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  1. I like the option of being able to use work surface as a table that you could properly use a chair with.
  2. I found some iffy resources in Kenya a few years back. But i did meet George Andare. He worked as my assistant on a corporate project- he was overqualified to work as my assistant back then. Might be worth checking out.
  3. Ok- if you proceed, beware of the fan connector- mine removed it self from the motherboard with just a nudge... Good luck! My local mac service place had pity on me and took care of it... thankfully...
  4. Don't do it. Unless you have alot of experience. Many things weakly soldered. I found out hard way. I was very careful but still broke stuff.
  5. VER

    Don't give them any referrals to call either. I usually say, i can not recommend anybody "competent" to the job. Mixers own gear. we bring more than what any rate card would detail- extra units not used, backup gear, gear the client has not even thought of, a sizable vehicle to transport, ....... Everything is already discounted. I stay away for arguments that my gear is "Better"- falls on deaf ears.
  6. HI MIchael- just an FYI- Lectro can modify the Venue mainframes with a toggle switch that allows you to turn on or off the phantom power at will. No more jumpers...
  7. Is that a locking mini connection.... i am guessing not...
  8. newer moze gear options offer better fit?
  9. Thanks Solid! Appreciate the honest opinion.
  10. Any more thoughts on this mic? How does it sound in mono mode? Is it comparable to CS-3e?
  11. I have a year 2000 MP-1. Serial number long gone... ( I guess if i open it up? Or maybe insurance records..
  12. how is the RF spray with the F4?
  13. I heartily vote for this to be a reality.
  14. Happy with this supplier
  15. Rachel, i am glad you had a good time. Clearly the mis-conceptions continue-........ the original concept of the event still continues- the idea that it is all commercial and is full of people who buy their way into a preferred experience is a common fallacy. Thanks for sharing your experience.