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  1. allistair

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    The dipoles are very slightly more effective than the whips (2dbi I think i read somewhere), but the real benefit comes from your ability to put them on the outside of the bag (minimizes the effect of anything spraying RF in your bag) and farther from each other (helps the diversity receivers work effectively). I use the SNAs and I don't notice a huge improvement in signal strength on the meters, but I do experience better signal stability on the outside edge of the range. Practically that sounds like solid audio where the whips would be having intermittent dropouts.
  2. allistair

    Best ENG boom pole

    The sweet spot I've found for ENG is a K-Tek between 9'-12' with internal coil cable and a side exit.
  3. allistair

    DPA MMP-G Preamp

    I don't need to speak Spanish to hear that both of those samples sound great! Thank you!
  4. allistair

    DPA MMP-G Preamp

    A little late to this conversation, but I'm definitely interested in hearing from somebody who has actually tried this. How does it compare to the B or C preamp with real phantom power? And does it work well with Zax?
  5. allistair

    MKH 40 or 50?

    I love my 50 for sets locations like this. I know you didn't ask this, but I hear the DPA 4018 is also a good option.
  6. allistair

    G3 system as "Comtek" IEM

    Sounds like there could be an antenna issue if the range is that bad. My experience with the IEM system has been really positive.
  7. allistair

    Loud static on all monitor paths - SD 633

    It's happened to some other people when they updated the firmware to 4.50 but didn't format the cards with the new firmware before using.
  8. allistair


    Just invested in my first set of Zax wireless and the Slim Hi-Sens are working really well with it. I too would like to know more about how people are securing the snorkel though.
  9. allistair

    Mini Papi in the house

    Just want to confirm there's no internal/battery power option right?
  10. allistair

    Rode Blimp 2 Windshield Modification for NT4

    I didn't do it specifically for the NT4, but when I briefly owned the Rode Blimp 2 I was able to just swap the lyres out with replacement Rycote ones pretty easily.
  11. allistair

    Lectro PDR, not Lectro PMR

    I wrote up a quick review of my first day with the PDR. Short story is that it's an awesome device. Long story: http://www.allistairjohnson.com/blog/2016/11/10/lectrosonics-pdr
  12. allistair

    New Lectro Wireless Boom Options

    Like many others, I use the MM1 for boom in conjunction with a Lectro TX. What's great about this option is that it allows me to use any transmitter, let's me use a Sound Devices preamp and limiter that I trust, and has a return input that I plug a G3 into for a private line to my boom op. If there are times where we benefit from boom being completely untethered from the op, I'll plug an HM into the bottom of the pole, but that's an exception for me.
  13. allistair

    choosing mics

    I've used all of the mics you listed other than the Sanken, and I've found the DPA to be the most versatile. I'm less stressed out if I have to move from outdoors to indoors without swapping to my 50, because the DPA is more resistant to reverb nastiness than the others to my ears. I owned and liked the 8060 and the 416, but eventually sold them both and now just have two 4017Bs for shotguns. I'm in Brooklyn if you ever want to try one out.
  14. allistair

    What's your favorite on-camera mic?

    If cost wasn't an issue, I'd go with a MKH8060 with softie. I've used it before on C300s with decent results. Decent reach, smallish size, and a hot output so you don't have to drive the crappy camera preamp too hard.
  15. allistair

    USBPre 2 & Alternative Interfaces

    Just wanted to pipe in with a frugal solution I found works for me. I don't record to my computer enough to warrant a dedicated set of expensive preamps, so I bought a Hosa AES to SPDIF converter box (~$100). So I just go AES out of my 633 and SPDIF into my Mac. It's not especially elegant, but it's a pretty straightforward all digital signal that works great with Pro Tools.