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    Golf, tennis, Surf, completely obsessed with audio gear. Vintage mics, guitars, percussion.
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    10 years post production mixing for documentaries and tv ads.
    12 years Music composer.
    8 years Location sound recordist.

    I do over the bag documentary work and tv ads mostly. I also do remote directing setups so an off island director can view an HD video / audio feed and talk back and forth with the set via a telex wireless comms system.

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  1. Leave it for post. making a decision in the field on headphones with something like noise reduction doesn't make much sense. I can't think of any post guy that would appreciate it. Like Marc said, theres always a price to pay, unless your making pre and post noise reduction recordings, it's doing more harm than not.
  2. The most effort ever put into a drive by.
  3. Hoping the stick mic style has enough range. I'm guessing it will get 150 feet. But when used with sharkies I bet it will perform very similar to the antenna version. Or at least I hope. No antenna and no cabled xlr is so attractive. The 742 is to heavy for end of pole use. Anyone saying otherwise is probably sitting mixing vs swinging . I'm mostly bag work but always run wireless boom for a backup recording. I can't wait to do without the internal cable and weight.
  4. The amazon nimh ones. I think they r 16$ for 8. Are great. Same performance as the eneloop pros. Price is perfect. Last a couple years if taken care of. But all of them including eneloop lose their mojo after a year in my experience
  5. Well then the plugon version is the clear choice for me. I guess increased range being the main reason, but failing to see any other reason why anyone would buy the lemo version? Oh. And why not an optiOnal antenna for the plug in tx? Cool as is. Optional antenna a good option.
  6. I love the idea of the xlr version. But the lemo version is interesting in that it can be used with lav and boom. Be cool if they sold a boom clamp for the top of the boom to mount the lemo version. Anyone know of a simple way to mount the lemo version up too.
  7. I run the 742 at 25mw on my boom while carrying the bag all the time, almost always, doesn't seem to effect the range much of the talent TX running on the same block range.
  8. Something like this?
  9. The name is a turn off hahaha, but really appreciate the option, that might be a good option for cost and performance. I was initially settled on a middle to high end motorola system, in the motorola world any recommendations?
  10. Looking to grab about 8 walkie talkies, any recommendations?
  11. Sure many will try, and many of those who try will end up butchering the production, they will learn very quickly that dugan automix is nothing more than a feature that 'professionals' 'may' use to enhance the final feed to camera on reality. There is a million and one other things it doesn't do, the main one being it doesn't give the operator an experienced ear. I completely disagree, I think each time technology is released many people worry this will render operators useless, but it won't and never will, sure some productions will do it, but they were probably already doing it. I remember when HDRx mode on the red camera was released, there was a similar thread over on the red forum how this feature negates many of the skills a DP has.... laughable at best. The hacks that would be willing to hire sound PA's to mix any show will remain hacks and many of us would have never worked for such hacks in the first place.
  12. When I say the 742 would be receiving TC from the Nomad and forwarding to the rx200, i'm not saying it would forward via zaxnet, I meant it would forward as you explained earlier embedded in the UHF feed, correct? Receives TC from zaxnet, embeds in the UHF. Well at least if it can do this than it would work.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I see, well the 742 would still be recieving TC from the nomad zaxnet right?, and forwarding to the RX200??, Can anyone confirm this?, I can't see why that wouldn't work? I plan to run it on the upper register of block 23 and the bag receivers on block middle to lower 21, It's just temporary, but a cool backup to the camera link long term and other setups.
  14. I wonder if Zaxcom could implement Dugan licenses onto the nomad. They would be very smart to do so, it has my sniffing my whiskers at the SD. This coming from a very very big fan of zaxcom all my wireless and recorders are zax.
  15. Until I grab a camera link, just wondering if anyone has used a 742 with the stereo cone to send a stereo feed to an rx200 or 235? That way it's a nice option in the the meantime as I can send TC from the nomad's zaxnet feed to the rx200