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    i'm a Sound recorder for picture , i work on set and as Post sound for picture (mixing and mastering)
    Holder of M.F.A in Cinematic Arts

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  1. E-mail has been sent .
  2. will you wont get busy most of the month but probably enough amount of days depending on where you are based. but Dubai is doing well from what i know
  3. hahahahahaha Ya it looks like I got a Typo Fixed
  4. Greetings I'm a sound recorder from the Middle east, Based in Jordan but Would travel for work , have past experience in working with traveling shows , and working in India Turkey UAE Qatar and Jordan. I usually work on foreign languages shoots that comes to shoot in the region, and Documentaries that shoots in Syrian refuge camps in Jordan. I own my Kit, and i have good communication skills in English and arabic, sometimes doubles as a translator as well for small crew shoots to help them around with the locals. so if you are looking for someone in the region or know someone who dose Please pass the info more information about me and my services can be found on my website www.nourhalawani.com thanks all ! cheers !
  5. UH400a not working. Common issue?

    Hi did anyone confirm wither the "polarity reverse barrels" solution works ? Thanks !
  6. thanks Edward please check my new website www.nourhalawani.com it have my Equipment list as well, that site is very outdated and i can link you to a couple more Arabic speaking sound recorders
  7. Tentacle Sync tiny TCbox review

    Cant wait for this to start shipping !
  8. Lectrosonics L-series

    It looks like a DSLR oriented product, i like what they did, but i like my LCD to be on top as it always been for a bag friendly setup
  9. Canon c300 audio cross phasing ?

    Both sucks in my experience, but i always go with line with BMCC
  10. Quick Release Boom Systems

    Been using Orca for a while now , love it but it takes time to get used to it ...
  11. Wireless Power Distro

    I use this battery , i cut the dc out and replace it with d-tap It have a regulated 12v out , with a d-tap splitter it can keep 4 lectro 400 series running for 8 hours. Plus its very cheap and fast to charge! Aibocn BP-U60 BPU60 Rechargeable Replacement Battery for Sony PMW-EX1 PMW-EX3(14.4V 6600mAh) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DI2DZU4/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_NquLub1BESYSP