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  1. If you stay long term in the US, I would import it directly. If you plan to go back to the UK, then I'd have it shipped there (even more if you have a VAT number). Main reason is if something happens which involves insurance, it will be easier in the country it was legally imported.
  2. .. and about a quarter the size/weight ; )
  3. understood, since the 788T has a high power consumption anyway, I guess half a watt more or less won't be noticeable. just found this: so in real word it seem seems to be about 0.25W lower on idle and 0.8W higher on recording (with 2009 tech, both magnetic drives and SSDs have come down in power consumption quite a bit).
  4. these numbers look odd to me... according to anandtech, an EVO 850 should draw about 0.03W when idle and 1.8W when on full throttle. a seagate HDD about 0.8W when idle and 2.4W under load, so 0.8W to 0.6W difference.
  5. Probably depends on the project, but personally I always keep ISO as pre-fade (otherwise the channel would get lost if I close off the mic from the mix with the fader)
  6. Yeah, a lemo to 2 balanced XLR like the A-Box (which makes rigging easier then loose ends), and I'd also bring a lemo to stereo 3.5 mini-jack (if somebody wants to send a scratch track trough a G3).
  7. well, I thought the original question was if the 744 or the F8 is a good investment... and the comment of getting two 744 seems kinda ironic from somebody who just sold two 744 ; ) personally I don't think I will get by the next 5 years with 2 mic preamps/4 tracks on my main recorder. I love sound devices products, but I'd definitely get a 633 (or 644) over two 744.
  8. As long as I only need 2 mic inputs or 4 tracks then the 744 is a fantastic machine. But as soon as I need 5 inputs, there's no point in arguing that the 744 is a better investment then a F8 ; )
  9. the easy way is to clone things to the SSD through an SATA to USB3 adapter first, then swap drives, boot up and everything is exactly as it was before (only waaaaay faster). the only reason for a clean install is if you have some software bugs you want to trouble shoot, but if your system runs fine now, then Carbon Copy Cloner is the way to go. Good SSDs are the Samsung Series (850 EVO for budget or Pro for max performance) or Sandisk Extreme Pro.
  10. true that. but I can understand that on a 6 camera setup, a producer prefers an on-camera mic because the risk of the hop failing somewhere seems higher then the on-camera mic failing. what I sometimes do as a backup is to record the Audio-TC from a seperate TC box on top of synching camera TC - overkill in most cases but gives peace of mind.
  11. agreed, I though the purpose is only to have a backup safety track for synching when timecode goes wrong, and there a H1 would do the job while being small and light. in documentary situations, where the on-camera sound could be valuable, a Papi with a Mini Schoeps sounds like a great solution. If it should be used for anything else then a proper hop is certainly the better option. chris
  12. depends if you *really* need the thunderbolt3 speed, for most normal hard drives thunderbolt 1 is plenty enough. even USB3 is really fast, so if hook up an USB hard disk with USB-C connector it will work nicely (it will use the USB3 bus and not thunderbolt). there are quite a few disks with USB over the USB-C connector, even some with SSDs. but if for some reason you need the full throughput, here are some tests from the speed wizards:
  13. I don't think it's battery powered, or is it? If you have a free DC out on the Alexa, you can use that, but it's one more cable. And if power cables are no problem, then the the Kortwich VCP-M2 mini might also be a nice option: but if it's simply for scratch and doesn't have to look professional, I would really try the H1
  14. yeah, even a MixPre or X2 is around 700g, the 2channel Kortwich is 300g and the 3channel 320g - quite amazing, makes you wonder if that box is empty. hehe, good point. but we like to make things complicated and weird : ) personally I very rarely need more then 3 preamps, so the X2 was simply the most cost effective option that could also be used for other things.
  15. I have a Wendt X2 if I need additional mic inputs on the 633 - two extra channels are enough for me, and the unit is pretty small size wise, and the downside of the poor metering scale is no problem since I use the meters of the 633. A MixPre would also be a great fit, but I got the Wendt for about a third of a used MixPre.