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  1. Tony Johnson


    I have demo'd one on a movie for a couple of problem scenes in an alleyway with extractors that could not be turned off. It worked extremely well and provided either an alternative mix track or alternative boom track as it is a 2 channel device. I am now going to use it on a movie. A movie can go through many months of editorial and screenings before Sound Post gets to work on it so it gives Editorial an option to use the DNS mix track in the edit to see a scene play better and allow temp music and the like to work better. The politics are interesting as Constantin alluded to and i will not be advertising that i have the DNS to the crew or showing how it gets rid of ballast fan noise etc. It also provides me with the ability to hear if wind machines etc are at an acceptable level. I think it is a very useful tool to have as long as you run your other tracks without processing for Sound Post. I am getting a rental on it too as that was important to me to not offer it for free. Tony
  2. Tony Johnson

    Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Ironfilm, I run a Fusion and Nomad and have no problem with jamming Arri or Red using an ERX or TigQ28. I did notice today that Jamming the Red from the Tig required more voltage but it worked. Tony
  3. Tony Johnson

    Phonak Roger real world experience

    Hi Patrick, I have a system, its the Roger Pen which is the 2.4ghz system but not the new system they bought out with the base station. As far as i know they are compatible at least my ear pieces should work with the new base station. The Roger pen transmitter is useful for its size and for range outside i run it on a cable to get as close to the actor as possible. Inside with reflective surfaces i find the range very good. I run it with zaxnet and it is not affected on the 2.4ghz band even placing the pen close to my ifb100. I think the transmission in the roger pen is excellent in not being affected by other things on the same band. The actors really like the clarity compared to an induction system, i personally think they are not as loud as they could be but i have not had any complaints from actors about this. I would be interested to know if the base station provides a bit more gain. Regards Tony
  4. Tony Johnson


    Hi Martin, I dont dislike your idea but i have tried that it i don't believe it gives a real world test. Often the difficulties arrive when the crew are all set up, lots of RF and people and equipment in the way. Example being when the Techno crane comes between me and the xmitter i often get a reduction in range and dropouts. Glenn has answered it and i guess the initial test with Jack thru Manhattan were done on ZHD48 which i think would have huge gains but its not for me. My decision is what part of the spectrum to go for and weighing up whether ZHD96 and the tighter bandwidth will allow me to dodge local TV channels. Thanks Tony
  5. Tony Johnson


    Hi All, I have trolled the site to find reviews of ZHD96 but not sure if anyone has posted on this before. I have seen Jack Norflus review of ZHD but not sure if its 48 or 96. My question is. Does ZHD96 make a huge difference to range. I believe that ZHD48 does but i do not want to go down that route, latency, dedicated receivers etc. But i could be into zhd96 but would like to know of any real world experiences over the regular US mono or XR. Cheers Tony Ha funny thats meant to read Trawled the site not Trolled the site, thats something quite different
  6. Tony Johnson

    New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Ok sure but do they have the e-smart technology which is central to the k-art metering and battery monitoring features? I am sure that Antoine would make their li-ion battery in a bigger pelican with charger if you asked. they are a fantastic company always wanting to make things better and lots of custom options for your needs. Tony
  7. Tony Johnson

    New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Yes John that is right, i just trawled through my old emails with Antoine and yes he says the large 576wh batt in a pelican case can be charged simultaneously while used with the k-art. The charger is still seperate? maybe there is a new one out with built in charger? I think this is a good cart option and that is my end goal to complete the system. The reason i went for the 98wh setup was because i could air freight them, it resolved my problem of working overseas. But the 576wh would be best for home based work, also way less cable and bulk and the metering will be accurate. Tony
  8. Tony Johnson

    New Power Distribution System from AudioRoot

    Hi John I have been running the k-art now for a few months and really like it. I bought it primarily as i needed a powering system without the internal lithium batteries so i could airfreight the rig. So obviously there is no charge facility in the k-art and i used it with the e-smart 98wh batts. Antoine made me a W type cable/cup lead where i could have 2 x esmart batts plus a 4 pin xlr to the external power supply all connected. The system works where the k-art will choose the higher voltage of the PSU if its over 15volts or higher than the battery. I wanted this so it would choose the PSU first so not to drain the batteries until i was not connected to AC. There are 2 x inputs so i had a Y cup/cable on the other input with 2 more smart batts. This setup means the metering is not accurate being that you have to roughly double the values such as time avail as it reads only 1 x battery. Of course if you used their larger single esmart batts then it runs as per normal. I really love the ability to switch off individual outputs when not in use and it has a nice dim feature where you hold the power button down and it dims the led switches. It is small and lite and beautifully made. I find the usb charge a little slow on iPads etc but it has a combination of XLR and hirose which i like and i had 1 output regulated to 12volts as well. Cannot fault it but of course it has no batteries or charger. Just a tip, i had Antoine make me a 16v PSU as i found with the 15V PSU it came with it meant the batteries drained first down to 15v before the PSU would kick in so the 16V PSU stops this happening. Hope this helps. Tony
  9. Tony Johnson

    Deva 24 seminar

    Really Glen!!! does this happen? I for one, and speaking here from a Sound Mixer POV and not a reseller POV, like the roll out and the updates that give a taste of what the machine will be like. We have been in a world of constant evolution for a while now with the tools we use so i think we all expect the process to be like this with the Deva 24. Certainly for Zax users the idea of waiting a few extra weeks is unlikely to result in a change to a Cantar or Sound Devices. From memory I thought that what was gleaned out of the Deva 32 launch was that the feedback was that mixers wanted a standalone recorder hence the delay and rethink, better i guess than releasing something that people don't want. I look forward to reading more on the machines progress, seeing a video of it with a GUI and seeing how it can work in my setup. Exciting times. Tony
  10. Tony Johnson

    Deva 24 seminar

    Hi Jack Does it interface well with a GUI? as in, better than the Nomad?? can it work with an iPad IOS?? Is the touch screen smaller than the Fusion? is it easy to use with fingers? and read easily. Thanks Tony
  11. Tony Johnson

    Deva 24 seminar

    Thats all good Glenn. Is there a video demonstration out or about to be available for those of us that live outside of Atlanta or IBC?? Thanks Tony
  12. Tony Johnson

    Deva 24 seminar

    I was wondering if there is any feedback from the Deva 24 seminar held on Sunday in Atlanta. Anyone attend? or is there a video from the event. Thanks Tony
  13. Tony Johnson

    small zaxcom bag/cart

    Do you have any idea how power hungry? do you run off battery? can it run off a dc source higher than 12v without getting too hot? Thanks Tony
  14. Thats interesting Trombles and something to look out for. My research down under says, AirNZ allow unlimited Li batts under 100WH as cabin baggage as do Singapore Air but Malaysia Air only allow two. All these airlines ban any Li in cargo, I agree re having a back up at the destination like a lead acid battery or the like. It makes sense to have them in the cabin so there is a chance if there is a fire, not so in the hold. Tony
  15. Tony Johnson

    Audioroot Single Charger Failure

    I can't help with the specific problem but i deal with Antoine from Audioroot often and his after sales service is first rate plus he responds to emails instantly. Do you have his email? i could PM you if you like. Tony