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  1. Hello! How do people feel about the range that they get off the zaxcom units? Is 50/75 mw good enough compared to lectros 100/250?. I really need don't like to fight to get range in my wireless. I know its all digital but some zaxcom units I have used in the past didn't impress me with there range. Maybe I was using their older models... Also wondering about the IFB's and using them for camera hops. I'm curious about the range of them and the audio quality, are then better than the lectro ifb's?
  2. Hi I will admit but I'm a new Zaxcom user and I purchased a Maxx recently. It is possible to record and monitor encoded MS in the Maxx? If so how? I have checked the forums and I'm seeing some mentions of M/S monitoring but I'm not seeing any detailed info on how to encode MS in Maxx in 96kHz. I emailed support and they told me I should be doing this in post. I was hoping Zaxcom could perform a simple MS task like most audio recorders do like a Sound Devices, Zoom, or Tascam.
  3. I'm looking to find a means to mount my Zaxcom RX900 camera hop onto an Amira. I know there is a mount coming out to attach a slot in RX (SRb etc) to the battery plate, but nothing as far as I know for the Zaxcom. What I'm ideally looking for is to mount a plate via the 3 screw holes just above the XLR inputs (see pic). I believe Hawk Woods have made custom mounts in the UK, but I'm LA based and ideally need something by the end of the week. I spoke to Mike at BEC this morning and he has some great ideas for an "L" shaped plate that will attach to the standard BEC zaxcom box, and that would be an ideal solution, but it's going to take him 3 weeks. I already have saddle bags, cold shoe mounts, etc, etc, but it'd be great to find a neater solution. No luck with the usual suspects (Trew, Location, etc) here, so any ideas would be welcome!!
  4. Zaxcom and Lectrosonics both get an Oscar, I call BS! Not to be rude to Zaxcom or Lectrosonics but when a company like Zaxcom and Lectrosonics both get Oscars for “Technical Achievement” you look at what they have achieved. Zaxcom created full digital wireless with on transmitter recording systems, Lectrosonics developed ½ of ½ of that and called it a hybrid digital wireless system. Please, Zaxcom has clearly advanced motion picture technology in a profound way and deserves a Scientific & Engineering Award from the Academy. This choice by the Academy cheapens the award because of the obvious inequity of the achievements. This is like giving an award to Ford for its parallel parking assist system when the Tesla is searching the next parking lot finding a space without a driver at all. The integrity of the Academy has taken a step down. David Thomas, Lawrence E. Fisher and David Bundy for the design, development and engineering of the Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless Microphone System. The Lectrosonics system has advanced the state of wireless microphone technology by developing a method to digitally transmit full-range audio over a conventional analog FM radio link, reducing transmitter size, and increasing power efficiency. Glenn Sanders and Howard Stark for the design and engineering of the Zaxcom Digital Wireless Microphone System.The Zaxcom system has advanced the state of wireless microphone technology by creating a fully digital modulation system with a rich feature set, which includes local recording capability within the belt pack and a wireless control scheme providing real-time transmitter control and time-code distribution.
  5. I was talking to a friend of mine last night who just got his Nomad - and he had some operations questions that I thought that other users may have as well. So I figured that we needed a thread to address specific operations questions. And some shortcuts and tips that are not in the preliminary manual can be added - because at this point Nomad is evolving quicker than the manual. First my friend had an issue that Nomad wasn't booting up quickly. It turns out that he didn't have a formatted primary card installed in the unit. If there is no card Nomad will search for a card during boot up - Nomad will boot up but it will increase the boot time. He also had an issue with getting audio from the tape out – the problem was that he was using a tip ring sleeve mini connector. But both the tape out and the mono out are wired tip / sleeve and the ring is floating and not connected. Also lastly he wasn’t able to get tone out of all of his output busses – to fix this I had him go to the Aux Bus Assign where he needed to assign tone to all individual output bus he wanted to send tone to. Now a couple of quick tips to make navigating Nomad a bit easier – but please keep in mind that some of these are software dependent items – so depending what version of software you are running these items may or may not be available to you yet. Headphone selection – if you push the headphone knob you will advance to the next headphone preset – if you push and hold the HP knob you will go back one HP selection. Meta data / Information entry – you no longer need to hit “OK” to input the info you just entered - if you push and hold the HP knob after inputting data it will act as an you hit “OK” The same holds true for inputting track names as well as headphone names. Also if you are inputting any text from the key board if you push and hold the menu knob while the keyboard is on the screen the key board will go to lower case letters and give you different symbols to choose from. Those are just a few items off the top of my head – I will add more items when I remember them. And if any users have any operations questions fire away.
