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  1. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Working 788t Slate Mic Mod! YES!

    cool ideas mark ... i wanna too.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Boom Operator Monitoring - What do you use?

    Hello...danieldh, thank you for your information about the stuff, and yess iam do in private track with my boom op...i would check the store/local ditributor to make sure the newest pricelist... Thank you...
  3. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Welcome to our 10,000th member!

    10.000, congratulation mr. Wexler......
  4. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Boom Operator Monitoring - What do you use?

    In deffernt disccusion on this web, iam read some list a stuff for wireless two ways talkback boom op monitoring with boom wireless setup. And the question is, if me and my boom op use headphone mic, what the gear i need to buy ??, if my boom op use the mm1, the monitoring headphone mic are need phantom power or not from both stuff on the belt boom op?? Iam use 788t with cooper 208 board mixer, and iam use smqv tx with 411 rx, G3 tx and rx for my back up, comtek for director monitoring and send audio to video assist. I never use headphone mic for me and for my boom op to get monitoring two ways talkback and wireless stup boom. Let me know, how to create from my both stuff. Thanks PETMIX
  5. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Boom Operator Monitoring - What do you use?

    Sorry for the delay, yess i was things if i can talk with my boom op on set from my cart, as if any trouble come when rehearsel. And in my country there is not have sound equiptment rental and dealer for get some information about the stuff. Thanks.
  6. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Boom Operator Monitoring - What do you use?

    I wanna ask something in this forum.i wanna build two ways comunication system of boom wireless. What do i need to prepare to build this system.so boom operator could listen when the sound mixer talk and could listen the track from his main boom from mixer...thank you
  7. indrasetno vyatrantra

    Cooper 208 Cake from CAS Awards

    Great looking.....
  8. indrasetno vyatrantra

    MKH 50, Shockmount and Windscreen

    Hi.... The best stuff rycote baby ball gag i think.
  9. indrasetno vyatrantra

    DIY battery eliminator for sennheiser G3/2

    Nice idea sir vidman....