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  1. Rocking the heavy bag for a reality construction gig...who needs the gym when you have a brick like this.. Nice farmers tan too.
  2. Great site,lots of pertinent info from real professionals,,and then some of that other entertaining stuff. About time I kicked in some bucks. Cheers Sean
  3. They are both good,,if I had to choose out of the two 24 would be my pick. Cheers Sean
  4. i went through a couple sets of the HD 25s.I liked them because I could monitor at a lower volume than the sonys and save my ears a bit.Both had the connector issue.Ended up with the ultrasone hfi700. They dont kill my ears like the sonys and They still sound great after four years of getting beaten. Dont think they still make them,but they show up on ebay sometimes,would be worth checking out.
  5. i would go for this one,,,but my car is unreliable,,,not so good at post audio either. Shooting a non for profit short film at a local dining establishment in Pickering, Ontario. The production team is very small, and won't exceed more than 10 people for the production. The entire production will be shot on the days of March 15th and 16th and entirely indoors at a local dining establishment in Pickering, Ontario. My team and I are looking for an experienced individual who can both perform as a boom operator AND a sound designer. Since our film is non for profit, it would really help us a lot if you are able to use your own equipment. If you don't have your own, we will rent one for you (once we have discussed what will be needed). Further details about the project will be discussed, as well as a script will be provided upon formal meeting. This entire position is unpaid. You MUST also have reliable transportation to and from set on the shooting days. If interested, please email us with your resume