  6. Who doesn't love an excuse to party? Zaxcom are honored to receive the Engineering Emmy for our wireless technologies and would love for you to help us celebrate! The cocktail party is at On The Thirty in Sherman Oaks on Saturday, October 29th from 7:30PM until... ? Please join us for food and drinks in the private party room in the rear of the bar. There's parking directly behind the building off Cedros (2 hours free with validation). It's Halloween weekend, so if you feel inspired costumes are welcome Please RSVP HERE.
  7. I would appreciate some help in understanding this system. I will likely buy either Zaxcom or Lectrosonics. I haven’t been able to reach anyone in Zaxcom Sales or Tech Support for two days. I don’t want to start a debate on the two systems. They are both top quality professional systems. I have a decent understanding of Lectrosonics L Series and just need the same understanding of Zaxcom. The initial use will be very simple for commercials/promos/documentaries, with expansion for indies later: - A DPA 4060 lav mic wired to the transmitter (as an option to our Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic). - The receiver will be wired into a Sound Devices 702 recorder. - The 702 will record, and also will output its input to a RED Weapon camera to facilitate syncing waveforms in post. - Questions - As I understand it, Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid technology converts analog to digital in the transmitter, encodes in digital, converts back to analog and then transmits analog FM, along with the digital encoding. How does ZHD differ? - I would want to buy the TRXLA3.5 transmitter, correct? (It provides 100mW capability for only $100 over the TRXLT3). - The dedicated ZHD receiver is not yet available. Any ETA? Any description? - If I buy now I would need to buy the QRX200 receiver if I want to use ZHD modulation, correct? When the dedicated ZHD receiver is available, will I being missing out on any capabilities if I just hold on to the QRX200? I worry about buying just before the new receiver is released. - What is the latency of the ZHD system? - What is the bit rate and sample rate of A-to-D converter in transmitter? - What are the major advantages Zaxcom claims for its system, in addition to a recorder in the transmitter? Thank you. Wonderful to have choices between great equipment.
  8. Hi there, Dimitri here, I own a Maxx and I am debating buying a nomad after selling my 788T. I like zaxcom products and I am very interested in the nomad. However I am not a fan of how unsterdy they feel, especially the power on switch and the cf mirror card on the nomad. Anybody knows if zaxcom will come out with a new Nomad soon? Thanks
  9. I encountered a weird problem on my Nomad. One morning, I wasn't able to get a decent level out of input 2. Even with trim and fader maxed out, I was barely able to get enough level to work with. I was testing with my voice, yelling progressively louder and louder in the mic, and I could see the level going up, and when it was getting close to -8dbfs, the signal was suddenly going very loud and distorted. I tried different cables and mics, same problem. I finished the shoot without using this input, and I performed my regular maintenance on it this morning. I started by opening the Nomad to change the internal battery, I did a factory reset, I updated the firmware, and then I performed the trim calibration procedure. Everything went back to normal for about an hour, and then suddenly, the levels went super low again. I performed trim calibration a second time, but this time I couldn't see the levels "creeping up" during calibration on input 2. When calibration was over, I was able to get a normal level of signal in input 2, but now the preamp is VERY noisy. I hear a very annoying buzz that wasn't there before. My guess is that the calibration was performed when the input experienced the "low level" problem and it compensated by maxing out the trim setting. That's why I can hear the noise from the preamp now. I also guess that by some chance, I "fixed" the problem before the first calibration, either by updating the firmware, or by opening the Nomad. My nomad is now read to ship for repair, but I'm still posting here to see if anyone ever had this problem. I'm also curious on what I did the first time that seemed to have fixed it for an hour!
