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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I just received a secondhand Sennheiser MKH8060, and did a quick comparrison between it and my old MKH416. I was expecting a big difference in self noise, but in the recordings the difference isn't that big I think. I recorded into my Sound Devices MixPre-6 at around 45 dB gain. Here's my test: https://youtu.be/cqa-U8GqBz0 What do you think, is my microphone alright? Thank you.
  2. AT4073a Self Noise

    Hello JWSound... I'm booming an AT4073a on a Rycote Windshield #4 to an internally cabled K-Tek CF pole. My wiring is Mogami/ Canare, and I'm mixing thru a Wendt X-5 into a Tascam DR-100MKii. I have the Wendt attenuated to -20db, 0db on the Wendt = -16db on the Tascam. I'm also running (2) Sony UWP-V6. Issue I seem to be having is that the AT4073 has a some self noise. I get a constant 4-6db hiss in my audio. Easy to take out in RX3 but still an issue. Worried as I'm recording in the streets of NYC this weekend and thinking I may need to crank some gain. Is the 4073a too sensitive for the city. My other options for mics are Rode NTG-1 and AT897 or purchase a Rode NTG-3. Any advice would be appreciated.