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  1. Audionamix's TRAX Pro SP and the Dialog Isolate module in iZotope RX6 are kind of amazing: they use Neural Networks to clean up production tracks in ways we've never been able to before, and they can even give you a stem with the stuff they took away from dialog (like a clean bg track, or just the environmental music). Far better than any of the multiband expansion noise reducers or other algorithmic techniques we've been using for a couple of decades. They can also seriously screw up your track. Just like any other processing. Both manufacturers graciously gave me large chunks of Skype time with their senior developers, so I could write an article about the techniques for CAS Quarterly. The article appears online today, and will be mailed soon. We've also posted a web page where I've put downloadable samples of actual processing of production elements. (If you do the web page, please download the AIFFs. The posted mp3 files are just for orientation, and distort some of what the processors are doing.) Fellow CAS member Stephen Fitzmaurice added a sidebar with initial impressions of the Audionamix in his mix theater. Detailed reviews will be coming in a future issue. Article is in the Quarterly at cinemaudiosociety.org, or as a downloadable pdf at jayrose.com. This stuff has been blowing my mind. Please comment. (On the technique, not on my mind; that's a lost cause.)