afraid? I've always been curious what mic is in there. Not that I watch the show that is.
  14. Thanks so much....I think I am going to give it shot.