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Found 5 results

  1. Hey JW'ers. I randomly started having an issue with a periodic digitally distorted, 'bargled' output from my old Mbox 2 USB interface and my Mac Pro desktop cpu, running Mac OSX 10.8.5. No idea where this is coming from, as I've been running this same setup, relatively unchanged for a couple years now. I have a temporary fix, going through Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup and toggling the Digidesign Mbox 2 tab Clock Source from Internal to S/PDIF and back. But it keeps happening, and I'm mystified as to why this issue would just start up like this. Any ideas for a steady fix? I figure a full OS update would probably solve it.. but I just wanted to see if anyone could point me to a root cause. Thanks,
  2. Hello All,I'm putting together a small rack-mount kit and need a USB audio interface for it. I bought an M-Audio M-Track 8 but there were some issues with audio bleeding between tracks, probably due to the signal being too hot coming in, so I'm looking for a replacement. The inputs will be Lectro Wireless, Computer Audio, and audio split from an HDMI input. What I need are:8x or more Pre-Amps (At least 6 of which are on the rear of the unit)USB 2.0 or 3.0 interfaceRack Mountable (preferably 1ru)Hardware Controlled (I.E. Knobs) I think I've primarily been looking at music oriented interfaces so far so I may need help finding something more capable of handling the types of signals I'll be feeding it. Thanks in advance for the help!-Scott
  3. nice bag or cart light usb

    http://www.relio.it/ waiting for new batch. €69.
  4. I have been sent the micro SD with the software. I'm sure there must be a button to hold while powering up with micro SD in slot or something but I'd rather know for sure than experiment on something so important. Thanks,
  5. USB serial cable for ZAXCOM QRX

    Hi guys, I hope that you could help me. I would like to make myself an USB serial cable for connecting 3 QRXs together. The problem is that I have already done one as it said in the manual but it did not work. I have connected the pins on USBs like this: QRX USB OUT -> QRX USB IN 2 -> 1 3 -> 4 If I try to change gain on the slave unit it does not work ... Now I am not sure if I did the cable right ... Thank you for all the ideas and help you could give me Martin J.