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  1. I have a simple bluetooth speaker with a 3.5 mm input but no volume control. I would like to add a pot on the outside of speaker. Needs to be water proof. Anybody have any suggestions for a simple volume control/potentiometer that is also water proof? I do not have good head for this kind of tech... j
  2. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    It is a great idea..... time for me to find the correct pot...
  3. johngooch

    Betso slate WTCS-1

    Ok---now that there are more these sold... anymore feedback?
  4. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Wow-- that is very exciting James! Looking forward to test driving that new design! In the mean time , still looking for the right waterproof pot....lots of sites out there but finding the right spec is the challenge... and if i poke i a hole in the speaker case i do not like, i can always buy a new pelican--- all the electronics are in the lid. Of course- hoping i can keep it all water tight..... I j
  5. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    all good input thanks.... many different ways to approach the challenge...
  6. johngooch

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Good idea-- and simple to do!
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    bluetooth sound box

    Demer box
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    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Sure -it would be a one off for me. I don’t think it would benefit almost all of the demer customers and in fact it could create some confusion for some. I was hoping to tap in the DYI knowledge of this board and do it myself. It is very simple to wire -I just needed some starting specs on the pot. I will let you know how it works out. j.
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    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Sorry to be cryptic. I am adding a volume control to Demerbox-- which i am so glad i made the investment! love it. . The aux input is internal - which is brilliant. i put a lectro Ria inside the box and i have a wireless waterproof speaker system which i am using for a god mic on a marine doc i am doing . Lots of boat to boat stuff. I would like to add a external volume control to the Demerbox ( aux input only) so that listeners can control the volumes of the god mic- no cart, god mic not run thru panel of any kind... ... from our hero boat.... I totally 100% get why there is not volume control on the outside of the box-- i know we have all had the annoyance of somebody reaching for a volume control on a PB speaker that is controlled back at the cart... So for 99% of my jobs, i like that option being taken away-- I'll remove the control when the project is finished. Jay Rose--- mono is fine. Only the pot needs water proofing. I'll start with 20k audio taper. thx again, j
  10. johngooch

    bluetooth sound box

    I Love mine... Been using it on a job with lots of water for a god mic. Put a lectro ifb inside connect to the Aux in port( mini ) and viola- self contained waterproof wireless speaker system... or you can use bluetooth if that works better for you..
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    Adding waterproof pot to system

    Yes the easier way.... just the knob. Good to know about bournes and Arrow.... where would you start for resistance...? I am needing to control the Aux input- not the BT.... And thank you for your response-- suggestions!
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    Ambient ACD 301RF

    I have ACD301rf. Obviously, not one one the current generation of time code products but still very viable for 99% of workflows. I have used ambient slates for close to 20 years.... Love its size for doc work, fits in my bag when i need it to. ;( Not as user friendly as other slates. No backlight and no obvious way to change brightness is are some of their complaints. But once ACs get used to it- most like it. The weak point in design that i have found is battery compartment( weak point in most slates BTW) -- i have had connection repaired several times... sometimes fixed myself, sometimes sent to service dept. I have never had need for RF feature. Newer slates have more bells and whistles and much lower battery consumption.... brighter etc... j
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    Survey: Wireless receivers integration in the Cantar family.

    It was mixer with four rxs and a transmitter for a hop. No recorder - This was awhile ago- 20 years .....?. Wisycom made some sort of portable “quad box” rig as well. My guess is that these were just prototypes or one offs for a specific application.
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    Ty Ford's audiocentric NAB 2018 Report

    Thanks Ty! Most comprehensive review I’ve seen.
  15. Sorry to be so vague.... Looking for local resources... if possible.. Otherwise- my hat would be in the ring... j
  16. Helping out producer friend. He is working on medical documentary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Need good doc person with gear. Also able to handle covering round table discussion. Thanks! Please email me directly- jgoochmixer@mac.com j
  17. Comparing mixers pkg rates and rental house rates are not an even comparison. We bring "packages" meaning all the support gear that goes along with it. And of course the gear they forgot to ask for. We also bring backup gear. So we are already offering discounts. I would not walk out the door with that little amount of gear. No multiday discounts. The only way rental houses make money is that they charge for every single thing that is rented- cables etc....and also charge for every bit of L/D. imagine if we did that? On a large project i will specify what i am bringing for insurance purposes only. Otherwise i bill by the pkg per day.
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    A question on MS recording for film

    PBS here in states tried to follow suit as well. It was not successful... had to record separate M/S tracks. .. so you ended up choosing to create a mono mix that included your wires and the M channel... it got weird pretty quick.
  19. johngooch

    Lectrosonics SR9VBP battery pack

    I hacked ( iwarranty voiding- hard to reverse i am sure) ) mine to run in series and have higher voltage... . More as an experiment- my goal was to use it as short term battery source for SL-6/688 setup and have more than a few seconds between power down on the SL-6 on a battery change. More of an emergency backup that allowed me to get several minutes( with two fresh ipowers) so that a panicked battery change has less panic. If Sl-6 battery change is not done quickly and shuts down- the entire rig needs to rebooted to "resync" the SL-6 so that it passes audio again... Just trying to avoid having to carry two NP-1s....
  20. johngooch

    Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    Check trew or Wilcox for the 157 clip made by Steve Reynolds. They look very much like the clip adapters the Daniel posted here. Works in in conjunction with sennheiser clip. Works well. John.
  21. No Constantin, i have not tried it. I was speculating the value of using slates- using slates are part of the software. So the altiverb designers must have had some practical use for using slates IRs..... i would think that there is little need for bass content.... Few more years... I think if the request came from higher up the food chain than the mixer, it would be integrated pretty quickly. I think it is probably no more awkward to explain than explaining why the VFX person who has to walk thru the set with a mirrored orb on a stick at the end of a scene... They need it- so it gets done..... j
  22. Instead of doing a proper IR... How about getting clear slate claps with no BG. Not as hard for an AD to pull of as after a scene getting crew to settle down for RT. Altiverb has settings to adjust for different sounding slates. Denecke- Ambient etc... Pre slating-- the AD has the control.. After director calls cut... not so much... You would need just one per setup.... just a thought... j
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    Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    One thing i did notice is that the app did not freeze or loose the code after a tentacle was turned off. But the numbers and the data indicators did grey out but still kept counting.... Chris Kellett, it is a no brainer for VR jobs..... The app only has dark numbers against white bg. The added data that indicates if the Tentacle has a positive mini cable connection adds one more level of confidence in set and forget-- VR type jobs.
  24. johngooch

    Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    Timebar is a good idea. But i will use it for the last minute request from script for a TC reader. An added plus to the tentacle Es...
  25. Looking at doing car scene - self drive. Mix of dialogue and playback.. RF Phonaks an option- but here is a thought... possible use an induction loop? I am guessing that the EMF and stray RF would kill it. But it has me thinking.. has anybody done this? My thought is that it could work but it would be total crap shoot... j