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  1. Phil D

    In the market... lectro SMQV vs WM

    Definitely the barrel adapter. Much more solid and less likely to break.
  2. Phil D

    Lectrosonics SSM Info

    Thanks Larry, that is the reassurance I was hoping for. All my batteries come from you guys. It is good to know that they have built in protection, as I had a horrible thought that I might be overcharging them. It is a few days since they had been charged on the Lectro supplied unit.The beauty of the new one I got is that it doesn't require an adapter for our power sockets, and also comes with a 12V car adapter. It is good to know that I should be safe to continue using it.
  3. Phil D

    Lectrosonics SSM Info

    I have picked up an extra charger off the net. On first use, I notice it topped up a battery that was indicating fully charged on your supplied charger. Do you think it is safe to use the unbranded charger, or is there a danger of damaging the Fuji batteries?
  4. Thanks for that. I have seen the various references on your website, but was hoping for some input from some Location Sound operators from Film and Television. They seem to have a good following in the Theatre, and Stage sectors, and I am sure there is a place for them in our field of work too. I will definitely be trying them out when I need to purchase some more Lavaliers, and will post my findings when I do.
  5. Maximum SPL 148dB and currently US$285 .Available with any connector imaginable. I still would dearly love to hear from someone who has used them to find out how they sound in the field.
  6. I found these mics when I was looking for options for waterproof Lavaliers. According to their website, they have a lot of use in theatres and handle moisture, makeup, and high SPL. They are also priced competitively, and the capsule is 4mm diameter, same as COS11, meaning that accessories could be shared. Has anyone had any hands on experience with these? On paper they look like a great option .http://www.point-sourceaudio.com/
  7. Phil D


    Fixed around 1 month ago. As long as your Windows 10 is up to date, you will have no issues.
  8. Phil D

    Audio Root distro boxes

    I have bought from Professional Sound, and also direct from Audioroot via email. Very easy to deal with directly.
  9. Phil D

    Windows 10

    I have successfully run some transfers, and playback on both of my Windows 10 machines, which have automatically updated their software.However over on Sound Devices Facebook page, Paul Isaacs recommends waiting while they run further tests on various devices, before they give an all clear...
  10. Phil D

    Windows 10

    https://github.com/Psychlist1972/Fix-SoundDevices-File-Corruption The patch for this problem has just been released...
  11. Phil D

    Soundbag Dashboards

    I have just received my 664C model. All fitted and operational in well under an hour...half of that cleaning up the 411's removing velcro, dots, and dust. Bag now looks really smart, but I have had to buy 1 more receiver to fill out all the spaces! (already have a spare transmitter). Very happy with a beautifully made product! Well done Simon!
  12. Phil D

    Windows 10

    Yes, it does appear, from reports from others, that a clean install of Windows 10 alleviates the problem. However until this is confirmed to be the case, I have reverted my laptop to Windows 8, and will use that machine for transfers and backups. I have just sent all the relevant details of the hardware and upgrade path I used to microsoft to help confirm a solution. Refer to post that follows from Rick. the address to send info to is pete.brown@microsoft.com he would like to know computer model, type of upgrade done, card reader details, card details.
  13. Phil D

    Replacing the earpads on Remote Audio HN7506

    I used the handle of a teaspoon, and lots and lots of patience...took a while!
  14. Phil D

    Windows 10

    Warning....do not attempt to transfer or back up your .wav files using Windows 10. There is something in the OS that blocks access, and alters the files even on the source card. The original files become unplayable even in the machine it was recorded in. There is an active thread on the Freelance Sound facebook group page, and I will post a link to a thread on microsoft forum. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/transferring-wav-audio-files/50bbf42f-84a7-44b9-ab57-8784b5606d09
  15. Phil D

    Padded Mic Storage Roll

    I would be definitely keen on one if it were a bit cheaper. I will keep an eye on this thread, and see if it's possible to get the price down for a run of them!