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Tyler Neisinger

Adapting Sennheiser G3 wired mics for use with Sony UWPs

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I have a couple of Sony UWP wireless systems and I love them. However, I've found that the biggest downside to using them is that few rental houses carry mics wired for Sony. Here's my question: would it be possible to make an adapter that allowed G3 wired mics to be used on a Sony UWP transmitter?

These links from Sanken make me think that it is possible:

http://www.sanken-mi...index.cfm/11.27 (Diagram for wiring a Cos-11 pigtail for a Sony UWP)

http://www.sanken-mi...index.cfm/11.25 (Diagram for wiring a Cos-11 pigtail for a Sennheiser G3)

The wiring styles are different (2-wire vs 3-wire) but it looks like the only physical difference in the wiring is that the ring and the tip are reversed. So just make an adapter that swaps the ring and tip signals, right?

Or is it not that simple? I suppose it usually isn't.

Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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My question is, why would you ever need the adapter? If you already have the UWP-V1 units, purchase mics for those units and have them wired for Sony. Pro-Sound, B&H and even Oscar Sound Tech will all wire mics for you for the Sony units. I guess my point is, if you're going to own the units, you should replace the stock mics as quickly as possible, and then wouldn't need a rental house to provide mics.

I just got the price list from OST and they are crazy affordable. At the cost of renting mics, you could purchase OST mics for your units after just a couple times of renting.

My $0.02.

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Thought I'd bump this thread to ask if anyone has since made a small adapter for Sony to Sennheiser? (or the reverse)

As would be very handy indeed for those of us who have a mix of Sennheiser/Sony wireless. (or in my case where I have nearly all Sony, but if I need extras then a few more Sennheiser G3 is easy enough to borrow/beg/steal/rent, while Sony UWP-D11 is kinda nearly non-existent if I needed a few more of them specifically)

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