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  1. So hypothetically, one should run a miniCMIT with the ZMT at 12v, right? Assuming no other noise floor issues, which may not be the case.
  2. Ever since I got the Kortwich bag for the Nomad, I've switched entirely to waist belts. Have the Stingray Jr with the K-Tek waist belt that works great. It's so much better for your body to have the weight on your hips as opposed to shoulders, but there's a few things you need to be aware of when using them to get the benefits. People tend to be in the "swayback" position with the weight in front, which can wreck your lower back and knees over time. Typically it's because you aren't paying attention to posture and hang out on your joints instead of using muscle to support yourself. Abs and glutes are responsible for keeping you balanced, so if it's a pain to maintain a neutral posture, get those stronger. If you do it right, your hips might feel tired at the end of the day but there shouldn't be any pain. It's a lot easier to do than having all the weight on your shoulders, I'd recommend everyone use harnesses/belts that place most of the weight on your hips. Also, for inflammation and joint pain- fish oil (omega-3) helps. You want at least 1g of omega-3 (EPA+DHA) in whatever form you choose.
  3. This is currently my solve for the whine. In a small Maxx bag you can't get enough physical separation, so using an ERX to feed the transmitter gets it far enough away. On a shoot where village doesn't move I put it near there and forget about it, for run and gun I attach them to my waistbelt on the back. So far no problems except needing an extra ERX.
  4. It's on mine as well. RET4 only, it isn't consistently timed, but about 1 or 2 random clicks per second. Haven't noticed when I used it with any input in the past, but sure is strange.
  5. Re: RX200 bag use- what are the disadvantages vs a QRX?
  6. If you're looking to do true one man band work, your original idea of a MixPre-D to ZFR100 is too much to carry around. I've used essentially that rig for about week as sort of a test of a micro bag, and it was a pain in the ass. It has very limited functionality and will slow you down. The suggestion of the ZFR(s) + ERX is exactly what you want, I know other OMBs who have used the same thing to excellent results. Timecode will work great, but as for monitoring you might be out of luck. The audio range from the ZFR to the ERX is nowhere near the same as from a Nomad or IFB200, so if you're really close you'll be able to hear it but anything more than a few feet will not go well. You will have to mic talent, check through the ERX, and then let it run. The other alternative is to use something small like Sennheiser G3s and mount them on the camera, but you can only get one or two channels, sacrificing the boom, whereas with ZFRs you can use as many as you'd like. The post process will be longer than if you had a full setup but hey, nobody said one man bands were easy.
  7. Quick question- do any of these fit in Pelican 1510s (with/without foam)? I typically do a lot of travel jobs and throwing my mixer and essentials in a 1510 to carry on planes is ideal. I'm assuming the OR30 fits fine, but what about the 32? Various Petrol/portabrace bags fit but I'm wondering if the rigid structure of the Orca Bags makes it not squeeze nicely.
  8. Recently one of the d-rings on my PS601 snapped off, and I've been looking for a suitable replacement for some time. I emailed Petrol, but figured I'd ask here and see if anybody had found some solutions in the past. Carabiniers don't work that great due to their size, nothing I've tried has been small enough to fit while also strong enough to support the bag. Any ideas?