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  1. Working 788t Slate Mic Mod! YES!

    If you'd like, contact Lucas at SoundHard here in New Orleans.. Bet he can turn it around quickly.. Mod still going strong and will Mod my 2nd 788 as soon my show wraps..
  2. Contact info for Andy Munitz at Sony???

    Thank you JW!! Contact made..
  3. Hey all, Trying to find any contact info for Andy Munitz at Sony Pro Audio.. Trying to contact anyone thru normal channels has proven fruitless. Thx
  4. Need Small Phantom Power Thing (Thing?)

    Jeff you are correct.. The Papi is a small preamp with limiter that's externally powered.. This is a Phantom Power only unit powered by 4-AAA batteries. The Papi is much smaller
  5. Need Small Phantom Power Thing (Thing?)

    Sorry for the blurry pic. Little something on the way from Mozegear.. Arrived at lunch Friday and thanks to a last minute change with the B-Cam got to try this phantom unit out as a plant...Worked great with zero coloration of the sound.. Not sure when it will arrive to market..Will easily velcro with SMQV..
  6. CL9 Trims

    here's my settings Menu 99- 2 Speed (Up to max) Menu 100 Max speed Multiplier - 3 Just my preference and my cl was an early model
  7. Mozegear Qbit-- Really small sync box....

    The Hirose connector is for external power. The battery can be thought of like the 788 internal TC battery. We are testing with F55 and had no issues. I know other variants are in the works....
  8. Hey guys, Seeing all the announcements of new sync boxes... Having the pleasure to give this little and I mean "TINY" sync box a go from Mozegear.. Basically the size of a 9v... This version has a 4hr internal rechargeable battery with 4 pin hirose for power.. Same accurate clock as the TIG and Q28.. Running with Sony F55's and ZERO issues on sync... Steadycam guys love it! I know they are cooking up a few other things and hope they will have more to say at NAB.. Wish I could go... Pretty sure it also can do Lemo instead of BNC....
  9. New Zaxcom small transmitter - ZMT

    Thanks Glenn... Like the lower Latency too!
  10. New Zaxcom small transmitter - ZMT

    Is run time affected by the internal recorder and does the display dim after "x" time??
  11. New Zaxcom small transmitter - ZMT

    Didn't watch the entire video, is there an estimation of battery run time after full charge?
  12. Film Timecode workflow

    Last show I worked that was shot on 35mm Film was for a TV show. I ran 48048 at 24fps no problems....
  13. 688/788T setup - For extra tracks - Thoughts?

    Robert, One thing to keep in mind is Latency between units, this will cause a lot of phasing issues. I used my 664 for extra ISO tracks and feed mix into 788t.. Few mill delay going out the 664 digital so switched to Analog out and that helped. At the time Output limiters on 664 were rough.. Currently my extra tracks rig is a Firewire interface with Boom Recorder timecode locked with 788t. I use a Midi Control surface to interface with MOTU Cuemix on Interface. Latency there also but about on par with 664. This will work for me until I can afford the X3 or see what Sound Devices might do. I haven't had to use the extended tracks rig in a while and have also considered picking up a 2nd 788t and connect them together.. Guys dumping them cheap these days..
  14. 688 keyboard fail

    Robert, FWIW.. Not having gain control on CL12 is deal breaker for me.. 668 is a solid unit, love my 664 but not having fine gain control AND not having those extra DB before clipping has me waiting to see if SD does something above 788t or Wait for new Cantar X3 controller they are working on..
  15. Recording walla?

    If it's a large crowd scene I will normally just roll between takes and ask boom op to get the pole high and point away from direct conversations.. Works great.. Usually can get a solid 30-40 second segments without AD's blaring away.. All told usually will roll for 4-5 minutes.. Make a note, tell the scripty and Post can usually do some damage with that..