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  1. Hey guys. I've had my MKH50 for a few years (since 2013). It's been used primarily booming above stationary subjects for interiors. VERY rarely have I used it outdoors. I've taken VERY good care of it. But it just stopped working for some odd reason. Wasn't the cable, as I tried the same cable with my 416 and it works without a problem. Sent it back to Sennheiser USA over 15 days ago and there's been no update from them. Last week, I sent an email inquiry and they said that it hasn't been processed yet. Strange....BUT....I was just curious to know if this is typical of your own experience, sending in your gear for repair or replacement. Thanks. Paul
  2. Nope. Never abused. Fingers crossed!
  3. jwill....VERY helpful. THANKS everyone!!!
  4. So my 50 was entered into the system yesterday: "The technician will send you an estimate via email when he's reviewed the repair." What's your experience with this, as far as cost for out-of-warranty repairs go? I just want to get a general sense of how much you guys have paid in the past. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Jonathan.
  6. Oh I didn't know that. Well, in the meantime I'm using my 416 in a fairly dead room, so I'll be fine until the 50 comes back. Now I know to not expect a speedy transaction. Thanks!
  7. Yes, it's strange that it would just stop working. VERY unexpected. GREAT to know. Thanks, Jon.
  8. I use my 50 for both interiors and exteriors (with a BBG + INV7). (Someone here mentioned that the BBG actually reduced room tone a bit and so I did my own tests and I actually found that to be the case! Since then, the BBG lives on it all the time.)
  9. Oh absolutely! That's definitely on my list. But in the interim, for run & gun on camera, I find the MKE 600 is not bad at all.
  10. Here's an exterior test I shot with the MKE 600 on camera. MKE600 + MZH600 furry
  11. Here's a sample of the 50 in low to moderate wind with the BBG + Furry. This clip is from the raw footage, with no post-processing. MKH50_BBG_Furry.mp4
  12. Hello guys & girls I thought you might like to see this outdoor test we did with some microphones, a few of which are not generally considered to be used outdoors at all. The results here may surprise you. Despite YouTube's compression, I was still surprised that to hear that the Sound Devices mixer did not totally blow away the Beachtek going straight to camera. I thought the difference would be night and day. It wasn't, to my ears. Just my opinion, obviously. Check it out. - Paul - Your thoughts?
  13. Well...I did just that, recently. (I typically use the 50+BBG with no furry in an INV-6 on a boom pole for indoor interviews, auditions etc. But for use in an outdoor + boom op scenario, the INV-6 was way too flimsy and the bald BBG couldn't quite handle more than no to low wind.) The INV-7HGMKiii was rock solid and Rycote's Windjammer on the BBG handled the wind just beautifully. So far, this seems like an excellent alternative to the WS2 if budget is an issue.
  14. Yup. Already done. Thanks, man.
  15. I just used the BBG with a furry Windjammer on my 50 (Low cut ON) in an INV-7 HG MKiii shock mount and I had zero issues with wind and handling noise. Very clean. I'm extremely happy with this set-up.
  16. Well, I just used my 50 outdoors this past weekend, shooting NYC street testimonials for a friend's project. I used the BBG on it with no furry. (The writer/director didn't want to spend the extra money on the windjammer, so...we hoped for no to low wind.) I am just thrilled about how great this mic sounds outdoors as well.
  17. (I use the Invision 6 as well) Re: "Without the fur there is wind noise in very gentle winds" Hhhmmm. That's disappointing. Haven't tried it yet, but I just ordered it online. It was cheaper than B&H, so I could sell it if needed. With 'very gentle' to moderate wind, would you say that there's more or less wind noise than the original Softie?
  18. Cameron, what don't you like about the BBG? Just curious. Thanks.
  19. Great. Thanks, Chris. Other than the water soaking, it does sound like Rycote made some improvements in this newer design. Very helpful to watch this. Cheers, Paul
  20. Thanks, guys. All your input is really helpful to me. Rich and RPSharman, you saved me from making a purchase I really didn't have to make. Along with my video test, your experience using the 50 outdoors has given me some peace of mind and confidence in using mine outside as well. With a limited budget right now, I'll use the 50 + Rycote BBG + INV-6 (which I already own). *Some folks are dead against using the INV-6 and recommend the INV-7 instead. But I tested both and the stiffer lyres on the 7 created more handling noise. But if anyone has tried this set-up and disliked it, do let me know. Cheers, - Paul - Thanks also for the WS2 recommendation. It's on my list now.
  21. Hhhmmm, great to know, Rich. Re: the zeppelin you use...I was considering using a BBG on it for light to moderate wind. Is that what you're referring to? When recording dialogue with the 50 outdoors, did you need to bump up the gain a bit? Or was it a non-issue and the reach was just fine?
  22. Hiya kid. I knew I'd catch you here at some point. The 50 is the only mic I own at the moment. Love it. Have never used it outdoors, but in a situation when the subject is stationary and the mic can be around a foot away consistently, I really wouldn't hesitate to use it. Have you EVER used it outdoors?
  23. Re : "Pull the mics away 3 ft..... then do the test again...Real world is not always 12 inches." Good point. We should've thought of that.