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  1. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Like Axel I have been using the audioroot battery cup. I holds the battery very securely. Myk
  2. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    My experience with media and batteries is similar to Axel. I have had no issues with the recommended media . I often run 2 SD cards in simultaneous record with the internal SSD. I use the remote audio 98wH batteries as my external ones and like Axel always have internal batteries also , all are hot swap able so no shutting down the recorder , and the remote audio batteries can be charged in the Aaton charger. I haven’t used the AES inputs but as Axel notes there are no limiters however that will be fixed in software updates as well as increased gain control on the AES inputs that some uses have mentioned. Which brings me to another good point with the X3 . With Aaton there has always been excellent after sales backup , issues you may have are responded to quickly and often by the people who designed/built the X3. There is also a very useful Facebook group of uses.
  3. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Hi Lurker, I am an X3 owner and I’ve used it on many projects including FX and music. I love the mic preamps , very musical , great headroom , very low noise , I don’t really notice them. The limiters are very good , but remember they aren’t adjustable so just on or off. I’ve used my X3 in many over shoulder situations, shooting a TV drama on a moving train , up mountains, lots of car rigs and staying very portable but with several radio mics and 2 booms . It is a very flexible machine but I have to admit it is heavy. Lighter than an X2 my previous recorder. Also it is power hungry . This isn’t such a big issue but keep it in mind for your budget. The X3 has a steeper learning curve than other machines but IMO once you are comfortable with it , it is faster to reconfigure. You could also look at the Cantar Mini , same pre amps , same machine really just less of it so more portable. Hope this helps.
  4. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    I have a new one and the Tim White hinge for my X3 , the holes don’t line up . I had to drill new holes and take apart the PSC to mount it, a pain to do but it works fine now.
  5. new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    Specs say 'up to 5 hrs' , is that at low power ,phantom off ? It would be interesting to know how long at full power etc. Is the battery built in ? .
  6. Lectro Nano

    I guess keeping it analogue keeps it away from Zaxcom's territory
  7. Am having 1 frame issues on a series I'm on at the moment using Amiras and Alexa minis. I worked on the same show last season with the same cameras , no problems . I'm finding out what software has changed in the cameras since then as this is the only change we can think of.
  8. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Just for info , these Remote Audio MEon HiQ batteries charge in Aaton smbus battery chargers.
  9. Panavision DXL 8K Camera Unveiled at ASC Clubhouse

    No audio in ?
  10. Blackbird Studios Tour

    AFAIK the "bizarre " wall is a primitive root diffuser. The cross section of the wood columns and their length would make it work over a greater frequency than others I've seen. A lot of wood and a lot of work to make it as well and a lot of calculation if it was not done by guess work. It's purpose is to make that wall appear transparent to sound and help a small room appear much larger acoustically
  11. Mkh 8060

    You need to use the MZF filter module between capsule and power supply for boom work on the 8050
  12. Mkh 8060

    I have fond memories of Chennai from many years ago and even saw a film being shot in a studio there. I think the 8060 is a good choice and maybe an 8050 for indoors or a second microphone. From your post you say that there isn't much equipment support there so I would be worried about the choice of the Zoom f8 , not because I know of reliability issues but it is a fairly new recorder. I would be more inclined to go with a Sound Devices recorder , great build quality and a good reputation. Do you need a Stereo Mic ? , I think the G3 radios would be a more useful addition to your kit , I suspect you would get more use out of them.
  13. One man crew - video/AUDIO system advice needed

    Is a possible reshoot because you can't do it all cheaper than a sound mixer with gear ?
  14. Sonosax RX-4 - restart file numbering

    There probably isn't a way . This is so that you can't have 2 or more files with the same name, that would be troublesome for post if it happened on the same project.
  15. Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    I have an 8050 and an 8060 both with their own power and filter modules. The 8050 never gave me any problems but the first 8060 did. Sennheiser swapped it and the second one still had issues. However Sennheiser swapped that to a third one and also swapped my 8050 as they thought it would develope problems eventually. This was 2 years ago and since then I have had no problems. The mics have been used outside and in punishing enviroments , heat , snow and seaside . I'm very pleased with them and will be getting a 2nd 8060 soon.