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Kickstarter - DIY Plywood Panel Connectors - "PLY 90"

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watch the video: http://kck.st/N9Agrj

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Attached File  Ply90.jpg   44.91KB   11 downloads

example: Keenan Jensen's DIY soundcart
Attached File  Keenan Jensen DIY Sound cart w: Ply 90 connectors.jpg   74.57KB   10 downloads

Attached File  Keenan Jensen DIY cart 2.jpg   68.01KB   8 downloads

Attached File  Keenan Jensen DIY cart 3.jpg   78.29KB   4 downloads


Those seem like a pretty cool thing. But, I wonder about the stability and durability in the field. I am interested to find out though!

Production Sound Mixing for Television, Films, and Commercials.
Production Sound Mixing for Television, Films, and Commercials

Michael Miramontes

Michael Miramontes
  • LocationLos Angeles, CA
It may be a good idea to seal (paint, sealer, or clear coat) BOTH sides of the ply before assembling. Otherwise it will start trying to be a tree again and warp/pull itself apart.

Great tip btw! It's always nice seeing new components that help ideas become possible.
Michael Miramontes