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  1. add on: just realised that I might have misunderstood, is it the 442 thats start to peak or the 744T? if it's the mixer and it shows the same behaviour hooked up to different recorders and different cables it sounds like a defect.
  2. maybe your 744T inputs somehow got switched to mic level and the 442 still outputs line level? that's the only thing that comes to mind here, I second Jons idea to hook the 442 to another device to see what happens. If that doesn't help to trouble shoot, take it in to your local dealer or if that is not an option, send it in to SD for a checkup. chris
  3. Here's an example on a typical high-quality NP1 battery: end voltage is 11.0V and by 14.0V you probably used about 60% of the available energy (represented by the area under the discharge graph). they recommend to set the end voltage to 13V, not because of possible damage but because after that the voltage drops sharply. chris
  4. I tested their A.Lav a while back because i thought it would be nice to have a cheap lav with battery power for certain applications. It was also very hissy so that I sent it back because it's practically unusable for anything that I want to do. They do make pretty cool lights though.
  5. there are some online shops which already show prices (pink noise, nagrit) - the nice thing is looks I was wrong in my earlier post, seems to be pretty much on par with the US prices (650EUR for the -3 and 900EUR for the -6 at nagrit) would be helpful to know what is your line of work, but you could go from the unbalanced 3.5mm output to two unbalanced XLR and feed that into the camera - you need to be careful that the 3.5mm doesn't get unplugged and that you don't get noise in longer cable runs, plus you'll need to deal with the lower output when matching to camera, but for scratch it should generally be fine. If it's for production audio, you'd likely be better off with a mixer/recorder with balanced outputs.
  6. ouch, sounds tough. On the other hand, I wonder who gets fired if the TC is not readable and there's no scratch track on camera and the editor has to do some weeks of lip reading to synch things up...
  7. I was thinking along similar lines - making a Y cable with a cheap lav at one end... If it was built into the TCbox one could use the battery there and make it work for cameras without plug-in power too though.
  8. Davinci Resolve also reads and can sync based on Audio-TC and is free, and because more and more projects are shot in log and/or very big files it's often used since it's one of the nicest programs to create color corrected proxies.
  9. good timing - just ordered the ball two days ago, will add the jammer. thanks chris
  10. until the recorder locks up and the recording is neither on the CF nor on the SD card :/ rather unlikely to happen, but personally I also stick to approved media.
  11. thanks, was a bit worried because the original reply was not very clear on that. price in europe seems to be around 800-900EUR (excl tax) (edit: some online shop lists the MixPre-3 as 649EUR+VAT already, so prices look good : ) for the MixPre-3, still a nice price but a bit annoying that Sound Devices products are always about 20% more expensive over here then in the US. chris
  12. lovely unit, it's nice to have several manufacturer making tiny boxes now, each witch their specific strengths. what's the list price on the NanoLockit in Europe?
  13. You could use a 3.5 jack Y cable, hook up the Audio TC on one side and connect the video mic to the other channel. or to keep things more compact, split a 3.5 jack to 3.5 jack and lemo connector directly-
  14. Probably it's meant to be connected to hirose all the time and the internal battery is only for swaps.
  15. love the audio on that clip : )