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Found 4 results

  1. Zaxcom QRX100 - battery Power

    Hi guys, hope you're all well. Has anyone had any luck powering a Zaxcom QRX100 from batteries? I made a battery cable - 2x9v batteries termination in the QRX DC plug. Works for about 20 minutes then doesn't work. I can't work out if the power is being drained from the 9Vs too quickly, or if it's a different problem. Would appreciate any insight - or product links that I could buy to make this work. Many thanks
  2. Taking my Zaxcom bag to its next level of usefulness. Writing this post will hopefully help me think it through more thoroughly. What I want to ultimately do is this: Remote RX-in-a-bag: Mix from main cart to Nomad Track 1 via cat 5 Up to six Iso sends back to cart via cat5's Nomad time code jammed to main recorder for DIT time code via Deneke slate (1/4" --> BNCF cable ordered) TRX's IFB voting may have to be turned on to resolve IFB100 and Nomad IFB signal conflicts as TRX's move between main cart and remote set. Test forthcoming. Bag recorder: Mix to Track 1 Up to six isos thereafter Nomad jammed from Deneke slate to match main cart time code SNA antennas stand by if needed, otherwise, 1/4 waves Think it's time for a small cart upon which to rest the bag and safely hold an external LiFe Pelican battery. Could use my chair and our apple box...but...have ordered this with the plan to add a top bag-shelf and antenna mast: Questions & thoughts: What advantage/disadvantage to leaving IFB voting 'on' on TRX if only one IFB source exists? When IFB voting is 'on' my guess is the main cart IFB should be 2.473 and Nomad IFB should be 2.475. That's where I plan to begin anyway. Seems like it's working. I think I've got to have QRX's IFB turned off and rely on Nomad's Zaxnet controls. Try to imagine alternative setups that might use QRX IFB along with Nomad, but yet cannot, and nothing jumps out at me for this job. Whether to go AES from QRX's to Nomad. Figured I could do it with the construction of a beefier DE-15 cable (all four pairs in and out), but why? Are the AES up sides yet worth it given I've no mixer able to receive AES at the main cart? When that happens, I'm likely to make the jump to AES since it takes variables out of the signal chain = less to think about. Current TRX version 7.30M I'm told must go back to factory for updating software. Should I make the trip? Dunno... Stuff to do: Special USBM --> USBM cables to link the 3 QRX units were ordered spec'ed today. Will report back. Practice TRX742 stereo cone deployment Practice switching between bag and remote RX rig settings Back up settings to CF card Build bag cart Add 3rd QRX Test Neverclip on Neverclip-enabled TRX units Range test the bag All for now, but for sure, more later as things develop. TRX900 and all TRX's at V. 7.30M Nomad V 4.45 QRX100 Stereo V. 1.46
  3. QRX100 Preset Frequency page?

    From everything I can find, both here and on Zaxcom's site/manual, there is no way to have any preset frequencies. I have 5 RX900S units, and they obviously do. Is there something I'm missing or is it really not an option? If not, hopefully it could be in an update. I've had it for about a year and have always wondered, but always forgot to call them or write here.
  4. QRX100 timecode issue

    I have an issue with the QRX100 running t/c. From camera into QRX is solid; From QRX to TRX900 is solid; TRX900 into 788 is solid, but then the 788 starts running slower within a few minutes. I've tried feeding the 788 from an ERXtcd and get the same problem. In the jam menu on the 788 I can see the RX and TX t/c, and the TX always ends up a second or two behind. I have tried with a second 788, same problem. I've also tried with a lockit box and that's absolutely fine. What's confusing is that timecode is correct all the way through the chain but something is forcing the 788's TX timecode to slow. This only happens if the 788 is hardwired to either the TRX900 or the ERXtcd, not if the QRX and 788 are jammed and left to run. Any ideas?