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  1. Amazing read.
  2. Hey, I have not, unfortunately. The mic does look very promising, but I don't know that I would be able to use it on location. It does look quite bigger than my SPS200, and while I haven't had anyone give me any fight with using the SPS200 on the VR / 360 shoots I do, I personally wish it was even smaller (without obviously sacrificing sound - I know, tall order) for easier concealing and/or stitching in post. Have you tried it? Have you compared it to any of the other common tetrahedral mics? Thoughts? Sample recordings?
  3. The workstation is for full spatialization of sound sources, which produces an encoded TBE file. The encoder is strictly for marrying the 360 video with a spatial audio file, whether it's FB360's TBE file, or an ambisonic B-format file (AmbiX or FuMa) or even the quad binaural. What the encoder spits out is what you would upload to Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  4. The FB360 Encoder is now available for windows as well, and I do recommend it for muxing 360 videos along with spatial audio (FB360 .TBE, AmbiX ACN, FuMa, and quad binaural), but yes, the Spatial Workstation is only available for Mac. There's also Reaper with the Ambisonic Toolkit (ATK), which can be used to create AmbiX ACN audio files to later mux with 360 videos. I think that's all there is for Windows at the moment unfortunately.
  5. Apple's approach in recent years has been one tailored to consumers instead of professional users IMO. We've resorted to Hackintosh builds for desktop use, and while the MacBook Pro was always the go-to choice for us for laptops, I'm not excited for the latest one. We ended up buying a 2015 MBP on eBay instead two weeks ago when we needed to, and saved a pretty penny as well.
  6. For post production, look at the Facebook 360 (formerly Two Big Ears) Spatial Audio Workstation, Player and Encoder. It's all free.
  7. I would bet on this prediction.
  8. By default, I do not. This only happens when I have to give a competitive bid, usually against a rental house, for a long term show (meaning at least 2-3 weeks). I think the "3-day week" statement pertains to how most rental houses do a full week rental, for the cost of only 3 billing days. I do find this to be true, but have heard and seen of rental houses charging 2 and sometimes even 1 billing day. Most of us agree that weekly rentals should only be for long term projects. Rental houses have 3-day weekly rentals publicly available for all to see and get. This is not just a price break for mixers.
  9. Bernie, you continue to be my hero! Best to you and yours. I'm glad your ok!
  10. I just got an iPhone 7, which I'm mostly happy with, a few bugs here and there but the rolling updates have fixed most issues. The new Google Pixel looks very promising, particularly because it won't be loaded with bloat software that phone manufacturers and carriers like to shove down your throats when you buy their phones. Too bad they announced it after I got my iPhone 7 :/
  11. Woohoo!
  12. Great videos, as always! Thanks!
  13. Definitely lots of usable frequencies in block 21 and 22 when I checked. I was there last week and was running up to 4 wireless.
  14. Thank you for letting me be a part of this process! I had a blast playing with your cart and helping trying to figure out the details :-)