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  1. Hi Pat, p/n 28832 is a stainless steel socket head setscrew, #6-32 thread x 1/8" long. Feel free to contact our service department (800) 821-1121 and we'll throw a couple in an envelope for you. Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  2. Nice photographs ~ yep, that looks good to me as well. I'm glad you were able to rule out the "easy" fix first. Regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  3. This was an occasional problem with our carbon-based assembly machines (i.e. human beings). If you feel at all comfortable with a screwdriver, you can check for this yourself. Make sure your receiver is unhooked from its power source and remove the two screws at the top end near the control panel. Gently slide back the case; you can see the red antenna wires protruding from the control panel between the two circuit boards. You should be able to see a solder connection at both forks just behind the control panel rear surface; if there's no solder there and you feel comfortable doing it, very carefully solder the antenna wires. If that's not it, Raycom or Audio Related can help you out. If that IS it, my apologies. Regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  4. The screws that hold the adjustable element to the fixed element are #4-40 x 3/16" 100 degree flat head screws (our p/n 28528) - you should be able to get them at your local hardware store in short order. If you can afford the mail delay, contact Customer Service and we'll be glad to send you some replacements. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  5. Hi millar, Alas, a trip to the mothership is definitely in order. Contact Joe in Repair at Lectrosonics Canada and we can get you fixed up. Regards, Wes Herron (once engineer, now [mostly] human) Lectrosonics, Inc.
  6. Todd, thanks for the update! Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  7. Hi axel, Indeed there is. Press & hold the DOWN arrow button when powering the unit on. The screen should display "rc on". Press the AUDIO button once and change the "PbAc 0" setting to 1 using the UP arrow. This will enable the remember-power-status feature when inserting new batteries. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  8. Hi Jack, Our part number is MCATA5MLEMO; follow this link to our website for the technical data sheet. Retail at the usual suspects is around (ouch) $200 -- sorry, that's an expensive little assembly to make. As usual, we make the wiring diagram available in the technical data sheet for those that are good with soldering irons and enjoy the frustration that comes with soldering tiny connectors. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  9. We have a 12-bay 1RU SSM battery charger in production now; once all of the cats are herded (approvals, etc) we will formally announce availability. Edit: The 12-up charger is rack mount, as Larry clarifies below. The model number is CHS12LB50. Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  10. The issue was traced to a charged capacitor triggering the microcontroller into waking for just long enough to realize it should be off -- hence the flash on the LCD about every twelve seconds or so. The flash happens more reliably with brand-new batteries; once the batteries dropped to around 1.5V after several hours the issue seemed to go away. As the drain is so slow, this does not have an appreciable effect on the battery life of the WM (we have changed the circuit to prevent this on future builds). Thanks again for bringing this to our attention! Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  11. Thanks for posting this issue. We have units that show this same behavior and will begin investigating immediately. Best regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  12. Hi Robert, I'm glad to say, YES -- compliance testing is also in process for the European version. CE certification seems to take a bit longer than FCC (American) certification but is proceeding nicely. Best, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  13. Hi Robert and Matt, Unfortunately, only one frequency is a match -- 209.800 MHz maps to CC on the hex switches in our current operating parameters. However, your question has sparked some discussions around the plant. I have a question for you and/or Matt: Is the 15-channel list above exhaustive regarding the UK-available frequencies, or are there others? Best regards, Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  14. As we like to say around here: "He may know a thing or two about a thing or two." Wes Herron Lectrosonics, Inc.
  15. Hi Ben, As time wore on, we found a way to improve battery life on the SM series by replacing the door thumbscrew & washer (see post by Larry Fisher in this forum, <http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/24744-improved-sm-single-and-dual-battery-thumbscrew-kit/#comment-291166> -- far more informative than my brief post here). The same fix would apply to the SM battery eliminators, if a weak connection is the sole issue. Contact service.repair@lectrosonics.com for an SM2DOORKIT and we will be glad to send you one free of charge. (The thumbscrew in the SM door kits are pre-dabbed with the silver conductive grease, so we should be able to rule out two potential failure modes by replacing your thumbscrew.) Best, Wes Herron, Manufacturing Lectrosonics, Inc