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  1. Sorry to be so vague.... Looking for local resources... if possible.. Otherwise- my hat would be in the ring... j
  2. Helping out producer friend. He is working on medical documentary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Need good doc person with gear. Also able to handle covering round table discussion. Thanks! Please email me directly- jgoochmixer@mac.com j
  3. Comparing mixers pkg rates and rental house rates are not an even comparison. We bring "packages" meaning all the support gear that goes along with it. And of course the gear they forgot to ask for. We also bring backup gear. So we are already offering discounts. I would not walk out the door with that little amount of gear. No multiday discounts. The only way rental houses make money is that they charge for every single thing that is rented- cables etc....and also charge for every bit of L/D. imagine if we did that? On a large project i will specify what i am bringing for insurance purposes only. Otherwise i bill by the pkg per day.
  4. A question on MS recording for film

    PBS here in states tried to follow suit as well. It was not successful... had to record separate M/S tracks. .. so you ended up choosing to create a mono mix that included your wires and the M channel... it got weird pretty quick.
  5. Lectrosonics SR9VBP battery pack

    I hacked ( iwarranty voiding- hard to reverse i am sure) ) mine to run in series and have higher voltage... . More as an experiment- my goal was to use it as short term battery source for SL-6/688 setup and have more than a few seconds between power down on the SL-6 on a battery change. More of an emergency backup that allowed me to get several minutes( with two fresh ipowers) so that a panicked battery change has less panic. If Sl-6 battery change is not done quickly and shuts down- the entire rig needs to rebooted to "resync" the SL-6 so that it passes audio again... Just trying to avoid having to carry two NP-1s....
  6. Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    Check trew or Wilcox for the 157 clip made by Steve Reynolds. They look very much like the clip adapters the Daniel posted here. Works in in conjunction with sennheiser clip. Works well. John.
  7. No Constantin, i have not tried it. I was speculating the value of using slates- using slates are part of the software. So the altiverb designers must have had some practical use for using slates IRs..... i would think that there is little need for bass content.... Few more years... I think if the request came from higher up the food chain than the mixer, it would be integrated pretty quickly. I think it is probably no more awkward to explain than explaining why the VFX person who has to walk thru the set with a mirrored orb on a stick at the end of a scene... They need it- so it gets done..... j
  8. Instead of doing a proper IR... How about getting clear slate claps with no BG. Not as hard for an AD to pull of as after a scene getting crew to settle down for RT. Altiverb has settings to adjust for different sounding slates. Denecke- Ambient etc... Pre slating-- the AD has the control.. After director calls cut... not so much... You would need just one per setup.... just a thought... j
  9. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    One thing i did notice is that the app did not freeze or loose the code after a tentacle was turned off. But the numbers and the data indicators did grey out but still kept counting.... Chris Kellett, it is a no brainer for VR jobs..... The app only has dark numbers against white bg. The added data that indicates if the Tentacle has a positive mini cable connection adds one more level of confidence in set and forget-- VR type jobs.
  10. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    Timebar is a good idea. But i will use it for the last minute request from script for a TC reader. An added plus to the tentacle Es...
  11. Looking at doing car scene - self drive. Mix of dialogue and playback.. RF Phonaks an option- but here is a thought... possible use an induction loop? I am guessing that the EMF and stray RF would kill it. But it has me thinking.. has anybody done this? My thought is that it could work but it would be total crap shoot... j
  12. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Thanks guys - All good info. We have more creative mtgs to decide further how to handle this. Good to know a loop can work. Would be a cost savings. But still would rather use open speaker.
  13. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Yeah...... it is going to be fun. I think it should treated as live performance - one take.. Doing pickups and additional coverage will be a nightmare. Shooting with 5 cameras so that should be possible.
  14. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    There is spoken dialogue interspersed and and several different cuts of music that they control the cuing of. It is as if they are fighting over what is on the radio..... Still would rather not use earwigs.. I fear the fidelity not being sufficient for singing along...
  15. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    -Few more years: non professional talent.... singing to music.... i think earwig may overwhelm them..
  16. New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Good to know Glenn! Hope you are well.
  17. New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Thanks Tony, I will look into getting Into possibility of getting an audioroot battery/charger.. I would not want to sacrifice metering.
  18. New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    I was looking at the PSC or Remote Audio pelican LIFE batteries with chargers built in. Separate ports for charging and DC output. I would suspect the battery metering on the k-art oils not be accurate while charging. But I think that would be ok.
  19. New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    I am guessing this would not work.... And probably a terrible idea........... But thought i would toss it out there.. What if i were to connect one of the newer pelican life batteries with built in chargers... Are they smart enough to leave plugged in and still output DC when needed? Pitfalls--- interference from charger... burning out LIFE batts from over charging... Then like your setup Tony- I would have separate AC power supply as my main source of power...
  20. New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Thank you Tony for your quick and detailed response. From reading literature, i did not realize that there was no charging capability. But that makes sense considering weight-price-size.... I really like design, the ability to turn off individual outputs, and the metering.. I prefer using a system that performs like an UPS- constantly keeping battery charged... So not sure how this system could be adapted to supply that need....
  21. New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Reviving this thread ...::: my cart dc system died today. Any further reviews of the audioroot e-smart k-art? Looks impressive . How about access to service?
  22. Sonosax SX-M32

    I had one for awhile. I found the functionality of 633 blew it out of the water. It sounds great but it comes at a price, power. Very power hungry and purchased a audio GLE-12W DC-DC converter to deal with ground loops.... I wanted to pair it with my SX-R4 but it just did not complement the recorder well. Too clunky and too many cables compared to an all in one solution- 633 etc...
  23. I am constantly switching back and forth( trying to save back trauma ) between my 633 and 688/SL-6 setup. This requires me to continually remove/install the bottom plates of my SRs. I remember seeing awhile back some pictures of some really nice bags equipped with SRs with Uni plates installed with DB-25 connectors. I would like to have made up some breakout cables for my SRs with their uni/superslot plates so that i do not have to change plates so often. Anybody here do that? Also thinking of having joeco multipin I/O cables made up as well... thanks! j
  24. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    I had a Stelladat.. Never left me in a real crisis but it did inspire confidence either.. They had a sort of confidence monitoring that gave you a heads up when things were going south. I was way more cavalier then.. great preamps/ converters. Had a lot of NP-1s and ran two at a time. Bill Drucklieb worked on them and other machines. Not sure what happened since the demise of DAT.
  25. Cart building day!!!

    not 8020...? Also i like the low profile antenna masts and attachment points to the cart. What hardware are you using to grab the antenna masts...? thank you for sharing- very slick cart. j