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Low budget movie in the mountain town of Crestline, CA

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I took a job to mix a movie in Crestline, CA - near Lake Arrowhead.  But now I have to bail, and they start soon.  They are housing you there, and it's from July 7th - July 26th (18 days) - The deal is $375/day for the department + $100 per week in expendables.  I know this sucks, but you might be able to use a free boom guy trainee, and have at least the $375.  Or kick your trainee a few bucks.  I was paying $125 to my boom guy.  It would be a real adventure for a new guy.  It's not horror, and from what I remember it's all days and a lot of exterior.  Nice and cool up in the mountains!!  It's a character piece with some "recognizable" actors, so I am told.  I can send a script to you.

Interested parties, please give me a call - Robert Sharman (818) 304-3066

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