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Found 1 result

  1. Here's an email I received about WM water resistant transmitters and about the 5 pin to waterproof connector adapter. <<hello larry hope you are well, i am about to add 2 x new tx's block 606 i was thinking of the new WM tx's, for a project next year in salt water, are the WM tx waterproof in salt water? or only fresh water?, its a sea kayaking series so the participants will take an occasional dive in the water will use the correct waterproof connector with countryman emw lavs. also separately the adapter connector for the mm400 to 5pin connectors will they work with the WM for normal non water use ie i can use my many 5pin wired lavs? I realise i may have to buy a separate 2 wire connector as well as a 3 wire connector, many thanks>> Reply from LEF: The standard WM with the nickle-PTFE (Teflon) finish is fine for occasional salt water immersion. Some of the theme parks like Sea World have to replace the cases every few years, even with fresh water rinses after multiple shows each day. The cases don't fail but get pretty ugly. We will custom make stainless steel cases for the WM for users that foresee hundreds of immersions in saltwater. The downside of the stainless is the retail $250 case charge for a single unit and a small increase in weight. We have a new universal 5 pin adapter for the WM that closely imitates the normal SM 5 pin input. If you have a lavaliere or other device wired for an SM, UM or LM, servo or non servo, simplified or not, TWO or THREE wire, it will work with the new universal adapter for the WM. We have discontinued the two different adapters we have now, one for two wire and one for two wire lavalieres. The new universal adapter also works for line level wirings, etc. The things it doesn't work for are those specials that require 5 Volt power from pin two on the SM or UM. These are our active guitar input cable, our inline mute switch and the cable for the Schoeps adapter. The universal adapter is available in a barrel version and a cable version. If you order the older version, you will get the newer one. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics