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  1. Timecode slate

    if you have proper timecode on both the video and audio files you don't need a slate at all to synch footage. but if the project allows for it, it usually still makes sense to have some kind of slate as a failsafe and for organisation purposes in editorial. chris
  2. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    well, how about: 6. analog limiters. 7. analog low cut filters 8. TC input (also for non-HDMI sources) 9. better meter visibility 10. larger/better spaced pots 11. rated operating temperature range -20 to +60C instead 0 to 40C 12. better dynamic range and noise levels 13. easier mixing (faders/trims) 14. way better menus/setup etc all of which I find pretty much relevant to nearly any location sound recordist. the question if it's better to save up for a 633 range is another matter, but personally I'd much rather buy a MixPre now and enjoy working with it for half a year and then sell it again at a small loss then keep using a DR-70, which frankly sucks in terms of handling (sorry Tom) chris edit: I now realise that the question was what the MP can do that a 633 can't rather then a MP vs a DR-70, and I agree there's not much of interest to a typical location sound person. but the above might still be of interest to the OP
  3. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    I don't really understand the snide remarks. Sure, it's a strange time when gear gets cheaper and more capable and people discuss that more then the important factors in audio recording (I'm terrible at getting distracted by tech myself). But the MixPre series *does* have significant advantages for a lot of people over more expensive gear - which is precisely why those used prices tanked. about the points in question: Meh for you, but not for the solo shooter who has 1DC. afaik the Cantar/Nomad/788 etc will *not* trigger record from a 1DC yes, but you would have to record on camera, which with a lot of cameras means poor uncontrolled audio. sure, but more expensive, less flexible with fewer inputs, and no onboard recording yes, but the 6 series is also 4-5 times the price so not meh for a lot of people. and it's not always about price, sometimes I like shoot on a specific camera which lacks on TC and I/O for the look even if the budget is there for a more expensive one and in sometimes weight does matter, so a MixPre-3/6 can be the better choice over a 788T even if both are available. all that said, if I was looking for the best audio I'd rather hire Jeff with a Tascam DR-70 then myself with a Cantar X3 ; ) chris
  4. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    to me the obvious solution seemed always to have a quick start guide with everything you need to know to get up and running in a hurry (and is easily readable for the novice user) and a full featured tech manual with all the knitty gritty info about power draw, pin assignment, even schematics of circuits etc.
  5. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    well, it's nearly twice the volume, over twice the weight, and three times the price of a SD MixPre. it also is targeted at a different user, but I can understand why some people would like to see a mini-maxx. chris
  6. A well priced dialogue mic.

    both seem still to be still current, the KM184 and the KM184A, with the former being cheaper but without interchangeable capsules. https://www.neumann.com/?id=current_microphones&lang=en
  7. A well priced dialogue mic.

    how does it work for you in very quiet situations? I tested a KM185 a while back and had to crank up the gain quite a lot (since the mic is pretty low output) resulting in problems with self-noise (either by the mic or preamp) which made me wonder if I had a defective unit.
  8. I tested the tactic and the HPF of the 633, still issues with handling and wind with the 8050 and to a lesser degree the 8060. obviously this will be much less of an issue for good boom operators and people with a controlled environment or better suspension/wind protection. not that I don't like to read forums but as constatin says, at some point you'll just have to try and see how things work for you. chris
  9. actually I did, but as you just found out different people have different experiences and skills, so there goes your hope for an incredibly simple yes or no question. sure, we can do this all night : )
  10. "better" is a very difficult term... I tested the 8050 vs the 50, expecting go for the 8050 because I generally like smaller and cheaper. bought the 50 in the end because it was much easier to handle with my clumsy hands, and I'm very happy with the mic. also tested the 416 against the 8060, similar story, got the 416 since I only really use it outdoors and more doc type situations. but I know other people who prefer the 8060.
  11. Camera Hops

    since so far I only use hops for scratch and not production audio, and I'm never far away from camera: Sennheiser G3 for scratch and tentacle for TC. simple, small and light weight chris
  12. Rental Rates

    yeah, over here gear can only be written of in taxes over several years (usually 7 years on most things, 3 years on short lived items like computers). so most companies prefer to rent because they can deduct the full amount, even if it costs them more then buying in the long term.
  13. Advice Please! - Wireless Lavalier System

    true, I forgot about those.. so better advice is probably "buy an AVX and be done with it" (ME2 if your low on money and MKE2 is you want bit better sound quality).
  14. as the camera is pretty rare, your best bet is probably to to contact ikonoskop directly... or if they don't reply, there's a person on their forum who says he has the audio pin out: kallefolke21 Oct 2014 I have the details as a pdf, e-mail me and I'll send it. f o l k e f i l m at g m a i l dot c o m and if worst comes to worst, you could wire it by trial and error.
  15. Advice Please! - Wireless Lavalier System

    Hi David, no offence, but these are really basic questions that have been answered here and all over the internet a gazillion times, so my advice is to do some google searches, or if you don't fancy that go to a professional dealer and have them recommend something to you, or if you don't fancy that then just buy a Sennheiser G3 set and be done with it. chris