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Found 3 results

  1. Yosuke

    VR audio

    Hi, I am a location sound guy for film. I am very interested in VR audio/recording/post-production and have been researching about it for a while now. I wanted to know what the best place to start. Any recommendation for where i can find more information about VR audio?? It is hard to find a good information source(like website dedicated to it or smt) for total noobs like me. Thank you
  2. AndyXAudio

    Twirling720 VR Audio Recorder

    Hey All! Long time lurker first time poster here. Nice to finally speak up I’ve been looking into creating some spatial audio and VR content for a film concept I’ve got brewing and stumbled upon this mic: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/twirling720-vr-audio-recorder/reft/15242401#/bm-10 Looks like Ambisonics and pretty similar to Sennheiser's Ambeo VR Mic ($1500), but at $499 this one seems quite affordable and a good start into exploring this field of audio recording. Any opinions?
  3. I'm a sound recordist in central Auckland (happy to travel anywhere else in NZ/Oz/Pacific), available also as boom op or utility in sound departments. Experienced on features / shorts / docos / virtual reality / corporates / etc. Check out my website for my current rates and to contact me: http://ironfilm.co.nz/sound/ Sound gear I own (partial list): Sound Devices 552 mixer/recorder. 2x Tascam DR680 eight track recorders (can be cascaded together for 14 tracks simultaneous recording). Petrol PS614 mixing bag (with harness, & Sony BP-U battery system). 6x wireless pairs (Sony UWP-D11, RØDE RodeLink, Sennheiser G3) Sennheiser ME66/K6 super-cardioid microphone with Rycote Softie. RØDE NTG2 shotgun microphone. Oktava MK-012 hypercardioid microphone. Samson C02 cardioid microphone. RØDE Blimp v2 & deadcat. Tascam DR60D 4 track recorder. RØDE VideoMic Pro. Zoom H1 handheld recorder. Am a team player knowledgeable in lighting and camera craft as well, and on small crews able to lend a hand pitching in alongside being a soundie with my versatile background.