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    Golf, tennis, Surf, completely obsessed with audio gear. Vintage mics, guitars, percussion.
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    10 years post production mixing for documentaries and tv ads.
    12 years Music composer.
    8 years Location sound recordist.

    I do over the bag documentary work and tv ads mostly. I also do remote directing setups so an off island director can view an HD video / audio feed and talk back and forth with the set via a telex wireless comms system.

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  1. Sure many will try, and many of those who try will end up butchering the production, they will learn very quickly that dugan automix is nothing more than a feature that 'professionals' 'may' use to enhance the final feed to camera on reality. There is a million and one other things it doesn't do, the main one being it doesn't give the operator an experienced ear. I completely disagree, I think each time technology is released many people worry this will render operators useless, but it won't and never will, sure some productions will do it, but they were probably already doing it. I remember when HDRx mode on the red camera was released, there was a similar thread over on the red forum how this feature negates many of the skills a DP has.... laughable at best. The hacks that would be willing to hire sound PA's to mix any show will remain hacks and many of us would have never worked for such hacks in the first place.
  2. When I say the 742 would be receiving TC from the Nomad and forwarding to the rx200, i'm not saying it would forward via zaxnet, I meant it would forward as you explained earlier embedded in the UHF feed, correct? Receives TC from zaxnet, embeds in the UHF. Well at least if it can do this than it would work.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I see, well the 742 would still be recieving TC from the nomad zaxnet right?, and forwarding to the RX200??, Can anyone confirm this?, I can't see why that wouldn't work? I plan to run it on the upper register of block 23 and the bag receivers on block middle to lower 21, It's just temporary, but a cool backup to the camera link long term and other setups.
  4. I wonder if Zaxcom could implement Dugan licenses onto the nomad. They would be very smart to do so, it has my sniffing my whiskers at the SD. This coming from a very very big fan of zaxcom all my wireless and recorders are zax.
  5. Until I grab a camera link, just wondering if anyone has used a 742 with the stereo cone to send a stereo feed to an rx200 or 235? That way it's a nice option in the the meantime as I can send TC from the nomad's zaxnet feed to the rx200
  6. no fix yet no, not sure where the problem is coming from. works on an arri mini, doesn't work on the dsmc 2 bodies. I'm still putting the blame towards zaxcoms direction since lectro works on both :-P No I can't say for sure, I need to call Glenn and try again get it working.
  7. Get some custom molded inears by Jerry Harvey. I find universal buds always hurt due to pressure in the ear over time, at least in my experience. I got to try some customs and definately sold on the idea especially for wearing sun protection style hats where big headphones won't work. Plus the Jerry's sound amazing, i've tried, 64 ears, ultimate ears, westone and to my ears Jerry's were the best by quite a bit.
  8. I've found what helps me the most. If it isn't to windy. Use a fluffy slip on. Work with ur camera guy. Have him frame as tightly as possible. Those two combinations get me right in there. A zeppelin u obviously lose 4 or 5 inches off the batt. Ur camera guy can def be ur best bet for proximity in noisy situations.
  9. I've had a couple 4060's break, can be the talent messing with wardrobe out of view, transmitter ends up dangling, or they go to the bathroom. Especially if it's not waist mounted with a neopax or the likes, and it's on a belt and they sit back in a chair, bathroom etc, actually never had one go bad in a neopax.
  10. With all the wikileak articles showing how dirty and manipulating Hillary was against Bernie..., threatening emails to many who were supporting bernie. This from someone who cannot stand trump.... it's no wonder she lost, she is also horrible IMO, corrupt and dishonest. Bernie was my first choice. Hillary and Trump, 2 horrible choices.
  11. I'm using the Audioroot dual charger, 3x98 WH remote audio HI-Q and audioroot battery cup. I run the nomad, and 3 zaxcom receivers for about 4 hours. Smaller and longer run times than the NP's, love it.
  12. I use all zaxcom. Love being able to re-freq without bothering talent, that's a major plus. The inbuilt recorder is very handy as a backup recording and I always include them in a backup folder on bigger jobs, If you ever did forget to hit the record button, it's there, just peace of mind. Neverclip is more useful than you might think, so many movies even to this day I can tell are most likely on lectro because the mixer wasn't quick with the trim, or the transmitters gain wasn't set right and therefore over modulated. With neverclip, you will never clip, (so long as the capsule can handle) Gripes about zaxcom, not very weather resistant, they could have easily made them weather resistant. For whatever reason my lectro wired mics have never had a problem at the connector, with zaxcom, the lemo connector i've had to repair at least 4 so far in the last couple years, just doesn't seem to protect the wire as snug as the lectro. Their TX definately get hot, all 5 of mine get quite warm, not burning hot but uncomfortable, i'm getting complaints about it all the time from different talent. I've seen others express this as well. Lectro, always runs much cooler. A pet peeve which will never change, is having to move the rotaries to bring attention to a given channel before you adjust it's gain... wish they had optional tiny faders like SD.
  13. Please don't change the capsules or 'recreate' the capsule Mr Rode... The soundfield capsule is nice as it is.
  14. Does anyone know if the XT has the same TC connector as the Alexa Mini. I'm looking at their connector sheet, but can't work out if it's the same. Also the 5 pin audio XLR input is the only audio input correct?, Was hoping I wouldn't need an entirely unique cable for the ERX / Alexa XT again.
  15. I snipped the ground wire on the QRX connector end, still buzzing the same. I'll call Glenn and see if we can come up with a fix, makes ENG work a trip, for now we just tapping from an additional battery mounted on a rear rail. Hoping can fix and go back to d-tapping from the main batt.