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  1. Loved it. And Peter did a good job of selecting clips that were so well mixed and recorded and natural - and listening to them without picture was so compelling. More please. Thank you.
  2. johngooch

    Favorite Slate

    Test driving Betso... So far ACs really like it. And i love the ridiculous battery life as well as internal backup battery.. Not using movielslate features or any of the wireless capability.... yet..
  3. johngooch

    Rates, rates, rates

    213 or 818 area code...... my phone goes to voicemail. If it is real job, i’ll,call them back. Most of the time it is a ridiculous rate.
  4. johngooch

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    If you want to tow a trailer of camper.... get a factory hitch. I learned that lesson $$$$.... Metrisforum.com has lots good info as well. j
  5. johngooch

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    The VITO is the euro version- that is probably what constantin has... . It has many features that the Metris does not have in the US. Better seats, mirrors etc... For some reason- the ones that are avail here. I wanted a VW transporter- avail all over the world... not here...:( j
  6. johngooch

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    It is not for everybody... I have had to do alignment early on--no issues since. i just need to watch tire wear. I did align with seats in..
  7. johngooch

    Mercedes Metris OR Chevrolet Express 3/4?

    Love my Metris - it it is not for everybody. I went from VW Eurovan to Metris. I would not have purchased Metris unless I found a deal. Just under 30k. Demo passenger version. Same price as my first Eurovan. Long time ago......but i kept my Eurovan 13 years - I plan the same for Metris cons - service - expensive and complicated and mandatory. . Even wiper blades are OEM only. And I find some things a definitely dealer only ....rear wheel drive - a snow vehicle it is not. Rear seats terribly heavy to move in and out. Pros- I love to drive it. Quiet. Space , comparable to my Eurovan and still adjusts well when I switch between equipment and passenger modes. I get my cart in upright - no problem. With follow cart, ez up etc... Brand perception- con. Lots of comments about making too much money because I drive a Mercedes. if if you want one. Car gurus is the site to search.. lots of them all over the US.
  8. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    It is a great idea..... time for me to find the correct pot...
  9. johngooch

    Betso slate WTCS-1

    Ok---now that there are more these sold... anymore feedback?
  10. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Wow-- that is very exciting James! Looking forward to test driving that new design! In the mean time , still looking for the right waterproof pot....lots of sites out there but finding the right spec is the challenge... and if i poke i a hole in the speaker case i do not like, i can always buy a new pelican--- all the electronics are in the lid. Of course- hoping i can keep it all water tight..... I j
  11. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    all good input thanks.... many different ways to approach the challenge...
  12. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Good idea-- and simple to do!
  13. johngooch

    bluetooth sound box

    Demer box
  14. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Sure -it would be a one off for me. I don’t think it would benefit almost all of the demer customers and in fact it could create some confusion for some. I was hoping to tap in the DYI knowledge of this board and do it myself. It is very simple to wire -I just needed some starting specs on the pot. I will let you know how it works out. j.
  15. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Sorry to be cryptic. I am adding a volume control to Demerbox-- which i am so glad i made the investment! love it. . The aux input is internal - which is brilliant. i put a lectro Ria inside the box and i have a wireless waterproof speaker system which i am using for a god mic on a marine doc i am doing . Lots of boat to boat stuff. I would like to add a external volume control to the Demerbox ( aux input only) so that listeners can control the volumes of the god mic- no cart, god mic not run thru panel of any kind... ... from our hero boat.... I totally 100% get why there is not volume control on the outside of the box-- i know we have all had the annoyance of somebody reaching for a volume control on a PB speaker that is controlled back at the cart... So for 99% of my jobs, i like that option being taken away-- I'll remove the control when the project is finished. Jay Rose--- mono is fine. Only the pot needs water proofing. I'll start with 20k audio taper. thx again, j