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  1. Started standing, then modified my PSC cart so that i can only see monitors clearly while sitting. My feet thank me. But i did like being able to see over the cart to see the set.. but i was probably too close to set already-- different problem...
  2. I second purcells "Dialogue editing for motion pictures: A guide to the invisible art. ". Really enlightening. However, strongly suggest the non E-book version. Some of diagrams and screen shots are too hard to see on a tablet....
  3. Also part of update- Very happy about this. Seems like small thing but it is not High-Pass Filter now returns to last used value when toggled on and off rather than always reset to 150Hz.
  4. Stelladats ran insanely hot. So I never had issue with humidity.... i had other things to worry about....
  5. provided a wealth of info about this format and was resource to find sellers that would export units that were not entirely legal in the US. The page is still active today.
  6. Of course Mike- i was just saying that when things are going right or mostly right, sometimes it is good to recognize that fact. And not to be the dept of bad news.. Of course there are times when we have to stand our ground- hate me now, hate me later..... etc..
  7. In one video podcast i heard words of wisdom that stuck with me... Paraphrased ... Say something good about the sound you are recording- IE do not always complain or talk about all the things that are bad... I think it was Mark Weingarten... Matt Prices podcast? it resonated with me...
  8. Great! Thank you for the answer!
  9. I have a beetle. But no longer have 788t. The bts does a lot and Tonmeister is a capable system. It connects quickly and consistently. Creates very clean reports. It does take awhile to get used to but it is a complete control system for 788t. It does not have metering ... I moved away from using it as I went to a 6 series recorder...
  10. I think i got my answer from the F8/F4 group on facebook. It looks like the TC is not readable by widget for MP3 files... Anybody want to send me a test file that i try on widget? Recorded on a F8 or F4..
  11. Of course your right phil,. I forgot that as amazing wave agent is, it does not read MP3s. My transcription service happily uses widget.
  12. Quick question about zoom F series time code... Can time code from these MP3 files created by these recorders be read with wave agent or widget. Thanks.
  13. I like the option of being able to use work surface as a table that you could properly use a chair with.
  14. I found some iffy resources in Kenya a few years back. But i did meet George Andare. He worked as my assistant on a corporate project- he was overqualified to work as my assistant back then. Might be worth checking out.
  15. Ok- if you proceed, beware of the fan connector- mine removed it self from the motherboard with just a nudge... Good luck! My local mac service place had pity on me and took care of it... thankfully...