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  1. Here's hoping! A great day for TC generators...
  2. The issue is not so much that you'll need the right connectors as you need the right voltage. USB is 5VDC, where the outputs of your BDS are (likely) 11-16VDC depending on the charge of your batteries.
  3. FYI with the DPA gooseneck accessories, the 4080s can be rigged up to be nearly like a 4098 (you have to mount the goooseneck separate from the microdot into the transmitter, however.) I too wish for a flatter response model, but alas. The cutoff does help greatly when using them as intended as cardioid lavs attached to talent.
  4. You can save some money if the Lectro adapter is cheaper, since the HMa can be set to 5v power. I can confirm from my own experience that the HMa set to 48v plays just fine with the Eumel however.
  5. Works on my 411A! No score indicator however, so the game just kinda goes on forever.
  6. I hope they add some way to USB firmware updates on an SRc, maybe a special back plate?
  7. The 10.1 update seems to have fixed it! Upon first launch, it gives me the whole "this app hasn't been updated" 32-bit warning, but after that functions ok? At least that's my experience on my AT&T 6 Plus...
  8. Nope, it will only read an external signal.
  9. Curious about this myself, so I tracked it down. Mad props to Arri for having pages of connector pinouts at the end of their manuals - p.174 in this case.
  10. It doesn't do all the same things, but the Ambient app is ok and will also read TC over the headphone jack, which is the main thing I used the Denecke TC Toolbox for.
  11. I've got the model for handheld mics. My light testing shows it's pretty great, hopefully I'll get a chance to really put it through its paces this hurricane season! It is quite large however.
  12. This is awesome! Been curious about similar add-ons for my own harness. Aside from the Rolli-Polli, could you share with us the other specific models you found useful? I've spent some time on Maxpedition's website and the number of products and options is kind of overwhelming. Did you have to buy their strap things to connect the pouches to the Molle, or did you use another method?
  13. FYI the Tentacle Sync Studio software (Mac OS only) will happily sync files with audio timecode as well as ones with "proper" file TC. I use it this way frequently, sometimes re-exporting synced media or more usually creating XMLs for Premiere.
  14. Gotcha, thanks for clarifying Jose! Where is Rave located, do they have a website or other way one could go about getting in contact? Will keep this in mind for future gigs!
  15. Looks awesome! I've often wondered about the logistics of many of these beach- and tropical-themed reality shows with a bunch of shirtless dudes running around... That said, if the cast member in question is entirely shirtless (as opposed to open-shirted) how do you conceal the cable? You have it just running down there backs to a waist- or thigh-mounted TX, no? Is that ever an issue, or do you only see these folks from the front? Thanks for sharing! Love it.