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  1. Thanks Glenn... Like the lower Latency too!
  2. Is run time affected by the internal recorder and does the display dim after "x" time??
  3. Didn't watch the entire video, is there an estimation of battery run time after full charge?
  4. Last show I worked that was shot on 35mm Film was for a TV show. I ran 48048 at 24fps no problems....
  5. Robert, One thing to keep in mind is Latency between units, this will cause a lot of phasing issues. I used my 664 for extra ISO tracks and feed mix into 788t.. Few mill delay going out the 664 digital so switched to Analog out and that helped. At the time Output limiters on 664 were rough.. Currently my extra tracks rig is a Firewire interface with Boom Recorder timecode locked with 788t. I use a Midi Control surface to interface with MOTU Cuemix on Interface. Latency there also but about on par with 664. This will work for me until I can afford the X3 or see what Sound Devices might do. I haven't had to use the extended tracks rig in a while and have also considered picking up a 2nd 788t and connect them together.. Guys dumping them cheap these days..
  6. Robert, FWIW.. Not having gain control on CL12 is deal breaker for me.. 668 is a solid unit, love my 664 but not having fine gain control AND not having those extra DB before clipping has me waiting to see if SD does something above 788t or Wait for new Cantar X3 controller they are working on..
  7. If it's a large crowd scene I will normally just roll between takes and ask boom op to get the pole high and point away from direct conversations.. Works great.. Usually can get a solid 30-40 second segments without AD's blaring away.. All told usually will roll for 4-5 minutes.. Make a note, tell the scripty and Post can usually do some damage with that..
  8. 20 inches wide so no SKB case for it.. There may be a setting to turn off the motorized faders not sure.. You will have to try the Gain thing yourself, but it was a long move if you wanted to keep your hand on a fader and adjust.. Its not like the Nomad, touching a fader didn't select a channel. You have to Press the "Sel" button for channel then reach across to the data input knob.. I love a gain knob per channel, it's just the way I like to work which also rules out a CL12 for my 664...
  9. Just saw one at local music store.. 3 things... 1. Very wide.. 2. The motorized faders did not have a smooth movement.. Almost jerky. 3. BIG ONE.. No gain knob per channel. You have to hit a select button then turn a data knob and the display is not very big..
  10. Had a car scene with music playback. I now use this Dell Venue 8 tablet running Windows 10 with Reaper.. Works great and have full fledged DAW in a compact format.. This was connected to a Senn G2 system sending signal to Jeep we were towing.. No timecode from Playback as sync wasn't critical but if timecode was need a stereo split cable would make it easy..
  11. Anyone with the Newer "Fixed" version with the new metal ring care to post a picture of what this looks like?
  12. Get well!
  13. Presonus 16.0.2 on sale at sweetwater for less than a grand It's one of the AI models so it might take the new Dante card LINK to Sweetwater
  14. Morgan, In my kit the MKH 50 handles those rooms with a high reflection and shots that need a wider pickup. I use the CK 69 on a lot of interiors and on exteriors when the bugs are bad. The ability to add the extra interference tube turns it into something like the MKH70 and gives great side rejection. I also goto the MKH-416 on those harsh Louisiana summers. For reference. If you happen to catch my current show Scream Queens, the 50 is used on the main Great Room, dining room, kitchen set and once you goto bedrooms and most everywhere else it's the CK69. We have to fight a lot of mirrors. The 69 is not as bright as the CMIT or 8060 and strangely cuts better with the MKH 50 than the MKH60 or 8060 IMO
  15. What I like about the Micron's is they are all Analog.. With that, I don't have any delay from the transmitter to receiver like the Lectro/Zax etc This allows me to play around with the Input Delay on my 788 and really fine tune how I deal with Phasing between boom and lav's.. Been able to really dial that in and now have fewer issues than when I was all lectro plus the noise floor and limiter on the Micron are much smoother than others I've used.. Because of the connector I won't be using them as my front line Lav systems but for Boom, it will be a hard time pulling them from me!!