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Jeff Wexler

using LaCie Rugged Drive with Deva

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There seems to be a lot of interest in using the Rugged Drive from LaCie. For me it seems like a lot of hype and I don't like the colors. In any case, there have been some difficulties using this drive with the Deva and Mark Weingarten on the Deva group seems to have found a fix. I have pretty much gone off LaCie for a lot of reasons, but  I thought this might be of interest.

"I have found an OSX software update at Lacie that allows the Deva V to mount the Rugged

Drive. Download the link below. Unplug all other periferals from your computer. Plug in the

Rugged Drive and launch the updater. Allow it to update the Rugged Drive. That's it! Done!

My Deva V is now mounting the Rugged Drive consistantly. Cheers, Mark Weingarten."

Here's the link


Regards, Jeff Wexler

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so if this only applies to deva users wouldnt they have access to the deva user group?

This fix did show up on the Deva group but I posted it here because there are lots and lots of Deva users who do not participate in the Deva group. Incidentally, it was reported here that various LaCie drives, including the Rugged Drive, were problematical when in use with other recorders. I just thought it could be helpful.

Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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