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Rastorder Foldup cart COVER

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Rob Stalder

Rob Stalder
  • LocationSydney - Australia

Current prototype

3 removeable front/top panels - lift up access anywhere.

Hoodie with detacheable rear zip.

Suggestion has been made to me for a clear hoodie - i will digest that. Benefit of vinyl is shade.

Rear boom pole cup and clamp positions difficult to get exact - thinking of this solution - big piece of female velcro - you make your own bolt hole(s) in it, probably just a cut slit as screws are only 5mm  - has a male patch over it if you are not using it.

Access flaps at sides.

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Jeff Wexler

Jeff Wexler
  • LocationSanta Monica, CA USA

Looking good, Rob! The challenge, of course, is protection while still providing workability access. It would be easy to make a cover that you put on when you're going to ship the cart somewhere --- not so easy to make a simple cover that allows access to the cart so you can work.

Jeff Wexler, CAS
Santa Monica, California
"I don't care if you've got ninety tracks... what does it sound like, baby"
- Ray Charles

Rob Stalder

Rob Stalder
  • LocationSydney - Australia

Gday.  A little update.

The hoodie has been redesigned, it velcros on now instead of zip, goes over sides and back & extends a bit out the front.

It now (in its clear guise) becomes an intergral part of the top cover arrangement which now should be flexible enough to cover whatever your setup is.

The hoodie also comes in vinyl guise that can be used as a sun cover. Both hoodies are included in the price.

Other small modifications have been done.

I dont think there is a need to post pics at this stage as the overall cover is much the same.

We are just sorting out a few minor things.

Should be available for sale very soon.


Rob Stalder
RastOrder Pty Ltd

Rob Stalder

Rob Stalder
  • LocationSydney - Australia

Gday - we're here...

Cover is finished ready for sale - orders will have a short lead time - email your interest.

Cost is AUD$400 - includes 2 standard hoodies, one clear, one grey.  Freight is by FedEx, AUD$100 to most countries, +/- depending on where you are.


 Clear hoodie can be used in conjunction with flat clears to your particular configuration.

Grey hoodie makes a great sunshade.

With top half shelf removed - top sides support themselves.

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Rob Stalder
RastOrder Pty Ltd

Ludovic Lasserre

Ludovic Lasserre

Hi Rob,

Sorry to join this conversation only now... :s

Awesome job, well done! You will be hearing from me shortly, certainly before our grim UK winter comes around... What sort of lead time are we talking about for the orders?

I like the end result of the hood, especially in vinyl as a sunshade


Just a few minor points on my end:

- The way that I currently attach my aerials mast wouldn't quite work. I currently use a mic stand arm, that I securely cable tie at 3 points to one of the corner uprights at the back of the cart (so that it goes up alongside one of the booms). I'd have to think of another way with this cover, possibly just on a separate mic stand. Not a big big fan of putting aerials in the rain anyways...

- With the flap for the handle as you've currently got it, it seems to me that the rain that hits the handle would then roll down alongside it and essentially make its way to the second top shelf through the flap opening, gradually flooding it. At least it seems like it would behave that way from those pics. Is this something that you've tested? Maybe the handle flap would need to have a hood of some sort that went physically over the handle, sealed at the top, so that the rain drops would not be guided towards the interior of the cart, but should still be 'baggy' enough for one to be able to grip the handle from underneath. Does this make sense?

- Good idea on the velcro patches for the boompole bits. However, from what I understand it would mean that the quick-fists (who ever came up with that name...) and the boompole cups would have to be unscrewed in order for the cover to go in place, and then screwed back on top of it? This each time the cover goes on or off?

- Last, I'm not a big fan of the colour. But that's just personal taste, who cares! Maybe the darker charcoal one will be more to my liking ;)


Well done on the job though, keep it up!

Rob Stalder

Rob Stalder
  • LocationSydney - Australia

Hello Ludovic, no problems, thanks for commenting.


Lead time - have 4 coming in any moment & will order another 4. My aim is to always have stock on hand, particularely as the northern hemisphere winter sets in...  If out of stock, probably 2 to 3 weeks.

Aerial masts - I made a few points about them earlier in the thread. Otherwise have made no special concessions.


Handle area & rain - It was a worry. We have turned over the top edge of the vinyl just above the (square) handle side supports. This seems to press down on those handle supports & should work. Maybe a terry toweling sweat band taped around each handle would help.

Its pretty crowded around that back area for another flap. One would have to be attached to the top of the hoodie (if used). I dont think we could get one up under it.

There could also be a conflict with the boom poles on the back.

However we will keep an open mind.


Boom pole attachments -  It was very hard to line up holes for the boom pole attachments, particularely when I didn't always put the top holder holes in the same spot. So we figured people could make their own (recomend a small slit for each hole. The velcro patch seemed an ideal medium to help stop water. patches were for if you made a big hole & needed to cover it if you werent using it.

We do see the boom pole attachments going on over the cover and understand the R & R issue. But saw a large hole for clamps and boxes to poke through as an even bigger problem than the handle.


Colour - This is easy. We chose light grey mainly because its a lightish colour that wont heat up too much if its being used on a beach in summer to say keep salt spray out - or in a desert in summer to keep wind blown sand out.

In rain, sleet or snow maybe it doesn't really matter what colour it is.

Also it costs say $50 per mtr in a 50 mtr roll. It costs $150 per mtr for 2 mtrs (say to do 1)

Its the $50 per mtr cost that keeps the cover at AUD$400.

Hope that helps.

Rob Stalder
RastOrder Pty Ltd

Rob Stalder

Rob Stalder
  • LocationSydney - Australia

Gday -

We have determined this cover to be a severe weather cover.

Yes as such it is a semi permanent cover.

Yes it is designed to have the boom pole accessories attached after the cover goes on.

Yes that is a little time consuming, but it turns an open architecture cart into one almost completely sealed from the elements.

yes it offers almost infinite access for operating your equipment on the Foldup cart.

More info here   http://www.rastorder.../cartcovers.htm




Will there be a light rain cover???   standby.



Rob Stalder

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Rob Stalder
RastOrder Pty Ltd