  10. This Saturday, June 18, Trew Audio Toronto will be hosting a Zaxcom for a day focused on the new Zaxcom HD wireless. Both Glen(n)s will be there -- me and Glenn Sanders. Looking forward to seeing the pros in Toronto again!
  11. I also posted this in the official zaxcom forum, but thought I would double my chances for a quick answer. I had a client call me today about a single one of my files (out of several) sounding slow. I was sure it was an import problem on their part, at worst a mirroring problem, but when I went back and listened to the original .marf file on the nomad it does sound as if it were stretched or slowed down. I have never experienced anything like this. I have had the nomad since it was first released and have been on version 7.27 for at least a few months with no problems. The file was 24bit 48k 23.98. No other files sound like this and no setting changes were made for that take. I need to know why this happened so I can prevent it and know if I can I save this file for my client. I will, of course, start by updating firmware. Any suggestions?
  12. I was wondering if you do a stereo line cable for a XFR300 and input audio on one channel and timecode on the other, can it accept both or you have to select either?
  13. Is there a way to delay the audio that I am sending out of my Zaxcom Fusion? I am going to be feeding an XD deck with XLR from my Fusion. The camera that is recording to the deck via SDI will not have embedded audio. I need to adjust the audio to be synced with the video. I know I can adjust the dealy on my input, but I wantd to know if I can adjust the output also.
  14. I want to ask people who have had experience with DPA lavs whether or not I am getting too much self noise out of my 4063's. I have never used DPA lavs before and I have no way of comparing the results other than downloading sound samples from online. Attached is a sound file so you can hear what I am talking about. Is the amount of self noise normal? It is somewhat subtle and not really an issue at this point but I was just wondering. Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated. Self_noise_test.WAV
  15. I just received the latest version of software with USB key board support for Nomad. The key board will not be just limited to meta data entry, You will be able to go through all menus and change parameters, adjust trim, change matrix selections, toggle through your head phone selects etc, Pretty much if you had a mix 8 and a USB key you would have to touch you nomad.
  16. Audio Department, DPA Microphones and Zaxcom present: SOUND DRIVEN - An exploration into automotive miking techniques for dialogue and SFX. We will have a car on stage rigged for sound in various ways. You will be able to independently listen to the differences between diverse types of microphone placement. We will also be examining the importance of flat frequency response and wide dynamic range when recording dialogue and SFX with an array of mics from DPA Microphones. Zaxcom's NeverClip (tm) technology and belt-pack internal recording capabilities will be investigated as well. Food and beverages will be provided. Come join us for a fun hands on experience! Please RSVP at so we know how many to expect. You can also join register for the event on FaceBook
  17. ===UPDATE=== We're all set for January 9th, hope you can meet us there. Special Guest: Colleen Goodsir - Zaxcom Jack Norflus - Zaxcom Guru Pedro Rocha - DPA Jan. 9th Only Promotions: - Audio Dept pays Sales Tax on Zaxcom purchases - Audio Dept $50 Zaxcom Discount Card (valid until 1/31/16) - 10% off DPA Free Food & Drinks: - Tacos Hell Yeah and Rasta Rita Margaritas On January 9th, 2016, we will be having an event to familiarize YOU with the Zaxcom Oasis. Come join us for some personalized hands on training. Tacos and Margaritas will be provided! If you want to be entered in the raffle and win some free stuff, please RSVP at the link below (must be present to win). Special event deals and promotions to be announced! Please RSVP at:
  18. Hey guys, Avid reader and new to the production sound scene. I've doing location sound for about a year now with good success doing corporate, 2 features and a bunch of shorts. Upgraded to my first nice indoor mic (neumann km150). So here's the deal: got my first gig that's got me pretty nervous. I've been asked to do sound for an interview with Martin Scorcese. My first thought was that I have to upgrade to a sound devices and some lectros or zaxcom lavs along with my indoor boom. I've been getting by with a tascam 680 and sennheiser g3's with a cos-11 mic. I know it's prosumer and I"m saving up for the next round of upgrades (I can rent too) but just not there yet. I'm confident that I can deliver clean, balanced tracks using my gear to it's full potential. What I'm kinda scared of is showing up on set with my gear and getting looks from Scorcese and the production crew like, 'who invited this guy?' Am I right to be nervous about my gear or is this a case of 'it's not the arrows but the archer'. Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.
