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  1. I'd also consider a recorder that is not too power hungry and preferably runs on AA's. Easy to get and to charge in the car. If recently build a primo mic, for reference purposes. But it's not that noisy and it could be a cheap way of building a binaural mic that you could combine with a small portable recorder to make quick recordings when inspiration strikes. Most of all, have a good trip!
  2. There is the tentacle setup app for the phone this allows you to see the current TC and adjust framerates etc.
  3. As a 633 user that does mainly documentary/non-scripted work. I'd like to have a 'video/hdmi in' on the mixer that you could use receive a wireless video signal from camera (with some of the available HDMI video transmitters) that you could use check the camera's frame from time to time on the 633's screen with just the push of a button.
  4. I used the Primo omni as linked in post#1. And build it as described in this link:
  5. Just finished my version of right angle XLR. Doing a shoot with F55 and cameraman doesn't want any extras on his rig but I could convince him to plug in this. It is purely used as reference, but the sound exceeded my expectations.
  6. I wasn't aware of this before, but it seems like a fun project. Have you had any experience with any of these and did they proof themselves useful?
  7. I recently stumbled on this DIY electret kit : Out of curiosity I might buy a pair. Maybe the could be usable as plant mics or something alike. Has anyone build one of these already?
  8. I'm just waiting for Super Mario to pop up on that screen... Gameboy nostalgia.
  9. Hi Chris, I assume you already checked this, but nonetheless, does the 8060 fits tight enough in your Rycote lyres? I have a similar setup (8060/WS2), but I had to put some tape on my mic and my lyres to avoid any movement. Best with solving your quest!
  10. Hi Kavenzmann, I have the 8060 in a rycote ws2, with a bit of modding I'm able to fit a MS setup in there. I've made a connectionbox were I can remove the figure 8 and cable since I don't use it all the time. Here are some pictures to give you an idea: The fig8 mic is an MBHO (they also manufacture the emesser). *(note the lyres are configured for a different setup)
  11. I've used the cos 11's multiple times on instruments, guitars, clarinets, piano's to name a few... There are most certanly better mics for the job but i think you can get decent to good results with them. On the clarinet I put the mic just between the knobs and the horn for best result. I think with a sax you could try something similar.
  12. I own a 633, and have used ( not owned ) 7series recorders in the past. I've done several music recordings on the 633 with satisfying results. In most cases (at least for me) the locations l work in have many more challanges to be faced. The pre's of either the 633 or a 7series recorder belong to lower ranks of my concerns. In case you work in places were everything is 100% ideal and you might listen back in a very audiophile environment you might challenge yourself in blind testing the pre's. I bet that any of these devices are will be helpful tools/companions in Doing the job you love.
  13. Tom already mentioned the Sound Devices 322T. Something I would be pleased to see is something like a mix-preD with recording ability. If possible in similar form factor two mic/two line would be nice. But most importantly something really small that could come in handy when light traveling is needed and that also could be used as a back-up device.
  14. Maybe something customizable in the vein of a portable 500series-lunchbox format. You get (let's say) 4 to 8 slots to decide what to put in: Pre's, Tx, Rx and what not.. That way you can adapt it for each gig to come and you can expand your units as you go.
  15. Constantin, correct me if i'm wrong but I think the same product was also displayed at IBC2014. IPS did a video on it starting at around 3min.