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  1. Gordonmoore1

    John Blankenship is officially a year older today

    Happy Birthday John! Hope you get the day off - if not, may the day be free of interference, leaf blowers, egotistical AD's and prima donnas. Have some fun!
  2. Gordonmoore1

    Wondering: any word on 60 GHz wireless microphones?

    Part 15 does cover SOME lower power (50mW or less) wireless microphones. Part 15 is an emissions rule governing the spectral behavior of the products. But the emissions rule doesn't govern permitted use. From the very same chart you cited, the USE is "fixed inter-satellite" and "mobile radio location" use. The product you point to is a router - whether it's use is permitted in the US for this purpose I can't say. I can say that we sure don't have any indications from the FCC that a wireless microphone would be allowed in this spectrum. A router is a "fixed" location device - a wireless mic is not. Part 15 is also used for just about every consumer product out there and certifies only that the product will not cause damaging interference for other devices. TV's, electric shavers with a digital display, LED light bulbs - (anything that is a non-linear device) - need Part 15 certification. There are lots of RF devices (microwave ovens for example) but not all RF devices can be used in all parts of the spectrum. That falls under the USE part of the charts.
  3. Gordonmoore1

    Wondering: any word on 60 GHz wireless microphones?

    60GHz is literally off our radar (no pun intended). I just searched the FCC website for information on that band and found virtually nothing. If we aren't authorized to be there, we aren't going to spend engineering time on it. Heck, we still looking at 5Ghz and 7Ghz and scratching our heads........... edit - just looked at the FCC allocations - 59.3GHz to 64Ghz is allocated to "fixed inter-satellite" and "mobile radio-location" use.
  4. Gordonmoore1

    PDR firmware v2.0 released

    Recorded a 3 hours meeting with my PDR last week with the new firmware - nice to get a single wav file instead of a bunch of them. Last night during a narrative recording session for a short video I'm doing, the battery went dead just as she finished the last take. The recovery algorithm worked perfectly. Whew! And you can put in meta data now - (yay!)
  5. Gordonmoore1

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    In line filters ahead of the receivers that don't attentuate the signal too much can always be a good thing. Certainly it can knock down the noise of out of band interference.
  6. Gordonmoore1

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Hi, Millar! We are expecting the bare circuit boards to arrive this week. It will take a few weeks to populate them in surface mount, run them through test and make sure the new boards behave as well as the betas that are out circulating now in the wild. Once they are considered good to go, we will announce and start scheduling board replacements for anyone having difficulties. We are almost there - sorry it has taken so long but we had to get it right. We ended up with a complete redesign of the RF boards. So, stay tuned just a bit longer - the fix is in and we will be taking service soon. Those of you who have units in house waiting for the new boards, the long wait is almost over. Gordon
  7. Gordonmoore1

    600Mhz question

    That's correct - the guards band and the duplex gap are limited to 20mW. As the new occupants begin powering up their transmitters, you will be forced by the simple laws of physics to relocate to lower blocks. Our puny 10-250mW transmitters will get easily buried in the noise as these cell carriers start cranking up. In some cell blocks (5Mhz wide) it will be rather fast but in others, it will take a while - but that July 13 deadline is set in stone.
  8. Gordonmoore1

    Lercto SRc TXBAT questions

    The AA battery indicators are based on the Eveready AA's and reflect the voltage curves exhibited by that brand. There are some improved chemistry AA batteries out now such as the Duracell Quantum Alkalines that are quite a bit different. So, my recommendation is to buy batteries in bulk, test the curve on the first set of batteries and adjust your interpretations of the meters accordingly for that batch - batteries are getting more different by the day. We can't keep up with all the brands and they don't behave the same. For what it is worth, we have just finished a firmware update for the SRC that adds the SSM LB50 battery to the list for monitoring purposes so you don;t have to use the timer. Watch our website for the new version to be posted. Version 1.20
  9. Gordonmoore1

    UCR 411A bad power input

    The service department can overnight a jack to you - call them at 1-800-821-1121. Definitely cheaper to fix than replacing the unit (although we would love to have you get another unit :^). Gotham's tech probably have one available. JC Communications can definitely take care of it as well. https://jayceecomms.com/
  10. Gordonmoore1

    Congrats to Mark Weingarten and the Dunkirk Sound Crew!

    Congratulations Mark! I know it was a tough shoot - I enjoyed hearing how the sausage was made at the CAS dinner - just shows what a craftsman can do with good tools and great talent! Gordon
  11. Gordonmoore1

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Yes, we will send to indiviudals - Have you checked with Trew to see if they don't already have one?
  12. Gordonmoore1

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    No, the SRC-A1 (unless it is a VERY low Serial number) has updated RF boards already - I'll check the serial # sequence with Production and let you know. But we caught those issues way back after the first hundred units shipped (the walkie issue). A1 is RF solid now (except for the scanner and smart tune issue). B1 and C1 are different board revisions and the fix for those is in - beta testers are happy. We are waiting for the new boards to arrive. Once they are here, we will mount the components on the boards, calibrate and test and then announce the process for getting those of you with irritating B1's and C1's updated. The issue there seems to be a threshold thing - most folks have been happy (especially the B1's - C1's have a higher incident rate) and some have been miserable. Regardless, we will take care of you.
  13. The SRC firmware update for the A1's carrying the Doug Pearson discovered bug fix is now available at our website http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/category/104-src.html Version 1.18 fixes the 9.2Mhz offset an scan/screen weirdness. A group of mixers in St. Louis indicated they were going to have an update party to update all of theirs at once - that's a great idea. I might even pay for the pizza! Let me know when and where - We will be loaning SRUSB endplates to those who can't get to a dealer or party conveniently - we will begin that program next week (we need a bit more prep time to be ready for this) so stay tuned for details. DON'T send you units in to us - they might just sit there until we have things set up. I'll post the process shortly. Gordon
  14. Gordonmoore1

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    The SRC-A1 firmware upgrade is available on our website http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/category/104-src.html Version 1.18 fixes the 9.2Mhz offset. A group of mixers in St. Louis indicated they were going to have an update party to update all of theirs at once - that's a great idea. I might even pay for the pizza!
  15. Gordonmoore1

    Congratulations to CAS Awards winners

    Let me be the first to offer congratulations to the team at Sound Devices for their win at the CAS Awards for the Product of the Year. Great job by a great team. And congratulations to every sound mixer honored by a nomination or an award - yours is a tough job and the end results are always to impressive. Keep up the good work! Gordon Gordon Moore President Lectrosonics