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  1. I just put a SSD in my 2011 Mac Mini a few months ago and it's great. I got a kit from Other World Computing. I did a clean install because I have been using migration assistant or something else for years and years and years and probably had some stuff going back to the classic macOS. I also thought I may have had some stuff on the old computer that was bogging down my new one, but I think it was actually the hard drive starting to fail. You can use Time Machine to restore it, or a lot of people swear by Super Duper. I did everything manually, and had stuff fairly organized into folders. Plus between Time Machine and stuff backed up in the cloud I am pretty protected.
  2. Gotcha. It'll definitely be an upgrade from the Sony L batteries. I think the 744T is power hungry compared to a 633 or a Maxx, but things will also change if you start adding wireless receivers.
  3. What are you running now? An IDX NPL7S is 70Wh, so that's something to compare to.
  4. What would be a useful application for that? I'm sure there's something I'm not thinking about AGinzo: I think it depends on your work. Somebody doing news may often have a wired reporter wearing an IFB, so this is perfect for them. It could be part of a wireless boom setup too. Being slightly larger, and not much more money, it may be worth having one around. I'd definitely consider it when I'm buying more transmitters. It could be a normal transmitter day to day.
  5. *Most* of the stuff I have done with a drone, it's shooting scenics. Often the production, or somebody on the crew, has one that's there and they fly it if there's an opportunity. So, a different situation than a well organized helicopter Day. Sometimes it's a super wide coverage of the scene, like I was on something recently for Nat Geo where they blew up a school bus. There's an obvious advantage to an unmanned drone getting high and wide shots of that.
  6. I have one 49Wh battery. Works for my Maxx, especially if I'm not running a bunch of wireless. I initially got it to power a Camera hop receiver, but when I switched to the RX 200, I just use the internal AA batteries for that. It's also nice to carry "just in case" I need to swap out a battery. These 98Wh batteries will power my nomad rig pretty easily for half a day or more. Ahhh that's interesting. I have heard that the newer versions do not automatically spin up the fan as soon as you put a battery on them. Still, those fans are loud when they start going.
  7. Do they have them finished yet? Trew doesn't have a photo up. Considering how solid the RA NP1 cups are, I'd be curious to see what they have.... if it's something they're designing in house and not just the I.E. one. One thing to be aware of, there are 2-wire and 4-wire versions. If Remote Audio is selling them for their BDS system, they don't need the 4-wires. Check that if you have Audio Root smart distro boxes. Audio Root also sells a 2-wire version that I accidentally bought. The 2 additional wires are needed for the eSmart data on the smart distro boxes. No photo here:
  8. I've had my AudioRoot BG-DU for a while and it's working great in the bag with my Nomad. My Maxx bag has a BatteryBud2, so no display. Im using the Inspired Energy batteries with their chargers. I have a 2 Bay and a 1 bay. I am using the AudioRoot cups. I'd heard they were more secure than the I.E. ones. I didn't know Remote Audio had their own cups for sale yet. I got my setup a while ago, so before RA started distributing them. They seem to be the faster way to get the batteries. it's great people are using these, and I'm very happy to see Remote Audio working with them. They're a leap ahead of NP1s.
  9. I still have some around that were my Dad's. We had a bunch at his machine shop (incorporated around 1940), but they went to auction when i wasn't paying close enough attention. Fascinating tools. They would use them for assembly of parts for textile machines. There was one specific piece that was 2-3 feet long and had a whole bunch of screws running the length of it. they would have to open them up to swap out these needle looking things called transfer points, and that's where they got a lot of use.
  10. I usually don't turn off my Nomad while I work. I might turn off all of the wireless during lunch, but I usually leave the nomad running all day. Easy to do with my AudioRoot multi-switch distro. It's sips power, so why not?
  11. It sounds like the Comtek transmitter plastic body let's certain RF leak through. If a cell phone is next to the transmitter, it can leak noise through too. They're not *really* meant for our uses. Some people have tried to put them in some sort of shielded pouch, but I don't know how well that works.
  12. I'm so glad I got to see him perform live, though I wish it was more than once.
  13. For my more usual doc/reality work, the jeep is perfect. I don't do a lot of cart jobs, and when I do, I am loading into a camera truck for the run of the show. I slightly cut down the height of an R12 Rock n Roller cart so it fits upright in the back while still assembled. That's useful for a bunch of jobs where in want a place to set my bag more than a full cart setup. I have a hard top on mine, but I've still pondered those big metal cargo boxes, like what law enforcement uses. I don't leave anything more than a C-Stand in my car overnight anyway. I don't have a garage. If I did, it would be full of motorcycles and tools anyway. There's many locking versions of these:
  14. 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Living in the NorthEast, 4WD is something I want. I think about a cargo box for the back, but like the flexibility of the space. I can put my cart in it, but it's not a quick process to pull it out and set it up.... at least not with how it's currently built.
  15. Do you use the boots on your lavs? The TA5 is a definite vulnerability. I keep one COS11 with the boot. You can also put a sweat loop in the lav cable, and mount it upside down. That said, there's a reason I keep a MM400C. That's my first choice for really really sweaty / wet situations. I've done one show that involves a lot of water and sweat, but the production company owns some WMs and they give me those for the shoots.