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Jack Norflus

The Sound of Nurse Jackie: An Afternoon with Jan McLaughlin & Steve Borne

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I'm happy to hear it was so well received by so many. I had no doubt it would be a success with Jan involved.

As for get togethers....

Out west in LA we had a nice Mixers Mixer this past fall. It was fun. I hope we have another soon. San Francisco just had one that sounded like a god time was had by all. Atlanta is going to have another one soon. Whit had one there last year. London had one when Robert Sharman was there in December. I think it is a good idea for sound folks to get to know each other and not fear the competition but know and respect them as peers. Have a drink n a laugh or two. Can't hurt.


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This is amazing!


I have learned a bit from production to post production on this video. I mean for metadata, sound report, how the post organize the files from production and other crews, how the post help you and inversely and many more.



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Thanks Jan, Steve, Gotham and all the sponsors! Even though I was there I enjoyed watching it this afternoon. Lots of knowledge.. thanks everyone for giving back to the sound community. That was a great event. Watch it if you have not.





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