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Rob Stalder

This could be me & my foldup cart...

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Mark Messenger (New Zealand) had the idea of a travelling bag for his Foldup cart. He went to Helen at Stash-It (New Zealand).


Together they came up with a surf board style bag. Helen can make you one for under NZ$400. (a steal)

In my mind this lateral thinking on Mark's part has given the Foldup cart travelling legs. I think they go hand in hand...


3  Foldup boogie bag 3_JWSound.jpg

2  Foldup boogie bag 2_JWSound.jpg

1  Foldup boogie bag 1_JW Sound.jpg

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No where near as cool as the bag for the fold up cart. Thanks for sharing this Rob and Mark for having the foresight to have it made up.


But I finally came up with a way to have a permanent cup holder on the cart and still have full folding functionality. It's a little lower then what is ideal but thats the only real option. Cup holder folds flat. Sourced it from a boating supply store. The one in the photo is cheap plastic one as I wasn't sure it would work. Will replace it with a stainless steel one later.


Sorry Rob, I may have drilled more holes in your cart.




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The bags good eh...

So your drilling more holes_ Its ok I can cope.

They usually end up with interesting results.

I have one of those plastic folding drink cups. Had it for years, couldn't figure out what to do with it. now I know.

Also noticed more holes in the bottom pic. Looks like you've attached a tyre pump to one of the rear bars.

Wonder what you do to your car...

Best wishes.

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