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  1. Hi all I hope this does not go against the forum rules - searched long and hard, but could not find them. Feel free to delete if it violates any. We are a passionate group of Danish and American sound designers, who were tired of all the tedious and repetitive tasks we all do every day in Pro Tools. Tired of the missing shortcuts and the cumbersome workflows. So we decided to make SoundFlow - a collection of utilities to help our Post Production Sound Workflows. Our first app is SoundFlow Shortcuts. We currently have shortcuts for: - Preview, Write Automation, etc. - iZotope integration - Audio Suite search - Open/close inserts & sends - Pan Linking, Reset Pan - Automation, Clip gain editing - Common menu items - Vertical zooming We have plans for: - Create your own automated Pro Tools tasks - Automatic cloud sync of your personal shortcuts - Shortcuts on iPad app - MIDI control of shortcuts And much more. But we need your help to test this! And to hear if you like it. If you want to be part of our beta group, go to soundflow.org/shortcuts/beta now. We only have about 20 beta licenses left.