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Nomad AES in, Sonosax AES out, routing the mono mix

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I'm hoping for some technical guidance running a console mixer in front of a Nomad 8. I'm setup using both AES inputs and analog input on nomad to accomplish a post fade mono mix, and pre fade ISOs down the line.

The setup is Sonosax 84 AES out -> Nomad AES in.

Ch 1-8 digital out on sonosax is post-eq, pre-fade signal.

That feeds directly to Digital in 1-8 on Nomad.

The Sonosax digital out is ONLY pre-fade, post eq. In order to get a post fader signal I must run an analog bus (XLR) out of Sonosax and into analog input 1 to Nomad.

This solves my routing a mono mix to the Nomad, my question is this.

Am I facing any factors in delay or latency with this setup and A/D conversion? Recording to Card using Digital & analog inputs simultaneously, does anyone else have experience with this?

I notice no delay between the mono mix track and the pre fade track on Nomad with this config, but I'm not sure on the science end of it.

This is a new setup for me, any constructive suggestions/criticisms are welcome.



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