  19. Hi guys, I hope that you could help me. I would like to make myself an USB serial cable for connecting 3 QRXs together. The problem is that I have already done one as it said in the manual but it did not work. I have connected the pins on USBs like this: QRX USB OUT -> QRX USB IN 2 -> 1 3 -> 4 If I try to change gain on the slave unit it does not work ... Now I am not sure if I did the cable right ... Thank you for all the ideas and help you could give me Martin J.
  20. I'm using my Zaxcom Nomad 10 for some months now and I'm pretty happy about it. I've used it for EFP and short movies and that did work very well: 1 or 2 booms, up to 4 wireless receivers (3 Sennheiser EK 3041 and one zaxcom RX900). But for my next project I'm running out of inputs as I need 1 boom, 4-5 wireless receivers and M/S-stereo all the time. I'm planning on buying a qrx200 and 2 trxla2 as upgrade for my setup. What would be the best setup to connect them all to my Nomad, I really like to keep it as small as possible as it needs to fit in my bag.
  21. Clutch Synchro is proud to announce availability of the ERX line of Interconnects. The cables are specifically made for either the ERX-3 (Locking) series of ERX-1 (Non locking Right angle) to specific cameras. Our first shipping product in this series is a standard ENG setup with XLR (mono) for audio and BNC for Timecode. We also have specific cables for the Red Epic/Scarlet and the Arri Alexa series that are both 2 weeks from shipping. All are available for direct purchase at Hit me directly with any questions of course.
  22. I've found some third party Lemo-compatible screw-on type 3-pin connectors that I much prefer over the actual Lemo version. These are the connectors that would be used with a Zaxcom transmitter, or higher end Sennheiser model. When I first got some of these I thought they were Lemo brand and that the company had improved them. Then, I realized that they were a third party version. These connectors use a tightening collar strain relief (that can be reused) rather than the crimp style that Lemo screw-ons have. Picture a strain relief more like what Neutrik XLRs use. They are easier to both wire and assemble (you don't need a special tool) and can be reused. One caution is that if you're removing a previous cable, be very careful not to pry the tiny strain relief "fingers" out too far (in order to release the old cable), as they can break. Including the vinyl boot, the original Lemo version is made up of seven parts, this one has only five. The vinyl boot comes standard with this version, whereas you need to order it separately with the actual Lemo. These connectors seem to screw on and off the Zaxcom transmitters easier than the actual Lemos. ...Oh, and they cost less, too. I stumbled onto a few some time back and then searched for months to find a source for them -- to finally discover they are readily available via our regular suppliers -- if only you know what to ask for and where to tell the dealer to source them from. It's a simple as: Call your favorite professional sound dealer (what we here call, "The Usual Suspects") and tell them to order "Reusable 3-Pin Lemo Connectors" from Redding Audio. The Redding Part Number is "RED16". They can be found on the Audio Limited price list. Redding Audio is the distributor for Schoeps, Rycote, Ambient, and Voice Technologies, among others, so any professional sound dealer who serves our industry, already has a working relationship with them. The top photo below is of a standard Lemo screw-on 3-pin connector (minus the boot), and the bottom photo is of the improved (in my opinion) connector. This version may even end some people's hatred of wiring Lemo connectors.
  23. I just got an email from Zaxcom about the new ERX firmware v2.0 - This is yet another awesome free update from Zaxcom. Thanks for listening so carefully to your users! Mark O.
  24. I'm looking into a tablet and getting conflicting info. Scaling issues on smaller than 12 inch tablets. What is the best choice?
  25. I was on a job and had a lot of tracks to record. After a few hours, I wanted to free some space, so we could keep recording. So I wanted to change directory and delete the files there. But I didn't and I deleted the files from the current session - without all of them being copied to my secondary card. At first I thought 'no problem, recovery software will do the trick', but unfortunately Zaxcom uses zax-files :-/ What can I do to restore my files?