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  1. TentacleSync E review

    just tested resolve 14.2 on a 7.5 year old mac mini with integrated intel graphics (no dedicated GPU) and that installs and runs without problems:
  2. M/S mic for documentaries

    thanks for the detailed info Reva! I'm not so much interested to use it as an on camera mic for run-and-gun (to me stereo doesn't seem the best thing for that) but rather for compact ambient recordings. admittedly something like a Sony-PCM100 might be better suited for that at a similar price point. chris
  3. M/S mic for documentaries

    looks like a nice mic. is there a performance difference with the stereovideomicX if hooked up through the TA3 with phantom or the 3.5mm jack and a 9V battery?
  4. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    which brings up an interesting question: who had the need to get their TC boxes tuned in the last few years? I know I haven't, but my Tentacles are still pretty fresh (I imagine the battery dies before any tuning becomes necessary though) I can see that a wireless synch has it's advantages, I'm just not convinced it would make a difference in my life (was considering buying the TCS bundle twice) . And there's one aspect that has not been brought up so far: What about RF interference? If every gadget on set starts to have wireless cababilities, then eventually getting clean radio mics up will become harder and harder. chris
  5. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I doubt that Philip isn't aware of that ;-) His point was more "why would you even need it" (just hand out your synch boxes jamed and fully charged in the beginning of the day and there's very little that can go wrong). But what strikes me as odd is how you praise the USO like it was the only ultimate synch box, one has to wonder how people ever managed to make films without it ;-). sure it's a nice little unit with some extra features and advantages, but so are all the other little boxes (like for my use, I prefer having a built-in camera mic for a scratch track over Genlock and wireless synch for example). chris
  6. TentacleSync E review

    ok, was too optimistic then :/ well, apple makes some fantastic products and some that sucks, but in this case the same 6 year old hardware running windows/linux likely wouldn't work either since it's a davinci requirement.
  7. TentacleSync E review

    as rado said, the latest version works with integrated intel graphics, even pretty old ones. just don't expect to do lots of color correction with 4K footage ;-)
  8. no possibly. if it's for no-budget type of shoots where you do people a favour just to be there, give it a try. if you're getting paid, why not stick to the things that will cause the least trouble? ( a backup CF card surely can't be that inconvenient) just my 2 cents chris
  9. “Upgrading” Wires

    that made me think, did anybody ever tell an actor which lavs (or other mics) make them sound best? after all this would be very valuable info for them - I mean I'd say their voice is probably one of the most valuable assets to them. they know they know their shoe size etc to tell wardrobe, what if they could tell the sound department which mics tend to sound best for their voice. chris
  10. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I'm not sure why there is such a heated discussion, at this point I'm happy to use any of the new small TC devices (Ambient, Tentacle, Bentso, UltraSync, Mozegear...), they all do their job, and 99% of the time the extras are just for my own entertainment. Not sure I'd want to use a barrel adapter though, adding two more possible points of failure (ie electrical contacts) just doesn't sound like something I'd want for TC.
  11. Why won't my 633 jam TC to Alexa Mini

    hard to say without knowing what exactly you already tried, but standard trouble shooting would be: - double and tripple check frame rates (as other have mentioned, on the alexa that's two pages to check) - make sure you try all the different methods regarding regen, preset and jam sync. - swap out cables to one that is known to work - use yet another TC generator to test jamming - try jamming a different mini with the same gear and method (ie at a rental house) if all of that fails it might be that there is a problem with the mini, but nearly all of the problems come down to wrong settings or bad cables.
  12. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Isn't it always? ;-) I feel that a lot of the confusion comes from people working in very different enviroments with different priorities. like: the guy working on low budget cooperate shoots with sit down interviews might wonder "what's the problem with the connector, it will work fine if handled carefully" while the other working on a blockbuster feature with five cameras that need to be kept in sync in the freezing cold with gloves on probably thinks "what's the point in saving 0.00000001% in rental costs if it could result in trouble during an important moment" chris
  13. TentacleSync E review

    yeah, like Constatin said, Davinci does Audio TC and runs on Windows, is a powerful industry workhorse for dailies and finishing (and more and more often for small editing jobs) and is free!. AVID also supports it and is still the defacto standard for big production but less and less important on smaller jobs. For most other editing apps you could either use an XML/AAF export from Resolve or use a separate audio LTC tool like videotoolshed christoph
  14. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    well, considering that you might need up to five different versions and a backup for each of them it could be quite a hassle (and expensive). but I think it depends on the type of use, for a owner operator these could be lovely units (known setup, careful handling) while on harsh productions they might be not ideal (non standard connectors and possibly fragile) chris
  15. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    might be worth noting that davinci resolve has support for audio LTC, so you can sync with that and export as XML/AAF to pretty much any other editor of choice. chris
  16. 633 loose object inside machine

    or maybe call sound devices first?
  17. Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    My personal favourite is "Jazz at Massey Hall" where legend has it that it was recorded on Mingus personal tape recorder he happened to have with him. Not sure if that's true - in any case, the sound quality is pretty bare but the recording captured the full enery despite (or because of?) this. chris
  18. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    Even though I have no background info, I think it's safe to say that if you use approved media (best the SD labeled ones) and format the cards in their recorder then you're good - I'm pretty sure they tested that ; ) (Never had a problem with my 633 and I've formatted the cards in the recorder many many times) chris
  19. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    well, the trouble it two fold: first, it's not always the fastest card that is on their approved list (for example the Sandisk 128GB card is 80MB/s and not the faster 95MB/sec variant) and more importantly, the card on their list might have changed in design even if they are still labeled the same (for example the 64GB 95MB/sec card is still labeled as such, but is internally different to the 95MB/sec card when they wrote the list). as afmy said, it's probably a pain to re-test all the cards all the time and guarantee that there are no unexpected hick ups (even more so if you add the problem of counterfeits). chris
  20. Line level recorder

    well, if you have the funds by all means go for a Nagra seven ; ) bit more seriously, it's hard to give suggestions if the options range from a H4N to a Nagra seven and without knowing how important the last bit of audio quality is to you. Personally I'd go for a MixPre-3 because it's small, versatile, and very good value for the money. If it's really important to you then I'd suggest you do a side by side test with two or three recorders that fit your needs. But pretty much any current recorder in the 300EUR+ range will be better then the H4N chris
  21. Line level recorder

    well, what will be your use? if you dont care about the mics or pre-amps but just a bit bucket for line level signals then a lot of recorders will do the job and the choice will depend more on features and handling I guess
  22. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    did you have a chance to test the built-in mic in the new tentacles? supposedly they could be of a bit better quality chris
  23. Used Lectrosonics buying strategy

    I don't know enough about the Lectro options to be of much help, but it seems to me to give any sensible advise one would have to know which field you are working in (docu, cooperate, reality, features etc), what your typical track count is and if you work from a bag or cart (or both) etc.
  24. Marantz PMD-706 Six Channel DSLR Recorder

    I used the DR-70D quite a bit, my number one complaint is that the batteries and SD cards are behind a stupid plastic flap cover. number two is the menu system which is rather difficult to understand/operate (who thought using a XLR symbol for phantom power is a good idea?) otherwise it makes decent recordings for low-end jobs. So hopefully the marantz does improve these points then it's already ahead. It's also nice that they over two more channels or backup recordings on lower gain for three channels. chris
  25. Zoom F8

    23.98 and 23.976 are just two labels for exactly the same frame rate, it's just that the former uses one digit less to write it down.