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  1. New Sennheiser "VR Mic"

    John mentioned quite a few comparisons to Tetramic.
  2. New Sennheiser "VR Mic"

    Also thanks y gracias to John and Ramallo, good to hear of some detailed hands on experience. The local Sennheiser representative couldn't event tell me the size of the capsules when it was first released, so it didn't seem like something which was being very actively marketed..I'll be very interested to hear how the Rode offerings stack up.
  3. Zoom FRC-8 Controller

    Any indications that the capacity to connect the usb keyboard will be limited to through the FRC-8? I imagine a firmware update will come with the unit to make it function and I wonder if we will be able to connect a keyboard directly..
  4. New Sennheiser "VR Mic"

    Interested to hear your thoughts Seth. Let us know what you think apropos ease of capture/post in comparison to M/S. As I've said earlier, I'm interested in this mic and others like it outside the context of VR.
  5. Rode buys Soundfield

    I calculated based on the recording hacks i.e. US rrp and the rrp for the Ambeo in Australia (I couldn't find a local price for e914 in my initial searches) and it works out to about $1200 AUD more than four e914's. I appreciate that the European retail of the Ambeo is less. There it is in their ad copy.. Does raise the question of where to place it in VR situations, as Jose mentioned.
  6. Rode buys Soundfield

    No, haven't tried it. Audeze have pricing information but the Australian distributor of the impression that it's not even in production as yet. I remain interested as at least it appears to be an innovation. I know that planar magnetic contact systems are very good, so am intrigued to see how this sounds. You're out of luck viz size as the capsule, according to the what promotional material exists, is 100mm! No sample recordings that I know of, it strikes me as strange that these manufacturers do not make more effort in this regard. If one is forking over 3-4k for a mic, knowing a little how it sounds quite important, no?
  7. Rode buys Soundfield

    Yes, thanks Constantin, I could not find reference to that capsule elsewhere on other mics in my initial search. Now that I see the information on the recording hack page that Ramallo linked to, I see it's a 14mm capsule. When I asked the local retailer details of the capsule "is it something like a 20mm small condenser capsule?" "yeah something around that" was the response. Safe to say there's nothing really innovative here and (given that the RRP of the e914 is less than $400) pricing is more reflective of market fashion than technological merit? Jose did you have any chance to work with the Audeze Tetrahedral you mentioned when I raised the subject of the Sennheiser "VR" mic some months back?
  8. Rode buys Soundfield

    This is confirmed somewhere Ramallo? I was unable to glean any information on capsules from the company or the retailer here where the Ambeo is in "preorder" status with a RRP of around $3300 AUD. Price seems very inflated if these are the capsules used. There's remarkably little information, samples etc for a product in production and shipping.
  9. Rode buys Soundfield

    http://www.rode.com/blog/all/freedman-electronics-purchases-soundfield No doubt a response to this kind of development http://en-uk.sennheiser.com/microphone-3d-audio-ambeo-vr-mic in the ambisonic realm.
  10. Zoom F8 extended knobs

    I second that, great knobs that fit snugly, quality of workmanship good and they arrived hassle free and with alacrity in Australia from Spain!
  11. Zoom F8 Beginners Question(s)

    now that right there is a wonderful analogy!
  12. Zoom F8

    No it did not, I asked the same question, and made the same observation, it does indeed seem to defeat the purpose..it's simply channel ganging as far as I'm aware...but would be glad to be proved wrong. I thought I had read in preliminary promotional material that the -12db was to be the case.
  13. Stolen Gear in Australia

    Sorry to hear of that Tony, that's a lot of gear! There's a couple of 788's and a CL-9 for sale on Australian eBay at the moment, but I imagine you are keeping your eye out there.
  14. Zoom F8

    Regarding my suggestion of a DC-DC converter I've just come across this from Mr Wexler in another thread [I can't work out how to quote directly from another thread using this forum software, but it's this one. http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/12538-simon-b-and-stuarts-new-minirackcart-build/&page=2 Whilst I have heard no noise from my setup, Jeff obviously has a world more experience than me in these matters, and I thought it useful to add to this thread.
  15. Sound barrier

    i was expecting a thread about the recording of supersonic jets! I'd be interested to know the dB reduction level for hay bales [the traditional generator noise reduction material of my youth]. There is new suggestion in research circles that as much as 30% of heart disease is caused by noise pollution...