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  1. chrismedr

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I see. well I guess not many people have hands on experience with it since it's still on pre-order (and not even listed on the sanken site). the freq response is rather spiky and the strong low-cut points more towards on-camera use to me... for fiction a MK41 or MKH50 probably would be preferred by most people - but the only the only way to find out is to test it how you like it in your scenarios. chris
  2. chrismedr

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    for what kind of tasks? again, better for what? the directionality of the Sanken CS-1e/CS-M1 seems to be similar to the MKH 50, but the Sennheiser has a much more linear frequency response. and then are all these personal aspects of course, like sound etc..:)
  3. chrismedr

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    scroll up ..:) kind of ironic that we all like lighter mics but at the same time that makes them more difficult to handle.
  4. chrismedr

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    vs the CS-1e: so basically a little boost at 7Khz and a steep roll off below 70Hz. could be a very interesting on-camera mic.
  5. chrismedr

    Wireless Frequencies Germany and Ireland

    this page has quite a lot of good info for germany (in german, but you should be able to make sense of it, or use google translate) https://www.thomann.de/de/onlineexpert_page_funkmikrofone_informationen_zu_frequenzzuteilungen.html
  6. chrismedr

    Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    sounds to me like you'd want a sonosax or cantar : ) If 8 channels is enough then by all means get a used 788T, they are bargains on the used market (heck you can always resell with minimal loss if you find it doesn't cut it anymore). but otherwise, the 688 sure is a fine machine, I've never heard of freezes (and neither on the 633 except in the very beginning) - of course if you don't like the preamp (which is clearly something only you can decide, so maybe rent for a few days?) then you're stuck with other options
  7. how much harder is the handling of the 8060 vs the 416? I found the 8050 very delicate and much harder for my clumsy hands then a MKH50 or 416.
  8. chrismedr

    time code tools, what to buy. (Ambient radio link)

    Betso also does wireless sync, but as you mention there are many many discussions and if somebody is too lazy do look them up then there's only so much we can do. chris
  9. chrismedr

    time code tools, what to buy. (Ambient radio link)

    there is tons of information about different new TC gear and their advantages on this forum, try a search, do some googling and come back with more specific questions. chris
  10. chrismedr

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    I think that solder remark was a joke... I could be wrong though (happens more and more often the older I get) chris
  11. chrismedr

    IFB on the cheap.

    I like the idea (and the color coding!) but I would probably skip the female to female adapters by using the proper cables and use a cheap headphone amp, like: Tape-out -> 10meter cable --> headphone amp --> multiple headphones advantages are longer cable runs, individual volume control and possibly better quality when using multiple headphones. disadvantages that you need AC power or a separate battery. total cost still below 50bucks chris
  12. chrismedr

    633 firmware improvements

    +1 even if it's only digital gain, it would make using G3 much easier chris
  13. chrismedr

    Mic Power Consumption

    the math is quite straight forward: P = U * I so the DPA draws 0.22W and the Neumann 0.04W on paper compare that with the typical batteries you want to use and you get a rough estimate. ie a single AA with about 2Wh runs the DPA for 10h and a 40Wh camera battery for 200h, and five times that on the Neumann. so for most people the power draw is negligible compared to the rest of the gear they run (recorder, wireless etc) and the other factors are far more important on choosing a mic (like how they sound and handle) bests chris
  14. chrismedr

    sandisk extreme pro vs extreme

    short story: get the Sound Devices branded ones or at least some of their approved list if you're doing this for a living. the long story can be found in various other discussions on this forum ; ) bests chris
  15. chrismedr

    Next level on-camera microphone in M/S

    there many M/S setups and it's advantages discussed on this forum, try another search. some favourites include: MKH50 / MKH30 MK41 / MK8 CMIT / MK8 unfortunately those are not cheap, but if it doesn't fit your budget you probably have to live with the audio limitation (there's no magic 300EUR M/S setup). Be aware that you'll need a very good suspension and that on camera you'll likely get operator noises and possibly other challenges (like changing stereo imaging on moving shots). In the end you'll probably want to test this before you spend 3000 bucks. chris
  16. chrismedr

    Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    agreed, although I'd recommend running camera at 24.000fps with telecine to 24.000fps and sound at 48khz with 24.000fps TC
  17. chrismedr

    camera link

    be aware that the G3 100 has a very low line level output as well, so a G3 IFB receiver might be the better choice if you need a hot output. chris
  18. chrismedr

    Zoom F1 recorder

    here we go again ;-)
  19. chrismedr

    Absolute UTC-based Timecode?

    yes I understood, but the 18650 are fragile (need a casing) and I'm sure not everybody likes to add another form factor battery to their arsenal (plus a charger). besides it's still way too large - just look at the size of a tentacle/betso/TCS unit, or imaging trying to add a 18650 into a GH5 camera. plus if you're working in a studio you'll have to carry the camera to the outside every morning. if you'd manage to build a inexpensive TC generator that keeps synch over 5+ days then you don't really need GPS synching in the first place. or rather, since you'll likely have to swap batteries the point is a moot point again. sorry, I just don't see how this is better then the existing method of just jamming a tiny TC unit every morning to a master clock (or if that bothers you, then just get one that synchs wirelessly). now if the power draw/size could reduced by 90% and it would work indoors and be built in into every camera and recorder for 5bucks that would be different, but it does't look like that is possible anytime soon. until then it sounds more like a thought experiment to me. chris
  20. chrismedr

    Absolute UTC-based Timecode?

    so if I understand right we're talking about a medium size NP-F battery just to power the TC generator through a long production day and that still doesn't really work indoors? sounds dead in the water to me. specially when 90% of the camera manufacturers don't even manage to put in a simple accurate independent TC clock - now that would be something worthwhile (with a small fraction of the energy consumption). btw, there are lots of TC units that synch wirelessly already, check the Ultrasync One thread for a discussion about this. chris
  21. chrismedr

    TentacleSync E review

    just tested resolve 14.2 on a 7.5 year old mac mini with integrated intel graphics (no dedicated GPU) and that installs and runs without problems:
  22. chrismedr

    M/S mic for documentaries

    thanks for the detailed info Reva! I'm not so much interested to use it as an on camera mic for run-and-gun (to me stereo doesn't seem the best thing for that) but rather for compact ambient recordings. admittedly something like a Sony-PCM100 might be better suited for that at a similar price point. chris
  23. chrismedr

    M/S mic for documentaries

    looks like a nice mic. is there a performance difference with the stereovideomicX if hooked up through the TA3 with phantom or the 3.5mm jack and a 9V battery?
  24. chrismedr

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    which brings up an interesting question: who had the need to get their TC boxes tuned in the last few years? I know I haven't, but my Tentacles are still pretty fresh (I imagine the battery dies before any tuning becomes necessary though) I can see that a wireless synch has it's advantages, I'm just not convinced it would make a difference in my life (was considering buying the TCS bundle twice) . And there's one aspect that has not been brought up so far: What about RF interference? If every gadget on set starts to have wireless cababilities, then eventually getting clean radio mics up will become harder and harder. chris
  25. chrismedr

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I doubt that Philip isn't aware of that ;-) His point was more "why would you even need it" (just hand out your synch boxes jamed and fully charged in the beginning of the day and there's very little that can go wrong). But what strikes me as odd is how you praise the USO like it was the only ultimate synch box, one has to wonder how people ever managed to make films without it ;-). sure it's a nice little unit with some extra features and advantages, but so are all the other little boxes (like for my use, I prefer having a built-in camera mic for a scratch track over Genlock and wireless synch for example). chris