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  1. I'm not sure if anyone is aware but there is a NAB show exlusive offer where you can get get two of the new UltraSync ONE units and a Wave for just £699+VAT/ $915 / €829. Here is the link to get the offer if anyone is interested: Considering that here in the UK the Wave alone is around £600+VAT this offer is amazing.
  2. There is another announcment coming very soon I believe in regards to Tentacle.........
  3. Audio Ltd are due to release the RMS 1010 Digital Dual Channel receiver in the Summerl and may be showing it off at NAB this year. May be worth checking out if your are not in a hurry to buy now?
  4. As Jordan Sy has mentioned. The Smyles Comm-Biner is a really useful tool!
  5. Hi VM, Somthing like this? There is this option too,
  6. Hi Matt, We have a few sets here at Wendys if you want to come by and check them out. Record function is included. Thanks, Nathan.
  7. Hi Rado, We believe so but we can't say when this would be expected to be available.
  8. Hi everyone, If anyone is in the north west area of the UK, we have just received delivery of the new Audio Ltd 1010 digital systems. You are more than welcome to drop by the office to have a look. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Nathan.
  9. I will just leave this link here:
  10. Hi Christopher, Here is a link to a full list of resellers:
  11. K-tek do something called a KGB case that may be of interest:
  12. Where are you based?
  13. Hi Simon, Check out this video, it may offer some answers.
  14. We just received stock of them here in the UK. Has anyone tried them yet?
  15. The UK list price is around £1459+VAT. Our supplier mentions that the previous versions are used on Formula 1 so I would imagine these would be for similar use/situation as Constantin points out. If you have a use for it and want it then why not.