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    Producer/Director, corporate, nonprofit, education. 30 years and counting. Got fascinated with sound later in career. Interested in in integration of newer smaller technologies and broadcast audio equipment. (For example connecting Lectrosonics to DLSRs and Micro 4/3). Known to ask lots of questions...

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  1. finnigantodd

    Gear rental China

    Just checked to see it my comment got posted. Happy to see the responses. Thought it might help some of the folks living outside Hong Kong. Yes exactly. Agree that plenty of others like Shure and Senn, but not much in the way of Lectos in sight. Yes I also agree also that the limitation of... 20 mW is it? Most likely keeps any that exist under the radar screen and out of sight. I'd love to know where to rent one! Anyhow happy if this is of any use, or sparks a productive conversation that turns up useful information and resources! Great! Yes exactly.
  2. finnigantodd

    Gear rental China

    Hi all. Just ran acoss this message thread. I know I'm responding many years after the fact. Maybe this will be useful to someone. I have lived in Hong Kong for 5 years and never seen a Lectrosonics unit anywhere. The local news teams and crews all use a mic with a hard wired XLR cable running across the ground, typically in a very bright color in the hope passersby don't trip over it. On occasion you see another manufactures cube on a news mic, but less common. They seem to use wireless only where hard or impossible to run a cable. I've asked local sound guys about it. Apparently a harsh RF enviroment combined with a low level permitted wattage is the cause. I think its more the latter than the former. May in part be the way its always been done here and change is hard. But just amazes me every time I see mic cables running across sidewalks! I did once see a sound guy with a bag without cables... I was amazed and talked with him about it. Turned out they were from mainland China, and he brought all that gear with him. There might be a source for Lectrosonics in Hong Kong, but I have never seen any. Todd