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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys, I need to clamp my iPad Mini onto my sound cart. Any ideas? Products? I'm in the UK. Thanks,
  2. To celebrate SOUNDCART's 1st anniversary (we launched in March 2016) and our British heritage, we are releasing a limited edition MiniCart in British Racing Green. The difference between the standard MiniCart and the limited edition version are the colour of the handles and shelf brackets. Otherwise the price and specification remain the same as the standard version. When ordering your MiniCart please make sure you let us know if you like one of the limited edition models otherwise a standard version will be supplied. Trew Audio (www.trewaudio.com) are now dealers for SOUNDCART in Canada and USA (in addition to Pro-Sound) while A4audio in France is also now a dealer. For further information about the MiniCart and your local dealer please visit our website at www.soundcart.audio
  3. Bag Cart Mk2

    Following feedback SOUNDCART are updating the Compact Bag Cart (Red) and will be releasing the Mk 2 on 1st January 2017. The Mk2 now features elements found in our flagship Production Sound Cart such as 19" rack strips front (20u) and back (12u), the ability to fold down (without tools) as well as fully height adjustable rear handles. Model specific accessories will include front casters (adjustable feet as standard like the MiniCart), adjustable shelves and a 3u adjustable monitor extension (180 degrees). Our range of universal accessories are all fully compatible such as the boom holders etc. Dimensions (mm): 985-1070 H x 718 W x 555 D 1049-1070 H x 718 W x 363 D (folded) Here are some Computer Aided Design drawings of the cart. Pricing will be announced soon. Further details available at www.facebook.com/SOUNDCART
  4. My Custom Sound and Follow Cart

    I've been recently inspired by all of the sound carts and follow carts on here so I finally got started ordering and building. For the main cart I order a custom rack rack case, but that won't be ready for awhile so I started on the follow cart. I was originally going to buy a cart from somewhere and mod it but I have a lot of extra time right now so I figured I would just build a custom one that better suits my needs. Went with a metal frame because it is much easier to weld and a lot cheaper than aluminum. Weight isn't much of a factor for me. Got the main frame welded together and now working on a "jockey box" and a handle. I'm going to build custom wood drawers that will sit on the left side of the cart. Will post more pics as I make progress.
  5. Folding Handles for Carts

    Chinhda just made up a batch of folding handles for sound carts. This is one of the few accessories not developed for use on a Chinhda Cart. (His cart designs already incorporate hand-holds.) These folding handles are made for use on Mag-Liner carts or any other design with a suitable mounting point. They are very strong and can easily handle carts of several hundred pounds. The handle grips are cross-hatched and more than an inch-and-a-quarter in diameter to provide a firm grip. David